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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2022

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“Yes, Heaven Sovereign instructed me to hand this spiritual talisman to you. You can use this spiritual talisman to find the thing that you’re searching for inside the Miniature Fengchi World.”

Han Feng took out a golden palm-sized spiritual talisman. The talisman was engraved with a blurry image. If one were to look carefully, the image was of an ancient barbaric elephant neighing towards the skies with prestige and vigour. 

“Alright, tell Heaven Sovereign to be at ease, I will certainly bring back the item for him.”

Jiang Chen took the spiritual talisman away and kept it safe. He knew how important the talisman was, it would be impossible to find the Ancient Shape Bloodline in the Miniature Fengchi World without the talisman. 

The Ancient Shape Bloodline must’ve been kept in a hidden location by Heaven Sovereign. Otherwise, Star Sovereign would have found it many years ago. 

In other words, if Star Sovereign couldn’t find it, Jiang Chen also wouldn’t be able to find it. Hence, one could imagine how important the said talisman. 

“Alright, I shall take my leave now.”

Han Feng clasped his fist towards Jiang Chen and disappeared in a flash. 

“Looks like the real show is about to start. ” Big Yellow smilingly said. 

“We must help Ah Nan retrieve what belongs to him, and the Fengchi Immortal Court shall become our headquarters in the future. ”

Jiang Chen slipped out a faint smile from the corner of his mouth, he believed that Namgong Wentian had long waited for this day. 

The third day! 

The Immortal Court’s younger generation prodigies gathered on top of a mountain peak the next morning. No one had lived in this mountain as it was a barren hill rumoured to be the gateway into the Miniature Fengchi World.

At this moment, there were at least two thousand disciples gathered on the mountain peak. 

The geniuses of the Immortal Court certainly doesn’t just amount to this, but not everyone was willing to enter the Miniature Fengchi World, and there were some that were currently not present in the Immortal Court. 

Furthermore, prodigies like Yu Huafan were not interested in this miniature world as they had already entered it several times in the past. 

There were several different factions amongst the prodigies, and Jiang Chen was naturally with the people from the Dragon Hall. 

The disciples of the Dragon Hall were originally few in numbers, but they were much more united. Everyone except Yu Huafan followed Jiang Chen to enter the Miniature Fengchi World under Feng Jingyang’s arrangements. 

On the side of Jiang Chen, they were Hong Ying, Yu Feng, Duan Ren and the others. But Jiang Chen stood at the center most position of the group, thus it can be seen that although Jiang Chen was the one who joined the Dragon Hall the latest, it depicted his extremely high position. At least Yu Feng and Hong Ying willingly followed Jiang Chen as the lead on this journey into the Miniature Fengchi World.

On the side of the Leopard Hall, the leader was a youngster wearing a black battle armour with a black sword in his hand, the sword looked like it doesn’t have an edge. But if there was anyone who thought that the edgeless sword wasn’t lethal… they would be absolutely mistaken about it.  

The black-armour clad youngster possessed terrifyingly strong cultivation—the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm—and judging from his aura, he was only slightly weaker than Yu Huafan. 

“His name is Hei Sha, the Big Senior Brother of the Leopard Hall and his methods are extremely cruel. He was the same as Big Senior Brother where he had not participated in the trial of the Miniature Fengchi World for the past few times, to think that he would participate this time,” Duan Ren said. 

“Why do I feel that this fellow has an ulterior motive on participating in the trial of the Miniature Fengchi World. ”

Yu Feng frowned. 

“Even a fool could see through it, even without you pointing it out. The Leopard Hall must’ve brooded on what Jiang Chen did last time. Hence they sent Hei Sha to participate in this trial with the intent of killing Junior Jiang. The Miniature Fengchi World opens on the day after tomorrow. There are powerful demons and devils dwelling inside it and people always die in there. He would surely use this chance to kill Junior Jiang, shameless!” Hong Ying said petulantly. 

She was a straightforward person, finding people who behave like the Leopard Hall repulsive. 

“He’s best not to seek trouble with me.” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

If this was in the past, he would have probably cared about people like Hei Sha. But now, he found Hei Sha to be insignificant. It’s best that Hei Sha does not cause any trouble for him. If he really did come to seek trouble with him… Jiang Chen would not be courteous in his methods. 

Furthermore, he did not have a good impression on the people of the Leopard Hall. Their hall master was of the same faction with Star Sovereign, which gave Jiang Chen a reason to thoroughly exterminate them. 

“Big Senior Brother, that is Jiang Chen. He has been in the limelight recently, plus he became the sworn brother of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign.”

Someone from the Leopard Hall said quietly with his eyes looking at Jiang Chen. 

“Just a mere Half-step Great Sovereign, what is there to be cocky. With me personally taking action, he’s destined to stay in the Miniature Fengchi World. There’s no use for him being the sworn brother of the Demon Sovereign.”

Hei Sha contemptuously said, completely looking down on Jiang Chen. 

Hei Sha had the right to be arrogant as he had attained the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm at such a young age. But it was a pity that he had never witnessed Jiang Chen’s strength, if he did, he wouldn’t have dared to stand there and say such a thing. 

Jiang Chen welcomed Hei Sha’s gaze with a slight disdain from the corner of his mouth.

All the present disciples were waiting patiently, waiting for the opening of the Miniature Fengchi World. 

After a while, a figure fell from the sky, it was none other than Feng Jingyang.  

The arrival of Feng Jingyang had caused the surrounding to become silent. As Feng Jingyang’s position in the Immortal Court was extremely high, hence this time it was also him that was tasked to open the Miniature Fengchi World. 

A talisman could be seen in Feng Jingyang’s hands. The talisman does not look small and it had a complicated rune engraved on it. Violent energy surged from Feng Jingyang’s body and was then transferred into the talisman. 

Suddenly, the talisman shone with bright light and fused into the void, turning it into an illusory gateway.

From the gateway, one could feel the ghastly aura coming from the other side. 

“Attention, the Miniature Fengchi World is only open for two days. I shall re-open the gateway two days later, and the limit is ten minutes. You all must exit in that time limit, otherwise, you’ll have to stay there for another half a year. There was a disciple who did not listen and did not exit which caused him to die inside.” Feng Jingyang said loudly. 

“Alright, you guys may enter.”

Feng Jingyang waved his big hand and the gateway enlarged to four Zhang tall. 

“Let’s go, I must obtain a sizable return from the Miniature Fengchi World this time, to break through the Half-step Great Sovereign realm.”

An enthusiastic disciple rushed headfirst into the gateway and was followed by a series of figures rushing into the gateway with extreme speed. A thousand or so people had entered in a flash, entering the Miniature Fengchi World via the gateway. 

“Junior Jiang, this gateway is only open for a limited timeframe. Let us make haste.” Hong Ying reminded. 

Jiang Chen and Feng Jingyang looked at each other and secretly nodded. Jiang Chen’s body then flashed and vanished into the gateway.

All the participating disciples entered the gateway in an instant. The gateway once again changed into a talisman after Feng Jingyang waved his big hand and kept it safely in his possession. 

“Success or failure depends on you, Jiang Chen.”

Feng Jingyang said indifferently towards the vanishing gateway. 

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