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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2027

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(Note: the term Desolate Ancient Shape is now Desolate Ancient Elephant) 


Jiang Chen harrumphed, turned his body and walked towards the cave. Jiang Chen never felt any fear no matter what was residing within the cave. He did not need to fear anything with the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in his possession, he only needed to use the spiritual talisman that was given to him to search for the Desolate Ancient Elephant. As for the one hiding in the dark… he would come out sooner or later.

However, the search for the bloodline could not be delayed anymore. It would be bad if he was further delayed by the mysterious person hiding in the dark who was observing him.

Jiang Chen unceasingly flew towards the deeper parts of the cave by following the directions of the spiritual talisman. The cave wasn’t that big but it was quite long, where one doesn’t know how far it reaches. 

Jiang Chen had travelled for hundreds of li and had finally reached the end of the cave. Yet pitifully, there was only a jet-black stone wall waiting for him. It was the end of the cave and there wasn’t a path left for him to continue further. 

Jiang Chen’s expression did not change, he knew that there must have been a trick here. It would’ve been weird if the end of the path was a big empty space and the Desolate Ancient Elephant Bloodline could be found here.

If the bloodline was hidden in such a simple manner… Star Sovereign would’ve found it easily with the resources he possessed, and Jiang Chen wouldn’t have had the chance to look for it. 

But at this moment, the spiritual talisman that was within Jiang Chen’s hand automatically fluttered, the glow of the spiritual talisman began to darken and in the end change into the same colour of the wall in front of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen carefully observed what was in front of him, the spiritual talisman then rammed towards the stone wall and then, merged with a blurry pattern that was on the wall. 


In the instant when the pattern on the stone wall and the spiritual talisman merged, a loud bang was heard and the stone wall disappeared. Then, an illusory doorway filled with spatial energy appeared. 

“This connects to a different space and the spiritual talisman is the key to open it. Such clandestine design… No wonder Star Sovereign couldn’t find it. Ah Nan is really good,” Jiang Chen said with a laugh. 

His body flashed and entered the gateway. 

Jiang Chen guessed that this space was probably created by Heaven Sovereign and the bloodline must be hidden inside that space. 

After entering the illusory gateway, he used his divine sense and the spiritual talisman appeared in his hand once again. At the same time, the illusory gateway started to close up. 


At the moment when the gateway was closing, a ghost-like figure rushed into it with extreme speed.

“Hmph! Finally showing himself.”

Jiang Chen harrumphed, the purpose of him closing the doorway quickly was to prevent the hidden observer from entering the space. However, he had never thought that the opponent possessed such speed that he was unable to stop it from happening. 

That black-clothed man was fast, but Jiang Chen was faster and successfully blocked the opponent from going forward.

At this moment, the opposite party had no need to stay hidden anymore and stood opposite of Jiang Chen. The man was wearing black clothes, he looked like he was around 27 years old, with his body emitting a terrifying aura, his cultivation level was terrifying, at the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm. Plus he was good in the art of concealing, which had caused Jiang Chen to be unable to unearth him from his hiding place. 

This piece of space wasn’t big, it was only a dozen li without anything on the surrounding, there wasn’t even a land for them step on. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen and the black-clothed man looked up towards the sky simultaneously. There was a crystal ball floating there, they could feel a strong and ancient aura emitting from the crystal ball even though there were looking at it from a distance. 

The crystal ball was surrounded by glittering phantoms of the Desolate Ancient Elephant, which was extremely mystical. 

Obviously, the thing that was within the crystal ball was the Desolate Ancient Elephant Bloodline. 

Jiang Chen and the black-clothed man’s main goal was to obtain the bloodline. 

Jiang Chen’s eye was unceasingly gauging the black-clothed man. He originally thought that the opponent was someone from the Immortal Court. However, he rejected that thought after he detected the evil qi emitting from the opponent. Moreover, the opponent’s qi was familiar. 


Jiang Chen’s pupils shoot out two mysterious rays while looking at the black-clothe man, he then said coldly: “You’re from the Barbarian World.” 

Yeah, the qi emitted from the black-clothed man is barbaric, evil, the blood of the barbarian is thick. Jiang Chen had once travelled to the Desolate Ancient Land and fought against the residents the Barbarian World. He was extremely familiar with their qi. 

The black-clothed man’s expression froze when Jiang Chen identified him from the get go, this situation went beyond his expectations.

“You could see through my identity?” The black-clothed man said with a frown. 

“The hands of the Barbarian World had unexpectedly reached the Immortal World,” Jiang Che said. 

For the experts of the Barbarian World to reach here, it was easily imaginable that the catastrophe of the Immortal World has truly arrived. 

The prodigious expert of the Barbarian World in front of Jiang Chen had a strange movement technique that specializes in hiding, which had enabled him to hide away from the eyes of everyone, including Feng Jingyang, and he was able to sneak into the Miniature Fengchi World with the rest of the Immortal Court’s disciples without anyone noticing. 

“This is the bloodline of the Desolate Ancient Elephant. The Barbaric Elephant is our Barbarian Race’s legitimate bloodline, it does not belong to the Immortal World. My purpose for coming here today was to retrieve what was ours.”

The black-clothed man said while looking at the floating crystal ball. 

“Barbarian Race? Do not tarnish those two words, the true ancient bloodline of the Barbarian Race had nearly completely vanished. The residents of the Barbarian World are only those of the evil barbarians. You guys are no different from the devils, what right do you have to inherit the supreme bloodline of the Desolate Ancient Elephant?” Jiang Chen sneered. 

It looks like the Barbarian World had plans for the Fengchi Immortal Court. They knew that the bloodline of the Desolate Ancient Elephant was in this miniature world but they couldn’t pinpoint the location. 

Now, it looks like the opponents knew about the hidden measures which had been discussed between me and Heaven Sovereign. 

The black-clothed man was able to enter, and followed me from the dark since the opening of the Miniature Fengchi World. Also, he only appeared when this space had finally opened. This meant that he’s an extremely smart person. But this also means that I’ve been used by the opponent. 

“Boy, you dare insult our Barbarian Race. You’re seeking your own death.”

The tone of the black-clothed man became extremely cold instantly, not trying to mask his strong killing intent. 

“The one trying to seek his own death is not me, but you. Let’s see if you have what it takes to take the bloodline of the Ancient Elephant away.”

Jiang Chen’s face became extremely cold. He may not stand a chance against his opponent if his opponent was a genius Third Grade Great Sovereign from the Immortal Court. But the opponent was an evil barbarian, Jiang Chen’s techniques could utterly suppress his opponent, causing his opponent to only be able to exert half of his strength. It was already proven during his time in the Desolate Ancient Land.

Therefore, Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid of him and was mentally excited. If I could kill a Third Grade Great Sovereign barbarian and completely refine it… the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could increase two more levels and my cultivation could straight away break through to the Great Sovereign realm. 

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