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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2018

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“Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, Ancestor Green Lotus. I’ll respect both of you and I’ll take my leave now.” 

The Ethereal Sovereign Lord opened his mouth first, and then vanished in a flash. Wu Yuanyang and the other Great Sovereigns that were present all shook their heads helplessly and followed the Ethereal Sovereign Lord. 

Although they were unwilling… the situation was clear that it was impossible for them to kill Jiang Chen today. 

Both the Radiance Sovereign Lord and Mi Luo Sovereign Lord left after the Ethereal Sovereign Lord vanished. Jiang Chen’s crisis had been averted with the three Sovereign Lords vanishing in the blink of an eye.

The skies had returned to its former brilliance, and the people of the Great Qian Empire all breathe out a deep sigh of relief. One thing after another… it was truly stressful. 

Jiang Chen’s crisis was finally resolved and the people of Great Qian Empire could finally attain peace. It was an event worthy of celebration. 

The three Sovereign Lords left without a single word mentioning about making peace with Jiang Chen, and had never mentioned that they would not kill him in the future. Yet one thing was for sure and was that the three Immortal Courts would not openly kill Jiang Chen and use the Great Qian Empire to threaten him. 

Due to the backing of Jiang Chen being too strong, the three Immortal Courts might have to reconsider the options and repercussions if they were to openly go against Jiang Chen.

But Jiang Chen knew that the three Sovereign Lords were not happy that he could not be killed today. This also meant that their grudge had not been settled and there would still be disputes between them in the future. 

However, Jiang Chen was not afraid of the three Immortal Courts. It’s best that they do not seek trouble with him, but if they do… he would strike them with everything he had as he’s not someone who should be mess with. Furthermore, with the addition of Big Yellow and his Half-step Sovereign cultivation level, an average person trying to seek his life would be akin to seeking their own death. 

Ancestor Green Lotus walked towards Jiang Chen with a smiling face. These two old friends meeting once again had become different compared to the past. 

“I congratulate Ancestor Green Lotus on your return. I’ve long heard about the famed Ancestor Green Lotus. I’ve never thought that you and my brother are best friends. Buddhist monks like you are fastidious about the word ‘fate’, would our meeting consider to be fated? Haha……”

Heavenly Peng laughed loudly. He was extremely happy that he was able to befriend Ancestor Green Lotus. 

“It is fated. The prestige of Heavenly Peng Sovereign Lord is unparalleled under the heavens. It really is as astounding as the rumours after witnessing it personally.” Ancestor Green Lotus said. 

These two giant figures meeting face-to-face with extreme delight, they were both friends of Jiang Chen and they would also naturally become friends because of Jiang Chen. 

“Junior Feng Jingyang greets Ancestor Green Lotus.  ”

Feng Jingyang greeted Ancestor Green Lotus with a clasped fist. Although Feng Jingyang was a hero of the Fengchi Immortal Court, he was still a junior compared to the legendary Ancestor Green Lotus. 

Feng Jingyang was certainly respectful towards the abbot of the White Dragon Temple. 

They idly chatted for a while and Feng Jingyang opened his mouth to prepare to say goodbye. 

“Jiang Chen, I shall take my leave, since the matters here have been settled. The Miniature Fengchi World is opening a few days later, you ought to return quickly after you have settled everything here, do not miss this opportunity.” Feng Jingyang patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. 

“Understood, Master. I’ll return tomorrow. Since Ancestor Green Lotus and I haven’t seen each other for a long time, there’s some catching up to do,” Jiang Chen said.

“Understood.” Feng Jingyang nodded. 

He then soared to the skies and left. Jiang Chen shall bear the glory of the Dragon Hall in the future. 

Entering the Miniature Fengchi World was the most important goal for Jiang Chen when he first joined the Fengchi Immortal Court. He wouldn’t have missed it with or without Feng Jingyang’s reminder. 

Jiang Chen estimated that the Fengchi Immortal Court would welcome its true misfortune after the trial of Miniature Fengchi World has ended. 

“Brother, you and Ancestor Green Lotus have finally met after a long time, you guys should catch up to each other, however this big brother will not participate in it. This is a signalling spiritual talisman that I’ve personally made, take it. If you encounter any difficulty in the future, just give me a signal through this talisman. I shall receive it, as long as you’re within the boundaries of the Immortal World.” Heavenly Peng passed a pale-gold talisman to Jiang Chen. 

“Understood Big Brother, and thank you for your help today.”

Jiang Chen took the talisman without hesitation. The future misfortune of the Fengchi Immortal Court might require Heavenly Peng Sovereign Lord’s help. 

“It’s okay. Why are you being polite with this brother? Remember to come and visit Demonic Immortal Island when you’re free,” Heavenly Peng said and departed towards the sky. 

Jiang Chen averted his gaze towards Ancestor Green Lotus.

“Green Lotus, I’ve never guessed that you’ve become so powerful.” Jiang Chen said with a gasp.

“It is all thanks to Buddha and his guidance,” Green Lotus replied with a smile.

“Little Chen, the Ancestor’s previous sefl was the abbot of the White Dragon Temple. He went to White Dragon Temple directly after he had ascended, I too have just known about it not too long ago. It is all thanks to Ancestor that I’m able to ascend to the ranks of Sovereign Lord,” Tyrant excitingly said. 

One could see that Tyrant was extremely shocked about Ancestor Green Lotus’s true identity. 

“This little monk’s affinity to buddha is strong, his achievement shall surpass this old man in the future.” Ancestor Green Lotus looked at Tyrant and said sincerely. 

Jiang Chen nodded his head hard. It was suffice to say that Tyrant was really extraordinary with the ancestor giving such praise. 

Since the beginning, Tyrant had always been an extraordinary person as he was able to control the God Trembling Monument. It was impossible for him to be just an average joe. 

“Everyone, let’s not chat while standing, let’s enter Genius Prefecture as I’ve already arranged everything.” Yang Bufan walked up and said. 

“Alright.” Jiang Chen nodded.

The group entered the genius prefecture with Yang Bufan as their guide. 

The place that Yang Bufan arranged was the house where Jiang Chen cultivated in the past when he was still in Genius Prefecture. Under Yang Bufan’s care, the house was the same as they were as when Jiang Chen left.  

With the defeat of the Nanbei Family, Great Qian Empire would become the largest power in the Eastern Profound Domain after reorganizing. 

Jiang Chen and Ancestor Green Lotus chatted for a whole night. 

Ancestor Green Lotus and Tyrant left the next morning. 

The second catastrophe is coming.

These were the words Ancestor Green Lotus spoke to Jiang Chen before leaving. 

The truth was that Jiang Chen had already been preparing for this catastrophe since his encounter with the Barbarian Race in the Desolate Ancient Land. He had experienced the barbarian’s terrifying strength as the barbarians had rested and built up their strength for a long time, their resources and power had become formidably powerful, the second catastrophe could start at anytime. 

The advent of the catastrophe was not a matter that involves a single person. The people of the whole Immortal World must prepare. 

“Let’s go. Let’s resolve the matter at hand before going further.”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow left towards the Fengchi Immortal Court. It was pointless to be anxious as the Barbarians had yet to come. The current urgent matter was the matter of Nangong Wentian, the matter of the Fengchi Immortal Court.

The settlement of the grudge with Nanbei Chao had helped temporarily resolve the grudge he had with the three Immortal Courts, and he also met Ancestor Green Lotus in the end. This trip was not in vain for Jiang Chen. 

Next up, the Miniature Fengchi World.

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