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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2030

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A thousand, two thousand…. Five thousand, six thousand…. 

The number of dragon marks kept increasing. Jiang Chen’s body was like a big furnace, converting the boundless energy into dragon marks. 

Truthfully, the energy provided by a Third Grade Barbaric Sovereign was tremendous, giving Jiang Chen unimaginable benefit. 

After five minutes, the 60th floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was completely formed and the 61st floor was half-way formedOnly then did the energy taken from the barbaric sovereign was depleted, the benefits gained wasn’t just on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, Jiang Chen’s body had also gained tremendous benefit. 

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda gave Jiang Chen a great boost, giving him 20,000 dragon marks, having a total of 1.7 million dragon marks housed in his body. This amount was enough for him to break through to the Great Sovereign realm. 


At this moment, Jiang Chen’s qi sea experienced a massive change, the dragon marks became heavenly dragons that roared and circled the skies, causing a certain type of resonance that changes the energy within Jiang Chen.

He could feel a tinge of law energy. 

It was the energy of the Great Sovereign’s Law, an unparalleled law which had formed on top of his skull. 

This was a type of metamorphosis, a metamorphosis in substance.

“Finally breaking through to the Great Sovereign Realm! I’ve waited for this moment for a long time!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes shot out brilliant rays of light. This moment was extremely important and sacred for him as the Great Sovereign Law started to form. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t planning on breaking through to the Great Sovereign Realm here. He raised his palm and retrieved the floating Ancient Elephant bloodline. 

He didn’t want to breakthrough here because this space was man-made, and it would block the Heavenly Dao, which could cause problems in his process of breaking through. 


In the instant when he retrieved the bloodline, the space started to rock profusely as if it had lost its support. Terrifying cracks appeared from the void, signalling the collapse of the space. 

Jiang Chen foresaw this situation, his figure flashed and entered a giant crack in the void. With the help of the Great Void Technique, there’s no place under the Heavens and Earth that he dare not to go, he could easily walk out in one piece even if he entered a crack in the space.

The moment Jiang Chen left, the space immediately exploded, and was completely destroyed. 

The space did not have its support anymore after the bloodline of the Ancient Elephant was taken.

Jiang Chen’s figure once again appeared on top of the sky of a mountain valley. 

A single Great Sovereign’s Law shot through the skies from his head and stirred the clouds.

Qi waves tumbled, that single law was getting stronger and stronger, it then became as thick as an arm in the blink of an eye.

But that was just the beginning. 

Jiang Chen crossed his leg and meditated, innumerable Immortal Meta Stone was absorbed crazily into his body like it was a free buffet, luckily he had saved up enough for him to even break through to the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm. 


The colour of the Heavens and Earth changed, that single Great Sovereign Law was now a thick golden pillar, nearly lighting up the whole Miniature Fengchi World.

With Jiang Chen’s Great Sovereign Law continuously materialising and thickening, it got brighter and brighter, with countless runes with the shape of a dragon appearing on top of it. 

What confused Jiang Chen was…  his Great Sovereign Law still stayed at just one. 

“I understand now, as the saying goes ‘the great Dao returns to one’, the other Great Sovereigns cultivate the law, increasing their numbers. But I only have one law, by continuously increasing its energy and grade, I fulfilled the Dao of the Heavens and Earth. “

Jiang Chen was extremely excited, as the one Great Sovereign Law he had was akin to countless laws for others. 

For Jiang Chen, the cultivation level of a Great Sovereign was no longer measured by the number of Great Sovereign Law. 


The whole Miniature Fengchi World started to rock. The birth of a Great Sovereign caused an enormous impact on the surrounding. 

“What’s happening? Why is there such a massive quake?!”

“Guys, what’s that? That golden-red light pillar from faraway, the tremors came from there. I could feel an enormous Great Sovereign prestige, someone must be breaking through to the Great Sovereign realm.”

“So powerful, who is that? Why is it that it’s just a single Great Sovereign Law, but it’s so dazzling, we could clearly see it even though we’re so far away.”


The whole Miniature Fengchi World had become restless, those Immortal Court disciples who were in the midst of cultivating turned their gaze towards the pillar of light. Jiang Chen’s Great Sovereign Law was much too dazzling, that shining ray of light couldn’t be masked, causing it to light up the whole Miniature Fengchi World. 

“Yes, Junior Jiang is attempting to break through to the Great Sovereign realm.”

“That’s great! Junior Jiang is truly a heaven-defying existence. He has caught up and surpassed me in such a short amount of time.”

“It’s big news! To break through to the Great Sovereign realm in the Miniature Fengchi World! Looks like it won’t take long for a strong Sovereign tribulation to descend, we must quickly open the gateway of the Miniature Fengchi World and escape. If not, the result of Junior Jiang’s tribulation would be disastrous, as many of us will be pulled into it.”

“It cannot be. The land of the Miniature Fengchi World is vast, even if Junior Jiang is undergoing his tribulation, how big of an area does he need?”

“Hard to say, look, Junior Jiang’s Great Sovereign Law is but a single one, but it is united with the Heavenly Dao. Since the ancient days, the Heavenly Tribulation that was called upon by a heaven-defying prodigy would certainly be extremely terrifying, the Miniature Fengchi World is but an atypical spatial zone, anything could happen if the Heavenly Tribulation were to descend from the Great Thousand World.”


Everyone was shocked, it wasn’t just the people from the Dragon Hall, the other’s expression started to change after they noticed the difference in Jiang Chen’s Great Sovereign Law. They did not have the heart to continue their cultivation anymore. 

The unification of the Heavenly Dao was a once in a lifetime miracle, a true heaven-defying prodigy had finally appeared. One could imagine that under such circumstances, Jiang Chen’s Sovereign Tribulation would be extremely terrifying. 

Many Great Sovereigns that were on-site also went through the Sovereign tribulation and knew of its terror. Jiang Chen’s Sovereign Tribulation must be ten times scarier than the ones they had experienced. The Miniature Fengchi World was an atypical spatial zone, and with the Heavenly Tribulation descending from the Great Thousand World… with the addition of the unification of the Heavenly Dao, only God knows what will happen. If it’s not done well, the whole Miniature Fengchi World may collapse from it. If this was the case, the people that are undergoing their trial in this place would face extreme danger. 

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