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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2010

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“Elder Wu,  that dog is too strong. It had already killed one of our Third Grade Great Sovereign, I myself am not its match too. I was forced to request Elder Wu’s assistance,” Elder Fan said with his fist clasped. 

His face became bright red due to shame when he mentioned that he wasn’t a match against the dog. It was much more shameful saying it out loud, but there was nothing to be done about it as it was the fact. 

“En, I know.” Elder Wu nodded his head indifferently. 

The elder’s name was Wu Yuanyang, he possessed enormous fame in the Immortal Court that was high up above. 

Wu Yuanyang gazed coldly at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow with an intent to kill seeping out from his gaze alone. 

“Jiang Chen, follow us obediently and accept your punishment in the Immortal Court, I do not want to take action.” Wu Yuanyang said indifferently. 

He stood high above the skies with the stance of a superior being that looks down upon others. From his point of view, the fate of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could be controlled in his hands. There was absolutely no leeway for them to resist, it was Big Yellow and Jiang Chen’s greatest honour to have someone such as him to come here personally and deal with the situation. 

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but chuckle after hearing what Wu Yuanyang said. 

“Boy, what are you laughing at?”

Wu Yuanyang looked at Jiang Chen.

“I’m laughing at your feeling of superiority being too strong. You guys from the Immortal Court always put yourselves high above others, and not to be offended. But from my point of view, you guys are nothing. Our grudge stemmed from the days in the Golden Horizon, but it’s your geniuses who tried to kill me back then, aren’t I allowed to defend myself? Is the life of the people of the Immortal Court important than mine?! There’s no such rule in the whole Immortal World. You guys want me dead, and I would naturally resist. It only means that you guys are weak when your people failed to kill me and instead got killed by me,” Jiang Chen said loudly.

He did not have a shred of fear in his heart, even if he was facing a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. 

“Boy, I am not here to listen to your arguments and I do not like to bargain. This is your last chance, do you choose to follow me back to the Immortal Court and receive your punishment or would you rather die here now by my hands? What is your choice?” Wu Yuanyang said with a pushy tone.

It was a benchmark for people of his level to be pushy. A Half-step Great Sovereign wasn’t worth the time for people of his status. He wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Jiang Chen and Big Yellow being unbelievably tough. 

“Choice? There’s nothing for me to choose, my life is in my hands and shall not be manipulated by the Immortal Court. I’ll put my life on the line to face you even if you’re a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign.” Jiang Chen said loudly. 

Jiang Chen’s tone was indifferent but unshakably firm. It was the Immortal Court’s mistake to manipulate Jiang Chen’s fate.

“Boy, since you’re refusing a gentle offer in favour of a harsh punishment, I won’t be courteous with you anymore.”

Wu Yuanyang did not want to argue anymore, a strong pressure carrying the prestige of a Great Sovereign erupted from his body. He stretched out his giant arm and a peerless cage appeared from it, creeping towards Jiang Chen.

It was a cage created by a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign which could even imprison the void. Let alone Jiang Chen who was just a Half-step Great Sovereign. 

That unparalleled strength was not something that could be taken directly, even in Jiang Chen’s dragon form. 

*Rumble…… *

At this moment, a giant golden scarlet hand suddenly appeared from the void, and crashed onto the cage that was created by Wu Yuanyang, completely destroying the prison. 

Jiang Chen breathed out a sigh of relief, he already knew that there’s going to be a favourable turnaround today through the Great Divination Art. Therefore, he chose to stubbornly face Wu Yuanyang. 

“Who is it?!” Wu Yuanyang shouted, his expression slightly changing. 

The intruder must be powerful to silently appear and destroy his attack in a single move. 

“Wu Yuanyang! Have you discussed with me, Feng Jingyang, before you punish my disciple?!”

A powerful sound wave resounded from the void, followed by a tall and mighty middle-aged man walking out from the void and instantly appearing beside Jiang Chen. 

The intruder’s aura and qi were far stronger than Wu Yuanyang. 


Jiang Chen quickly clasped his fist, when he saw the person who came was none other than the Hall Master of Dragon Hall, Feng Jingyang.  

“En.” Feng Jingyang nodded his head. 

He was worried when he knew about the grudge between Jiang Chen and three Immortal Courts, and Jiang Chen coming here alone. He foresaw that the Immortal Courts would take action and rush here. Luckily he caught up when Wu Yuanyang tried to kill Jiang Chen, it was natural for him to protect Jiang Chen from his doting nature. 

“Who is that? It looks like it’s Jiang Chen’s master. Awesome… he’s also a powerful Fifth Grade Great Sovereign.”

“Holy crap, there are more and more experts here. I’ve never seen so many powerful experts in my whole life.”

“No wonder Jiang Chen chose to stay, he did not give a damn about a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign when he has such a strong backing. I wonder where Jiang Chen had gone to these days.”


The people of the Great Qian Empire couldn’t help but once again be shocked when they saw Feng Jingyang. While they were shocked, they also felt relieved when they saw Jiang Chen had such strong backing and reinforcement. It’ll be extremely difficult for the Immortal Court to try to kill him. 

“Feng Jingyang, this is a grudge between our Immortal Court and Jiang Chen. It’s best for you to not meddle in it.” Wu Yuanyang said with a frown.

Feng Jingyang was not someone to be trifled with. His explosive temper was famous throughout the Immortal World. Those who were on the same level as Feng Jingyang dared not to provoke him without a solid reason. 

“Meddle? Jiang Chen is my, Feng Jingyang’s disciple, he is Fengchi Immortal Court’s Dragon Hall genius. Who gave you guys the right to simply punish him?! Are you looking down on Fengchi immortal Court?!” 

Feng Jingyang coldly harrumphed. His position of Hall Master of the Dragon Hall should be forfeited if anyone dares to harm Jiang Chen under his presence, the prestige that he had built up throughout the years would be wasted.  

“Feng Jingyang, do you really want to oppose three major Immortal Courts?! Just for a mere Jiang Chen?!” Wu Yuanyang said while gnashing his teeth. 

He knew that Jiang Chen had joined the Fengchi Immortal Court, but he didn’t expect Jiang Chen to be valued so highly that even Feng Jingyang would personally come here to protect him. 

Wu Yuanyang wanted to take action personally, but he knew that Feng Jingyang was not someone to be trifled with. It would’ve been great if there was another two joining him to fight against Feng Jingyang. 

“So?! What if I oppose you guys?! I’ll tell you now Wu Yuanyang! I’ll f**king kill anyone that dares to touch this disciple of mine!”

Feng Jingyang’s expression changed, his tyrannical qi soared to the heavens, and his explosive temper was immediately shown. 

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