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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2029

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The Fire Dragon Seal was terrifyingly powerful, resulting in the black-clothed man to be severely suppressed. Jiang Chen didn’t give his opponent a chance to rest, the sea of fire created by the dragons surrounded the black-clothed man from different directions. 

“This sovereign does not believe that I would lose to a mere half-step Great Sovereign with my strength.”

The black-clothed man became more violent as his body began to undergo a large change, he changed into a dozen zhang tall monster with an extremely hideous face, and his body was covered with black scales, it was a terrifying sight.

This was not the first time Jiang Chen had witnessed the true body of the evil barbarians, hence he was unfazed by it. The current Barbarian World had long strayed away from the true Barbarian God bloodline, where they were no different from devils. Therefore, Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate on killing people like this evil barbarian.


The evil barbarian roared wildly and a black battle sword appeared in his hand, it was a terrifying barbaric weapon that emitted a boundless barbaric aura, which was then slashed towards the fire dragon and the sea of fire in front of him. 


The whole space was almost cut into two. This space was personally created by Heaven Sovereign in the past and it should be indestructible. Otherwise, the space would’ve been broken from the battle between Jiang Chen and the Third Grade Barbaric Sovereign. 

However, the barbarians were really strong. For example, this Barbarian Sovereign had already suffered a heavy injury but could still cast such a powerful technique. Such explosive power was not something a human could achieve. 

That giant black barbaric sword was like a battle sword created from the Heavens and Earth as it could split open the sky, splitting everything that blocked its way, even cutting the flames into two halves. 

“Boy… you’re a big threat for my Barbarian Race, you’re undeniably a heaven-defying genius. I must kill you today to prevent any future troubles that you may cause for our world.” 

The barbarian said, his voice echoed throughout the space, like an unparalleled giant, carrying an unparalleled battle sword, massacring everything that blocked his path.

“It’s a pity. You’re far too weak,” Jiang Chen said differently.

He didn’t want to waste time anymore. Since the opponent had transformed into his true body and used a powerful technique, there was no reason for Jiang Chen to hold back. 


Boundless dragon roars resounded and Jiang Chen turned into a real Blood Dragon. The dragon’s prestige filled the air and a dragon-shaped blood-colored battle sword appeared above him. The sword buzzed and merged perfectly with the Blood Dragon in an instant.

The Fusion of Dragon and Sword was Jiang Chen’s strongest technique. It was his deadliest technique when combined with his true dragon form. It signifies the opponent’s end when the Fusion of the Dragon and Sword was used.


Violent roars shook the skies. At this moment, Jiang Chen was one with the sword and the destructive force it created was unimaginable. 

“Such strength!”

Facing such a violent dragon that could create such havoc, the evil barbarian’s expression changed once again, and he felt pressured. It’s not just the flame that Jiang Chen used that’s giving him pressure, the true dragon bloodline of Jiang Chen also gave him an immense bloodline pressure. 

Jiang Chen’s powerful attack instantly closed up toward the evil barbarian. The barbarian’s qi was completely locked by Jiang Chen, giving him no choice but to take it head-on. 

Helplessly, the evil barbarian raised his sword once again, slashing towards Jiang Chen’s dragon sword. 


The two peerless Sovereign Weapons clashed together and it immediately created a sea of boundless flame. The havoc it created had even caused the void to become chaotic, causing the space that was created by Heaven Sovereign to be on the verge of breaking apart, terrifying cracks could be seen here and there from the void as if it was going to be destroyed. 

The violent flame wave and sword qi instantly penetrated into the barbaric sword, penetrating into the evil barbarian’s body. The purest form of Yang energy was extremely powerful. 


The evil barbarian let out a blood-curdling scream, the barbaric sword flew away from the impact and the thick arm of the barbarian was torn into pieces by the terrifying energy, causing a fountain of blood to spout from his injury. 

This time, the evil barbarian suffered an extreme injury, his face was covered with shock. Even though he felt unwilling, he must accept the fact that he was less than equal compared to the half-step Great Sovereign in front of him. This human was so powerful that a Third Grade Barbarian Sovereign like him was completely out of his league. 

“Boy, I shall remember today’s debt. It shall be your death when our race invades your world.”

The barbarian once again changed into a black-clothed man without an arm. His body flashed and crept into the internal layers of the void, as it was important for him to escape. The bloodline of the Desolate Ancient Elephant had become unimportant, as his life was in immediate danger. He would certainly die if he were to attempt to retrieve the bloodline again. 

“Trying to get away after all of this? The whole space is under my domain, you have nowhere to run.”

Jiang Chen reverted back to his half-dragon state, with the Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand, he took a step and the Great Void Technique was cast. He instantly caught up to the barbarian who escaped into the internal layers of the void, and the Heavenly Saint Sword then mercilessly slashed towards the evil barbarian. 

The terrifying sword qi changed into a web of sword, completely encircling the black-clothed man, not giving him any chance to escape. 


The Heavenly Saint Sword mercilessly chopped down. 


The black-clothed man sent out an unwilling blood-curdling scream. However, he couldn’t run away in the end and was sliced in half by Jiang Chen. 

The Third Grade Barbarian Sovereign, that was deemed to be a rare unrivalled prodigy in the Barbarian World, which took an important mission to infiltrate the Fengchi Immortal Court, hoping to retrieve the bloodline of the Desolate Ancient Elephant that would result in the rise of the Barbarian World, had never thought that he would die pitifully in such a place and at the hands of a half-step Great Sovereign. 

After killing the Third Grade Barbarian Sovereign, Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate and opened up the gateway of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda immediately. A violent devouring force burst out from the pagoda and the body of the barbarian sovereign was instantly swallowed. 


In the instant when the Third Grade Barbarian Sovereign was absorbed, the sixtieth floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda rocked profusely. 

The energy held within the powerful Third Grade Barbarian Sovereign was extremely terrifying as if it was a vast ocean. In just a minute, the sixtieth floor was completed. 

Next, the 61st floor. 

Other than that, the number of dragon marks within Jiang Chen’s body started to increase. These pure energies came from the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, and he could directly absorbed it without a shred of side effect. 

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