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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2021

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Feng Jingyang felt incomparably shocked even though he was already prepared for this. He was completely scared by what Jiang Chen said while looking at Jiang Chen confusedly without saying any words for some time. 

Feng Jingyang had expected that Jiang Chen had a connection with Heaven Sovereign, but never knew that the relationship between Jiang Chen and Heaven Sovereign was so close. In this sense, Feng Jingyang knew that his advice to Jiang Chen earlier would be utterly to no avail. He was clear that Jiang Chen was a person who was loyal and really valued friendship. Jiang Chen would help his brother at the cost of his life, moreover, that was exactly the reason he came to Fengchi Immortal Court.

Whilst feeling shocked, Feng Jingyang also felt incredibly gratified. His gratification came from Jiang Chen’s openness towards him. Jiang Chen even told him such a significant matter without concealing anything. This proved that Jiang Chen had already seen him, Feng Jingyang, as one of the people on his own side.

This is an absolute trust. In case he told Star Sovereign exactly what Jiang Chen told him, Jiang Chen might be eliminated.

Feng Jingyang felt that his effort and sincerity were not wasted. His insight was right, as he did not misjudge Jiang Chen as a person.

However, Feng Jingyang was also aware that he must make a choice and pick a side. As the master of Jiang Chen, it is impossible for him to care only about his own interest at the cost of others if Jiang Chen wished to participate in the fight between Star Sovereign and Heaven Sovereign. Even the entire Dragon Hall could not just stand aloof.  

Expelling Jiang Chen from his own sect. He wouldn’t be able to do such a thing. If he didn’t expel him, Star Sovereign would not go easy on him. Seemingly, he did not have any choice.

“But Jiang Chen, how are you going to fight with Star Sovereign?”

Feng Jingyang frowned. He was really worried about this as Heaven Sovereign was no longer as he had been. Now, the shoe was on the other foot. Star Sovereign himself was very powerful, and even held extensive authority over major issues, almost controlling the entire Immortal Court. Defeating Star Sovereign undeniably was an impossible mission.

“Heaven Sovereign already has a countermeasure, leaving Ancient Shape Bloodline inside the Miniature Fengchi World. My sole purpose of entering into the Miniature Fengchi World is to help Heaven Sovereign search for the Ancient Shape Bloodline. Once the bloodline is found, Heaven Sovereign’s cultivation realm will be restored to the most flourishing state. Moreover, I already have Heavenly Peng’s assistance. Star Sovereign actually doesn’t look that terrifying. Besides, Heaven Sovereign himself was a Sovereign Lord. If he didn’t show up, everyone might follow and support Star sovereign. However, as long as Heaven Sovereign stood up with his power that is not weaker than Star Sovereign’s, those old people of the Immortal Court will budge from their position. Especially those who used to follow Heaven Sovereign will definitely hesitate,” said Jiang Chen. 

Since he had already laid out his cards on the table, he had nothing to hide from Feng Jingyang, and told his master all his secrets and plans.

Feng Jingyang sighed with a tinge of emotion, however, he nodded silently because what Jiang Chen pointed out was exactly right.

Heaven Sovereign still had some time to maneuver back then and left the Ancient Shape Bloodline inside the Miniature Fengchi World. Once it was obtained by Jiang Chen, his cultivation realm will be restored quickly. In addition, Jiang Chen still had Heavenly Peng Sovereign Lord, his sworn brother. From the incident in Eastern Profound Domain, Feng Jingyang could see that Heavenly Peng Sovereign Lord appreciated and valued Jiang Chen highly as a brother, while also being utterly loyal. As long as Jiang Chen got into any trouble, he would appear regardless of danger.

Heavenly Peng had even opposed three major Immortal Courts, let alone a Star Sovereign.

Heaven Sovereign, adding on Heavenly Peng, could create a sufficient deterrent. Feng Jingyang couldn’t imagine how the situation would be like the moment the two Lords confront each other.

“The surface of the Immortal Court has been calm and peaceful, but who knew that there have been some undercurrents. Your arrival was destined to bring up storms to the Immortal Court. With the situation at hand, I have to make up my mind.”

Feng Jingyang could not stay calm at all. He needed some time to digest such shocking secret.

“I think master has always been ready,” Jiang Chen said with a grin.


Feng Jingyang gave Jiang Chen an unenthusiastic glare.

That’s right. He had made the choice, or one should say that he had no choice unless he took Jiang Chen down right now and handed him to Star Sovereign. 

Furthermore, the Immortal Court originally belonged to Heaven Sovereign. If ever he chose Heaven Sovereign, he’s also doing something to protect a part of the Immortal Court.

“So master, when Star Sovereign mobilize and agitate the higher-ups, you must hold absolute opposition. The more you are against it, the more consideration will come into Star Sovereign’s mind. This could help Heaven Sovereign fight for some time because even if Heaven Sovereign obtained the Ancient Shape Bloodline, he still needed some time to absorb it and cultivate,” Jiang Chen said.

“Yea. No need to remind me. Since I have already made up my mind, of course I know what to do. However, before that, you better not be too close with Heaven Sovereign to avoid unnecessary trouble. Perhaps no one had put you in their eyes in the past as your were just an insignificant nobody. But it’s not the same anymore, as everyone knows that you are the sworn brother of Heavenly Peng Sovereign Lord. Also, your speed of improvement has been really too quick. The Immortal Court has already seen this with their eyes and they will definitely be really concerned about you,” Feng Jingyang reminded Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Alright. Let’s get ready as the Miniature Fengchi World will open the day after tomorrow.”

Feng Jingyang patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder, then left.

Looking at Feng Jingyang’s back, Jiang Chen couldn’t help taking a deep breath. Today, he had successfully earned Feng Jingyang’s support and convinced Feng Jingyang and the Dragon Hall to stand at the side of Heaven Sovereign. What a wonderful thing it was! Feng Jingyang might not be crucial in the process of fighting against Star Sovereign, yet he would play a key part in influencing the internal of the Immortal Court.

As the head of Dragon Hall, he had an incomparable weight in the Immortal Court.

In the middle of the night!

A phantom silhouette appeared at the house by the park where Jiang Chen lived. At the moment, Jiang Chen was sitting on a big green stone, resting his mind by closing eyes. He suddenly opened his eyes wide. He saw Han Feng who wore all black, walking in front of him.

“Elder Han.”

Jiang Chen opened his mouth to greet.

“Brother Jiang, Heaven Sovereign has really not misjudged you. Your progress in cultivation is indeed startling.”

Han Feng noticed the cultivation realm of Jiang Chen having reached the level of Half Sovereign. He had nothing to say about this because this kind of situation was quite ridiculous for him. He still remembered the first time he saw Jiang Chen at the Monarch Mountain, Jiang Chen was just a half-step Immortal Venerable. It had not been too long since then, but now he had become a Half Sovereign.

With such heaven-defying speed of cultivation, does he even have a social life?

Now, Han Feng finally knew why Heaven Sovereign had such high appraisal of Jiang Chen. Not only was Jiang Chen’s progress too quick, he also became Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s sworn brother who was one of the greatest figures in the Immortal World. Han Feng couldn’t help but admire Jiang Chen. 

“Elder Han, Heaven Sovereign has sent you here?” Jiang Chen asked. 

Soon, he was about to enter Miniature Fengchi World. Han Feng’s visit was definitely related to the Miniature Fengchi World for him to come at this moment. 

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