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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2031

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The Great Sovereign Law above Jiang Chen’s head was getting stronger by the second, causing a series of rumbling sound. The whole Miniature Fengchi World was rocking hard and cracks started to appear on the void from the impacts of the Great Sovereign Law. 

Just a single Great Sovereign Law was able to cause such a scene on the whole Miniature Fengchi World, one could only imagine how powerful that Great Sovereign Law was, as if it had surpassed the levels of the Great Sovereign Law, reaching the state of the Great Dao.

Jiang Chen stood above the skies of the mountain valley, with the golden-red Great Sovereign Law penetrating up the clouds that seemed to have no end. 


Suddenly, a thunder clapped and a giant hole was torn open on the sky. Rainbow-coloured lightning ray gushed from the hole, filling the skies of the Miniature Fengchi World. 

“F**k, why did the Lightning Tribulation came so fast?”

The Heavenly Tribulation had arrived and appeared right after Jiang Chen had just attained the Great Sovereign realm. This situation exceeded Jiang Chen’s expectations. In his past experience, upon attaining a greater cultivation level, the Lightning Tribulation was something he could control when and where the tribulation should befall. 

But this time, the Heavenly Tribulation did not listen to Jiang Chen’s command, it descended right when he attained the Great Sovereign realm.

“Look, the Heavenly Tribulation has arrived, we need to keep our distance.” 

“Such a terrifying heavenly might! The whole Miniature Fengchi World is engulfed by it, we’re going to be caught into the heaven’s might.”

“F***ing hell, this is not good, Jiang Chen, that guy has reached the state of unification with the Heavenly Dao, only god knew what heaven-defying Heaven Tribulation would appear. Us being in this place would also face extreme danger, we must quickly get out of here.”

“No need to worry, the high ranking officials of the Immortal Court must’ve already noticed the commotion, Hall Master Feng Jingyang should open the gateway of the Miniature Fengchi World in awhile.”


Everyone was shocked and entered a state of panic. Those who had entered the trial in the Miniature Fengchi World was the crème de la crème of the Immortal Court, and most of them were Great Sovereigns. They were especially clear about how scary the Sovereign Tribulation was, but only God knew to what degree of scariness people like Jiang Chen who had achieved the unification of the Heavenly Dao would the Sovereign Tribulation be. 

At this moment, since the Heavenly Tribulation came from the Great Thousand World and the Miniature Fengchi World was connected to the Immortal Court, the skies of the Immortal Court were also covered with dark clouds with unceasing thunderclaps. 

“What’s happening?! Where did this Heavenly Tribulation come from? ”

“It’s the Miniature Fengchi World, someone wants to breakthrough to the Great Sovereign realm in the Miniature Fengchi World. ”

“ It’s great news! I wonder which prodigious genius is going to be a Great Sovereign.”


The emergence of the Heavenly Tribulation had alarmed the people of the Immortal Court. For them, the birth of a young Great Sovereign was great news. There were people who underwent their tribulation in the Miniature Fengchi World in the past, hence they didn’t mind it too much.


Suddenly, the whole Immortal Court rocked, causing people to feel shaky. This wasn’t the trembling coming from the Immortal Court, it came from the Miniature Fengchi World. The people from the Immortal Court could clearly feel a strong heavenly might coming from there. 

“Such a strong vibration! To think that the vibration from the Miniature Fengchi World would spread into the internal sector of the Immortal Court!”

“Plus, that unparalleled heavenly might, how could it be that strong! What sort of monstrous person is trying to breakthrough to the Great Sovereign realm for it to produce such a tremor.”

“This is bad, this movement is too big. For the Immortal Court to feel its tremors, the Miniature Fengchi World must’ve been totally engulfed by it. Those disciples that are undergoing their trial would face extreme danger!”

“We must stop the trial immediately, quickly look for Feng Jingyang! The key to open the Miniature Fengchi World is in his possession!”


Panic. The people of the Immortal Court was in a panic. The more powerful their cultivation level the stronger they felt the seriousness of the matter. 


Feng Jingyang couldn’t stay calm without others telling him. He turned into a flash of light and appeared in front of the gateway of the Miniature Fengchi World on top of the mountain peak. The spiritual talisman was taken out and he immediately opened up a giant doorway towards the Miniature Fengchi World. 

Big Yellow was behind Feng Jingyang. He did not have the qualification to enter the Miniature Fengchi World as he was not a disciple of the Immortal Court. 

“This boy managed to cause such a scene, looks like he’ll be insanely strong after advancing to the next realm. ”

Big Yellow said with a laugh. He didn’t need to guess, there’s only one person who could cause such a tremor when breaking through to the Great Sovereign realm. It was none other than Jiang Chen. 


The gateway towards the Miniature Fengchi World was immediately opened, those disciples that were aware of the danger had gathered at the border of the space where they had previously entered. 

“Look! The gateway has been opened, let’s run away, fast!”

Someone saw the exit from the Miniature Fengchi World being opened, they didn’t dare to be tardy and immediately rushed into the gateway like a madman. 

“Attention to all disciples, the trial has ended. All disciples are required to get out of the Miniature Fengchi World immediately.”

Feng Jingyang’s voice was heard, resounding in every disciple’s ear. 

No one dared to be slow, they would’ve moved swiftly even without his reminder, nobody would dare to joke with their lives. A Great Sovereign Law that has unified with the Heavenly Dao was something that was only heard in the legends. 

Therefore, nobody was able to foresee what would happen next, but from just the tremors, this Heavenly Tribulation would surely be massive. 

Each disciple’s expression was of shock, everyone who had entered the Miniature Fengchi World had left in just a minute. 

“Who’s undergoing their tribulation?” Feng Jingyang asked.

“Master, it’s Junior Jiang. His Great Sovereign Law is but a single one, but it has unified with the Heavenly Dao, the movement it caused is too big.” Hong Ying said. 

“What? Unified with the Heavenly Dao?”

Many exclaimed. The high ranking officials from the Immortal Court had arrived. The loudest reaction came from the master of Leopard Hall, Huang Tianbao.

Huang Tianbao looked at Hei Sha who had just exited the place, and couldn’t help but frown. 

“Jiang Chen is too powerful. I am not his match.” Hei Sha helplessly shook his head. 

“Feng Jingyang, immediately summon Jiang Chen out from the place or the Miniature Fengchi World may risk getting destroyed by the heavenly might.” Huang Tianbao said. 

“Eat shit, Huang Tianbao! Are you daft? Or you think we’re all stupid? It’ll be fine if Jiang Chen were to come out before the heavenly tribulation descended and search for a desolate land to undergo his tribulation. But now that the heavenly tribulation has already descended, and it’s a powerful tribulation nonetheless, if I were to summon Jiang Chen out, it’ll not just affect his unification of the Heavenly Dao, it’ll also bring disaster to the Immortal Court,” Feng Jingyang spoke without restraint as he had seen through Huang Tianbao’s scheme. 

Huang Tianbao was jealous of Jiang Chen. Even though he knew that the unification of the Heavenly Dao was rare, he still dared to request to summon Jiang Chen out to disturb the tribulation, causing Jiang Chen to fail in the end. 

Feng Jingyang would not allow anything to happen to Jiang Chen, he would ensure Jiang Chen a steady environment to pass his tribulation, even at the cost of the destruction of the Miniature Fengchi World.

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