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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2005

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“What happened? Why did Young Master Jiang Chen suddenly had a change of heart? Shouldn’t Nanbei Family be destroyed after Nanbei Chao was killed? Now we’re not only giving Nanbei Chao a chance to reincarnate, but to even go as far as to ensure the safety of the Nanbei Family. That’s not his style.”

“Yeah, I wonder what Young Master Jiang was thinking?”

“Silence, what do you guys know? There must be a reason for Young Master Jiang’s decision.”


The monks of the Great Qian Empire couldn’t get around Jiang Chen’s decision. With their experience with Jiang Chen, he would not leave his enemy any way out, and would thoroughly kill them off. Normally, he wouldn’t allow Nanbei Chao a chance to reincarnate even if he did not eliminate Nanbei Family. 

In fact, before their battle even began, Jiang Chen had already decided to eliminate Nanbei Family after killing off Nanbei Chao.

But in that instance when his long sword extinguished Nanbei Chao’s life, he suddenly thought that if the existence known as Nanbei Chao were to vanish in this world, he felt like a part of his life was lost. 

It was a type of freemasonry. Jiang Chen knew that he and Nanbei Chao was cut from the same cloth, the type to conquer everything under the heavens, eliminating everything that blocks their way. 

Jiang Chen felt he and Nanbei Chao could’ve been good friends if it weren’t for the arrangement of destiny that they were stuck with. 

However, fate has its ways on people, where they were fated to be enemies, nemesis nonetheless. Since they were enemies, one of them must die.

With Nanbei Chao dead, Jiang Chen gave him a chance to reincarnate so as to fill the hole Nanbei Chao’s death had left in his heart. Hence, the sense of being lost would be eliminated in his heart. 

He erased all the memories contained in Nanbei Chao’s soul. Nanbei Chao would then be reincarnated as a new man, void of any attachment from Jiang Chen and his previous life. When the time comes, Nanbei Chao may truly shine with brilliance, and become the protagonist in his life. 

Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu did not utter a word, they knew what Jiang Chen was thinking and how he felt. They knew that Jiang Chen was a sentimental man. It is also precisely this charm that had them willingly follow Jiang Chen. 

Hence, they would unconditionally support him, no matter what decision Jiang Chen makes in regards to him and Nanbei Chao.

Nanbei Taisheng suddenly had the urge to cry as he stretched out both of his hand, shakingly. Nanbei Chao’s body, soul crystal and the Monarch Sword was passed over to him. From this point onward, the feud between Jiang Chen and Nanbei Family has been written off. 

Furthermore, Jiang Chen’s current strength was not something Nanbei Taisheng could trifle with. However, thanks to the blessing of Nanbei Chao that Nanbei Family was able to avoid total annihilation this time. They should already be really grateful for such an outcome. 

“Many thanks, Young Master Jiang. Nanbei Family shall remember your benevolence. I, Nanbei Taisheng, swear to the heavens that from now onwards, Nanbei Family shall be at peace with the Great Qian Empire and Young Master Jiang,” Nanbei Taisheng said solemnly.

He then departed with his clansmen and quickly disappeared above the skies of genius prefecture. 

“Young Master Jiang, I, Yang Yu, formally give my thanks to Young Master Jiang’s favour on behalf of the people of Great Qian Empire. ”

Yang Yu walked towards Jiang Chen and gave him a deep bow, followed by the high ranking officials behind him. These people held tremendous authority, but they were nothing in the face of Jiang Chen. To them, the benevolence that Jiang Chen had given to the Great Qian Empire was higher than the Heavens; it was not something that could be repaid with just a bow. 

“Such formality is unneeded, Your Majesty. The feud between me and Nanbei Chao was bound to be settled sooner or later. I have finally completed one of my long-cherished wishes with Nanbei Chao dead under my sword.”

Jiang Chen extended his hand and held Yang Yu up. Internally, he was very clear that even if the Great Qian Empire was not involved, the battle between him and Nanbei Chao was still bound to happen. It was just a matter of time. 

“Big Brother Chen, how is your injury??” Yan Chenyu asked with utmost concern after walking towards Jiang Chen and noticing that one of his arms was blown to pieces.

“It’s nothing much, this degree of injury can be easily healed, how about you?”

Jiang Chen smilingly looked at Yan Chenyu. He knew that he had caused Yan Chenyu to worry about him these past few days.

“I’m fine, my injuries are not that serious. I am preparing to go into seclusion to break through the ranks of Immortal Sovereign,” said Yan Chenyu.

Jiang Chen was not surprised that Yan Chenyu was about to break through the Great Sovereign realm. Yan Chenyu and Nanbei Chao used to be experts with the same level of talent. With Nanbei Chao reaching the Great Sovereign realm slightly earlier, Yan Chenyu would certainly be not far from him. 

“I’m also about to break through to the Half-Step Great Sovereign realm. I was greatly rewarded in the battle with Nanbei Chao. Also, the death of Nanbei Chao signifies the clearance of one of the biggest obstacles in the future. With this, my mind is finally clear, and I can break through the half-step Great Sovereign realm right now,” said Jiang Chen.

The reward he reaped this time was indeed huge. As a matter of fact, regardless of who won the fight, the last one standing would without a doubt, obtain a massive benefit. 

“Big Yellow, Xiao Yu and I will enter the 33rd level to advance our cultivation level. Please stand guard at the entrance for the moment.”

Jiang Chen said to Big Yellow.


Big Yellow nodded. 

At this moment, three or four powerful airwaves suddenly came out of nowhere, appearing above the skies of genius prefecture . 

Then, four shadows emerged. All four of them had extremely powerful cultivation. The leader of the group was an old man who had reached the terrifying Fourth Grade Great Sovereign realm while the rest of them were just at the Third Grade Great Sovereign, and Second Grade Great Sovereign realm respectively. 

With such a formidable lineup, there could only be one possible party across the entire Ethereal Immortal Domain – the members of the Immortal Court.   

“For f**k’s sake, the people of the Immortal Court sure caught wind quick”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but swear. 

“That’s not all, they knew that their henchmen were killed by you and me. This time, they sent out a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. It looks like they are taking this matter seriously.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a smile.

In the past, Jiang Chen would’ve shown great anxiety and ran away in a moment’s notice if he saw a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. But now, he did not plan to run away. Big Yellow’s strength has already reached the peak of Second Grade Great Sovereign realm, only halfway to the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm. 

With Big Yellow’s current cultivation, he would have no problem facing a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. Therefore, these four experts that were sent by the Immortal Court posed no threat to Jiang Chen. 

“Little Jiang Chen (demeaning tone), why haven’t you knelt down and start begging for your life?”

Someone had already locked onto Jiang Chen, and shouted with a furious voice. 

“Shit, they’re from the Immortal Court, and such powerful experts to boot.”

“Fucking hell, the Immortal Court is so annoying for endlessly trying to seek trouble with Young Master Jiang.”

“This doesn’t look good, the opponent’s strength is way too powerful. Even with Young Master Jiang’s peak condition, he wouldn’t be a match against them let alone now.”


The people of Great Qian Empire became restless once again. Each one of them extremely worried as there was no way they could be at ease upon seeing the sudden emergence of such monstrous beings. 

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