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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2017

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At this moment, Jiang Chen was still in confusion. He had befriended Old Ancestor Green Lotus for the longest time before anyone else. Of course, he was really delighted to reunite with his old friend in the Immortal World, yet he was more astonished by Old Ancestor Green Lotus’s present strength.

It’s inevitable to feel astonished as he appeared as a Six Grade Great Sovereign and also the abbot of White Dragon Temple. This was too astounding.

Regardless, Jiang Chen was still very excited to see his old friend reaching such an achievement, and Tyrant successfully becoming a Great Sovereign, becoming a genuine Buddha. He couldn’t express how glad he was.

Moreover, the more powerful Old Ancestor Green Lotus was, the greater benefit it was to Jiang Chen, especially after facing a situation like today. If it were not for Green Lotus coming here but other people, perhaps it would be futile.

On the other hand, despite their previous anticipation, the three Sovereign Lords were down in the mouth after hearing the purpose of Old Ancestor Green Lotus’ arrival.

The current situation was what they didn’t wish to see the most. They had been aware that Jiang Chen was getting more and more support while each of his supporters was stronger than the last. Even deep in their hearts, they acknowledged that killing Jiang Chen today had become an extremely difficult task.

“Old Ancestor Green Lotus, the grudges between us and Jiang Chen were deeply rooted. White Dragon Temple has never participated in the fight of other influences, but came to meddle in our grudges today. Don’t you think that it’s not good?”  Radiance Sovereign Lord said in dissatisfaction.

“Amitabha. I, the poor monk, came here today solely representing myself. I didn’t come here to represent White Dragon Temple. My old friend, Jiang Chen, saved my life once in the past. We are still close friends. Today my old friend is in trouble, this poor monk will guarantee to keep him alive at the cost of my life.”

Old Ancestor Green Lotus said in a peaceful tone, yet it’s undeniable that his words were somehow compelling.

After hearing what Old Ancestor Green Lotus said, the three Sovereign Lords almost had an impulse to spit out blood. What did he mean when said that he was only here representing himself? You, m*therf*cker, are the abbot of White Dragon Temple, how could you represent yourself only? If anything unfortunate happened to you, how would White Dragon Temple let this go easily?

In the view of the Immortal Courts, White Dragon Temple was not to be trifled with. It’s the true Buddhism sacred land, and the people there were much more vigorous than the people of the Immortal Courts in terms of their inner strength. Moreover, White Dragon Temple had made enormous contribution to the Immortal Courts in the past. Without further discussion, not provoking the White Dragon Temple had become the consensus amongst the nine Immortal Courts. 

The three Sovereign Lords couldn’t help but praise Jiang Chen despite their unwillingness. They couldn’t deny that Jiang Chen was indeed unique. He had Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign as his sworn brother, and he had even saved Old Ancestor Green Lotus’s life before. Because of this, the abbot of White Dragon Temple would keep him alive at the cost of his own life.

What b*stard could achieve this kind of stuff? What kind of incredible demonic power does Jiang Chen possess to bring two of the most powerful figures in the Immortal World here for him at all cost?

“Awesome! Jiang Chen had saved the abbot’s life before. This is unbelievable!”

“Jiang Chen made another miracle. As I say, it’s too difficult for anyone to come here and put Jiang Chen to death.”

“Hahahaha, even White Dragon Temple has gotten itself involved. In addition to Demonic Immortal Island and Feng Jingyang, who represents Fengchi Immortal Domain, when these three powers joined forces, I am afraid that even the three Immortal Courts will also need to think twice before taking any action.”


The people of the Great Qian Empire finally heaved a sigh of relief. If one Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign was insufficient, then adding on White Dragon Temple would definitely be enough to handle the situation.

Looking at the whole Immortal World into a broad view, perhaps Jiang Chen was the only one who could get protection from both Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign and Old Ancestor Green Lotus at the same.

