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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2012

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Wu Yuanyang retreated from the battle without hesitation, and immediately cast a strong attack towards Jiang Chen. The appearance of Feng Jingyang made them realize how strong Jiang Chen’s backing was. This also reconfirmed them that if they failed to kill Jiang Chen today, it would become impossible in the future. 

Jiang Chen frowned, his Half-step Great Sovereign cultivation does not stand a chance against a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign like Wu Yuanyang, and even with Big Yellow’s strength they still won’t stand a chance against Wu Yuanyang. 

Indeed, Feng Jingyang was strong, but no matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t free himself to assist Jiang Chen while he was pestered by two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns.

While Jiang Chen was forced to attempt to hide in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, an air wave was suddenly created from the void and a giant heavenly palm appeared. 

It would be precise to say that it’s a sharp claw from a ferocious beast rather than a palm. 

That sharp claw was a hundred Zhang big as if the sky had collapsed downwards, the imposing manner it exhibited was terrifying, and the enormous  energy it held within was enough to move mountains and crush everything that exists under the Heavens and Earth. 


Wu Yuanyang’s attack was shattered immediately the instant the giant claw appeared. That extremely powerful prestige had caused countless people to feel extremely uncomfortable. 

Feng Jingyang and the duo that were in a heated battle were forced to stop with their expression changing drastically. 

They, who were Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns that had seen and experienced more than the average people, knew that a powerful expert had arrived, and this expert was much stronger than they were. 

There were less than 20 people who had reached such a level in the Immortal World. One doesn’t need to guess that it’s a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign as those who had surpassed that level had gone to the Sovereign Domain。

Feng Jingyang and the duo that was further away felt immensely pressured, but Wu Yuanyang felt the brunt of it. 

The present Wu Yuanyang was completely engulfed by the giant heaven-like claw as if he was locked into a prison created by the Heavens and Earth. He couldn’t move a single muscle even if he was a powerful Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. 

After that, a mighty middle-aged man walked out from the void under the gaze of countless eyes. The grey-feather-robed man possesses a domineering aura that couldn’t be directly looked at. 

“Who is this now? Such dominance! A Fifth Grade Great Sovereign couldn’t even move a muscle under his grasp.”

“The experts gathering here are getting more and more powerful. I’ve completely gone numb from it. Jiang Chen has far exceed our imagination, and the people he interacts with are not something that we could imagine.”

“This expert is clearly here to assist Jiang Chen, Feng Jingyang and another existence that is much more awesome, Jiang Chen’s backing is getting much bigger.”


The people of the Great Qian Empire felt suffocated. The miracles that Jiang Chen had brought forth were just too much, this kind of miracle coming up one after another had completely numbed their senses. They wouldn’t be surprised if another miracle was created in the next instant. 

“Big Brother.” 

Jiang Chen’s expression revealed a bright smile when he saw who had just arrived. He knew that the arrival of this person would solve all the issues at hand. 

It was none other than the Immortal World famous, Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign.


Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign nodded his head while he faced Jiang Chen. He then averted his gaze towards Wu Yuanyang who was currently under his control, and Li Xiangyun and Huang Qingzhong who were not far away. 

“It’s Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign! Even HE had come to assist Jiang Chen,”

Wu Yuanyang and the other two’s expression became extremely ugly. If one were to say that Feng Jingyang wasn’t easy to deal with, then they were completely at a loss upon the emergence of Heavenly Peng. 

They knew why the Demon Sovereign would help Jiang Chen. Although their men were annihilated, they had found out as to what had happened in the Demonic Immortal Island. 

The largest scoop and gossip on the Demonic Immortal Island was none other than Jiang Chen becoming the sworn brother of Heavenly Peng. 

Regarding this fact, they never believed it and wasn’t even willing to accept it. As it was absurd for someone like Heavenly Peng to be a sworn brother of Jiang Chen, what does he have to gain such a privilege?

But from the looks of it, Heavenly Peng who rarely goes out had personally appeared in genius prefecture to assist Jiang Chen, it was already proof enough about the unusual relationship between Jiang Chen and Heavenly Peng. 

“Hmmph!” Heavenly Peng coldly harrumphed and the giant claw vanished. 

Wu Yuanyang staggered from the impact and had almost fallen to the ground from the sky. 

“You guys are ballsy to dare to kill my, Heavenly Peng’s sworn brother .” Heavenly Peng said coldly while he completely looked down upon the trio. 

If Heavenly Peng was in a bad mood, he wouldn’t give a damn about the three Sovereign Lord even if they were to personally come, let alone these three. 

Feng Jingyang breathed out a sigh of relief with an expression of delight. He naturally knew about the news with regards to Jiang Chen becoming Heavenly Peng’s sworn brother as Yu Huafan had briefed him about what had happened on the Demonic Immortal Island. 

From the start, Feng Jingyang thought that Heavenly Peng was just fooling around. But from the looks of it, Heavenly Peng valued Jiang Chen highly just from the attitude he exhibited towards the trio. 

“I, Feng Jingyang from the Fengchi Immortal Court, greet the Demon Sovereign.”

Feng Jingyang walked up and greeted Heavenly Peng. There weren’t many people who he truly respected in the Immortal World, but the Demon Sovereign was one of them. 

However, Feng Jingyang’s introduction did not mention that he was the master of Jiang Chen. Since the Demon Sovereign was Jiang Chen’s sworn brother, he wouldn’t want to mess up the seniority in the presence of the Demon Sovereign as he would be addressed with more ‘seniority’ compared to Heavenly Peng if he mentioned that he was Jiang Chen’s master. 

“En, Feng Jingyang, this emperor had heard about you. Very good, it wouldn’t be long for you to reach the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm with your cultivation level.” The Demon Sovereign nodded his head. 

Heavenly Peng knew that Feng Jingyang came for the sake of Jiang Chen, and was respectful towards Feng Jingyang.

“Demon Sovereign, the grudge between Jiang Chen and the three Immortal Courts is deeply rooted. Might as well help thoroughly settle the grudge between them since you’re here today.” Feng Jingyang said. 

He knew that if there was some who could truly settle the grudge between Jiang Chen and the three Immortal Courts, it would perhaps be the Demon Sovereign. As the Star Sovereign may not have such power, however the three major Sovereign Lords would respect the Demon Sovereign. 

“Lord Demon Sovereign, this Jiang Chen has killed many people from three Immortal Courts, if this vengeance is not repaid, the honour of the three Immortal Courts would be tarnished, we plead the Lord to not meddle in this.”

Wu Yuanyang said towards the Demon Sovereign in a respectful manner. 


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