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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2025

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Jiang Chen had never doubted his own instinct, and the acuteness of the Great Soul Derivation Technique had never went wrong. If it were a normal spatial vibration, he wouldn’t mind it at all.


Jiang Chen shook his body in a flash and appeared to the place where the spatial variation originated.  A terrifying soul spirit gushed out from his body like a tide, unceasingly sweeping around the void, yet he discovered nothing.  Jiang Chen didn’t believe what happened just now was a spiritual coincidence because he would never feel suspicious easily.

There must be someone existing in the dark and this person obviously was paying close attention to him a moment ago.

Jiang Chen could not ignore what had just happened. Hei Sha had the strongest cultivation amongst the people who entered into the Miniature Fengchi World. However, a figure like Hei Sha could not possibly create any danger to him and it’s even impossible for Hei Sha to keep a close eye on him in secret.

Jiang Chen was unwilling to let it go and continued to look for the mystery that existed in the dark, but he failed to find anything. It seemed like the vibration just now was just the usual vibration and Jiang Chen was just being overly suspicious of nothing.

Since Jiang Chen could not find anything and the mysterious figure was unwilling to show himself, he did not want to waste his time but he still could not take this lightly.


Soon, Jiang Chen casted the Five Elemental Domain. It surrounded him to isolate him from the world outside. With the isolation of the Five Elemental Domain, even a Fifth Grade Sovereign wouldn’t be able to see through within the area.

Jiang Chen flipped his palm and the talisman appeared on his hand. This was the talisman given by Han Feng from Heaven Sovereign. Whether he would be able to find the Ancient Shape Bloodline depends on this talisman.


Jiang Chen instilled some divine sense into the talisman and it immediately started beating fiercely on his hand.

Soon, the talisman was like coming into life. The ancient patterns on the talisman disappeared. A red line like a swimming fish appeared and kept spinning on the talisman rapidly.

Jiang Chen knew that the talisman was searching for traces of the Ancient Shape Bloodline. The red line on the talisman was seeking for the direction.

A minute later, the red line stopped at a direction. Jiang Chen flew towards the direction quickly without any hesitation.

Jiang Chen moved extremely quickly, continuously passing by the barren mountains underneath. Every single step he took was like thousands of miles for others.


Suddenly, a heaven-shattering roar resounded from the front. A wave of black air emerged from the void. In front of Jiang Chen, around 100 metres away, an enormous black hole emerged.

If one looked carefully, it’s not difficult to realize that that was actually not a black hole but a big mouth of a demon.

There were demons running amok within the Miniature Fengchi World. The demon ahead was a First Grade Sovereign. After discovering a human with the cultivation realm of half-step Sovereign, it attacked immediately, opening wide its bloody mouth and intended to devour the human. 

What a pity. The demon was indeed unfortunate, as it had bumped into Jiang Chen – an extremely crazy fellow.

Facing the big bloody mouth of the demon, Jiang Chen did not slow down at all. Holding the Heavenly Saint Sword, and after finding the best opportunity, Jiang Chen was like a meteor crashing into the demon’s mouth in a loud bang.


Jiang Chen’s strike hit and crushed the head of the demon. As soon as he attacked from the back of the demon, the demon screamed shrilly before its head completely burst.

Then, Jiang Chen casted out his Ancestral Dragon Pagoda without considering what kind of demon it was. An opening was torn out of the pagoda, and the terrifying power of swallowing manifested like a strong tide. The demonic giant that was almost a hundred feet in size was swallowed immediately by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

In Jiang Chen’s perspective, the demons here were the perfect nourishment. A First Grade Sovereign demon could directly contribute to the formation of half of the fifty-eight floor of the pagoda. Not only that, ten thousand of dragon marks were also formed on Jiang Chen’s body and the number had now reached 1.66 million. It was one step nearer to become a real Sovereign Lord.

Jiang Chen only needed to forge forty thousand more, then he would become a real Sovereign Lord.

“I should set a new goal while I am still here.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth expressed a slight trace of a smile. His original purpose of coming to this place was the Ancient Shape Bloodline. Now, he should help himself reach the Sovereign realm by drawing support from the environment of the Miniature Fengchi World.

Once he became a Sovereign Lord, he would be promoted on the same level as those high-ranking people.

However, following Jiang Chen’s plan, there would be a terrifying heavenly tribulation once he reached the Sovereign realm.

There was no heavenly tribulation in the past when Jiang Chen cultivated towards Immortal Venerable and half-step Sovereign realm. That was a very unusual matter.

Jiang Chen could sense that there must be heavenly tribulation when he became a Sovereign Lord and the power would be unimaginably dreadful.

It would be so-called profound accumulation which would happen in the heavenly tribulation for this time. The heavenly tribulation of the Immortal Venerable and Half Sovereign would add on the Sovereign Lord one and all would occur together.

Jiang Chen could not imagine how to handle the dreadful sovereign tribulation. However, he did not even feel slightly frightened about this because he was very experienced in transcending tribulations.  Jiang Chen already had strong immunization against heavenly tribulations since earlier of time. Moreover, he had the formidable Ancestral Dragon Pagoda as a way of cheating. Regardless of how dreadful the heavenly tribulation was, it would just be a cinch for him.

In addition, Jiang Chen’s cultivation could directly hit to Second Grade Sovereign realm under the befall of the heavenly tribulation. His cultivation realm would not stick at the level of First Grade Sovereign Lord.

After killing the demon effortlessly, Jiang Chen continued to move forwards in the direction where the talisman pointed.

After flying for half an hour, Jiang Chen came into a multi-peaked mountain range. This kind of landscape was everywhere in the Miniature Fengchi World, so no one would pay attention to this.

“Following the indication of the talisman, the Ancient Shape Bloodline was hidden somewhere ahead,”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparked, seeing a grand valley was right in front. The air was very cold and heavy inside the valley, thus even people could sense the coldness was spreading out from afar.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen flew towards the valley. No matter how harsh the environment was, it would not affect him in the slightest.

In just a moment, he came to the sky above the valley. The valley was filled with intense dark killing intent.  The dark wind was rolling back and forth, and the environment was extremely harsh.

“The killing intent here is really fierce, containing strong corrosive power. Once inside the human body, it can even erode the Immortal Qi. However, this thing won’t cause any effect on me, instead, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda can absorb it. If the pagoda has completely absorbed the sea of dark intent killing here, it can build up the fifty-nine floor immediately.”

Jiang Chen thought. 

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