The three Sovereign Lords showed their extreme displeasure. They were stuck in a difficult position with no way out, like riding a tiger and finding it hard to get off.

“Mi Luo Sovereign Lord and Radiance Sovereign Lord, what should we do right now?” asked the Ethereal Sovereign Lord.

“This bast*rd Jiang Chen! Who knew that so many powerful figures would come to protect him. I regret not killing him earlier,” said Mi Luo Sovereign Lord, whose teeth were clenched with rage.

“White Dragon Temple is here now. If Old Ancestor Green Lotus protects Jiang Chen at all cost, it’s impossible for us to fight White Dragon Temple.”

Radiance Sovereign Lord frowned, as this was the first time he felt that the situation was tricky.

“Three Sovereign Lords, according to what this poor monk knew, Jiang Chen had once gotten the Sun Divine Feather and even one of his wives has become the inherited disciple of the Empress Xiao Yao Sovereign. You guys should know that the Golden Race was not eradicated, and they will resurface once again sooner or later. Jiang Chen has a deep connection with the Golden Race. If you killed Jiang Chen, at that time the Golden Race would definitely disagree with what you did,” Old Ancestor Green Lotus added.

Once he said these words, the three Sovereign Lord’s complexion changed once again. 

This was because what Old Ancestor Green Lotus said was absolutely right. They all knew about the relationship between Jiang Chen and the Golden Race. At first, they thought the Golden Race had already been completely eradicated and had disappeared in history. However, the appearance of Wu Ningzhu brought out the fact that the Golden Clan had not really disappeared, and they would reappear one day.

On top of that, it would not be too far for the second catastrophe of the Immortal World to befall again.

In the entire Immortal World, no one would dare not to give face to the Golden Clan. They were indeed the major contributors of the Immortal World and their ranking exceeded the White Dragon Temple.

There were Demonic Immortal Island, White Dragon Temple, Fengchi Immortal Court, and now the Golden Clan that would once again appear in the world. In this regard, the Immortal Court really couldn’t kill Jiang Chen.

Not one of these powers should be trifled with. The three Immortal Courts don’t care about offending one of them, but offending all of them would cause serious trouble to them despite the alliance of their three Immortal Courts.

“Then, what is Old Ancestor Green Lotus’s thought on this matter? How are we going to deal with today’s situation? Jiang Chen had killed many of our people. Say something on this.”

The Ethereal Sovereign Lord opened his mouth and spoke, losing the imposing manner he had earlier, and taking a step backward.

“Buddhism proposes the Karma. The grudges between you and Jiang Chen are also kind of Karma. Initially, if not for the people of the Immortal Courts wanting to kill Jiang Chen, he would not have taken any action against them. From this poor monk’s perspective, let whatever happened in the past go with the wind. Write off all the grudges between you and Jiang Chen. From now on, Jiang Chen will never kill the people of your Immortal Courts. If the catastrophe befall again soon, all of us have to be united as one,” said Old Ancestor Green Lotus in an incomparably decent way.

After listening to his words, the three Sovereign Lords almost spat out blood. After quite a while, the old monk still intended to write off what had happened, and Jiang Chen did not need to pay any price for what he had done.

It was unprecedented that he put himself in such shame as a solemn Buddha, an eminent monk and the abbot of White Dragon Temple,

“Three Sovereign Lords, I think if Jiang Chen promised you not to kill your people anymore in the future, that is the biggest benefit you could earn. Or else, we don’t know how many people of the three Immortal Courts will die in Jiang Chen’s hand,” Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign said loudly, showing his annoying face.

“Sovereign Lords, I think we won’t get any solution today. Since Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign and Old Ancestor Green Lotus are here today, we won’t be able to kill Jiang Chen. In my opinion, let’s go back first and we’ll talk about it later,” said Radiance Sovereign.

“This is all we can do right now.”

The Ethereal Sovereign Lord and Mi Luo Sovereign Lord nodded resignedly.

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