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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2004

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The atmosphere suddenly became silent. Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao looked at each other. They then shut their eyes simultaneously.

The people below dared not utter a word, they knew that the outcome of this battle would be decided the next time the two of them opened their eyes.

One could imagine… after this neverending fierce battle without conclusion, it shall reach a point where both parties had to sacrifice something to attain victory. 

Five minutes had passed, but neither of the two once thought of launching a sneak attack. They just stood there with their eyes closed. 


Suddenly, as if they had discussed beforehand, they opened their eyes simultaneously with shining bright rays shooting out of their eyes. The four rays of light was like a radiating sharp sword, causing the void to ripple. 

“Jiang Chen, come, the last move.”

Nanbei Chao lifted the Monarch Sword and pointed it to Jiang Chen. 


Jiang Chen also lifted the Immortal Execution Sword. After such a long battle, they had finally resolved to reach a conclusion once and for all.

*Woosh! Woosh!*

The two of them suddenly disappeared under countless pairs of eyes, their speed had reached the extreme, as if they were a pair of lightning bolts. 

In the next moment! 

*Ting! Ting!*

*Ting! Ting!*

The two of them clashed, but this time they were not blown apart, both of their bodies stood still. The battle sword within their hands were stuck into each other.

Nanbei Chao’s sword pierced Jiang Chen’s shoulder. Whereas Jiang Chen”s sword pierced through Nanbei Chao’s heart. 


A terrifying sword qi bursted with them at the centre. A dragon arm of Jiang Chen was immediately shredded into pieces, spurting a fountain of blood, with his white bone exposed. 

At the same time, Jiang Chen’s Immortal Executing Sword unleashed a destructive sword qi that shattered Nanbei Chao’s internal organs, which also shattered his remaining life force. 


Nanbei Chao shouted and puked a mouthful of blood, his complexion began to whiten. 

“It’s done.” Jiang Chen said dully.

However, at this moment, he was devoid of the feeling of happiness. With Nanbei Chao truly dead, he was hit by a sudden sense of loneliness, as if something was missing in his life, it was an unexplainable sensation. 

“Before I die, tell me, how did you do it?”  said Nanbei Chao.

“The Great Divination Art calculated the trajectory of your sword. I was able to avoid a fatal wound with the Great Void Technique, yet you still managed to destroy one of my arms,” answered Jiang Chen, allowing Nanbei Chao to die without discontent. 

“So that’s how it is.” 

Nanbei Chao shook his head. At this moment, he had lost all the domineering aura that he had earlier, and his complexion was pale as a white paper. But he didn’t have the look of regret. 

“After you die, I won’t touch the Nanbei Family and shall ensure the safety of your family in Eastern Profound Domain,”  said Jiang Chen.

“Thank you.”

Nanbei Chao had never once said thank you in his two lifetimes. This time, he thoroughly closed his eyes, he chose not to run away with his soul. Because he knew that there was nothing he could do under Jiang Chen’s control.

“Young Master Chao is dead.”

“Our Nanbei Family is finished! In the end, Young Master Chao is inferior to Jiang Chen and died under his sword. Jiang Chen will surely not forgive us.”

“How could this be? How could this be?!”

Nanbei Family became extremely restless as the shock of Nanbei Chao’s death was too much for them to take. As if they were brought down to hell from heaven, that unexplainable feeling of disparity had caused many people of the Nanbei Family to fall into total despair. 


At this moment, Big Yellow took action. He cast innumerable rays of light which fell onto the martial stage, all the cages had disappeared after the flashes of light had dissipated, instantly giving the high ranking officials of the Great Qian Empire their freedom. 

The people of Great Qian Empire immediately surrounded the members of Nanbei Family the moment they regained their freedom, each of them gritting their teeth with extreme hostility. 

“Nanbei Taisheng, aren’t you cocky? Your Young Master Chao has died, let’s see what else do you have to stay cocky.” Yang Yu did not let go of the opportunity and taunted. 

At this moment, everyone from the Great Qian Empire was extremely agitated and excited. Jiang Chen, which they had put all their trust into, did not disappoint their hope, and once again created a miracle for the Great Qian Empire.  

“Your Majesty, let’s go and eliminate Nanbei Family!” shouted someone. 

Murderous intent filled the skies, the expression of the people of Nanbei Family became pale white under this violent murderous intent. They had fallen into total despair, they had totally given up the moment Nanbei Chao was killed. 

“Stop!” shouted a voice.

The murderous intent that had erupted from the side of Great Qian Empire was instantly suppressed by that voice. 

The owner of that voice was Jiang Chen. He slowly pulled out the long sword from Nanbei Chao’s body, and reverted to his human form. The blood on his body vanished but his broken arm had yet to regrew. 

Under innumerable pairs of eyes, Jiang Chen placed his hand on the skull of Nanbei Chao. He then confined the soul of Nanbei Chao into a crystal ball. 

Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu slightly nodded their head after they saw Jiang Chen’s actions. 

Jiang Chen descended from the skies with Nanbei Chao’s body on one of his arms. The crystal ball and the Monarch Sword floating beside him. 

Jiang Chen walked towards Nanbei Taisheng. Nanbei Taisheng’s eyes were immediately filled with dread. This young man whom he once looked down upon has grown to become such a powerful figure. 

“Patriarch of Nanbei Family, I, Jiang Chen, promised Nanbei Chao to ensure the safety of your family. You can continue your lives in Eastern Profound Domain peacefully and no one would dare to harm you,” said Jiang Chen.

Upon hearing this, the members of Nanbei Family breathed out a sigh of relief. Yet, everyone could not understand why Jiang Chen gave such a promise. With Nanbei Chao dead, he would’ve had the Nanbei Family massacred with his usual modus operandi. 

It was inexplicable for him to accept Nanbei Chao’s request on protecting the Nanbei Family.

Of course they didn’t need to understand as this was something Jiang Chen wanted.

“Even though Nanbei Chao has died, he shall be reborn. This is his soul, I have erased all of his memories, take it back and let him be reborn in Nanbei Family. Take back the Monarch Sword and protect it, perhaps one day it will once again see the daylight. Bring Nanbei Chao’s remains as well and bury it well,” said Jiang Chen. 

He delivered Nanbei Chao’s remains, soul and the Monarch Sword to Nanbei Taisheng.

Nanbei Taisheng was stunned by Jiang Chen’s action. He couldn’t understand why the ruthless Jiang Chen would do such a thing. Could it be that Jiang Chen had suddenly turned benevolent?  

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