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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2003

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The appearance of the Immortal Execution Sword really surprised Nanbei Chao. It had exceeded his imagination.

“Quickly, look! Jiang Chen’s holding a peerless sword. Judging from its qi, it’s as strong as the Monarch Sword. Just what is that sword?”

“Nanbei Chao said that it was the Immortal Execution Sword. My god! Is it true? Could it be the Natal Sovereign Weapon of Immortal Execution King, a well-renowned figure in the Immortal World? It’s astonishing to see Jiang Chen holding the Immortal Execution Sword.”

“Amazing! Even the Immortal Execution Sword has emerged. Like I said, Jiang Chen still has greater trump cards. Nanbei Chao could no longer intimidate him. Now, it’s hard to tell the outcome of their battle.”

“Jiang Chen can always create miracles.”


The worried faces of the experts of Great Qian Empire was replaced by excitement and delight. Everyone in the world knew about the sword. With Jiang having this weapon as his trump card relieved all of their worries.

The cultivators of Nanbei Family showed the opposite response. Their expression changed so dramatically that their smiling faces froze.

“Motherf*****! How did he get the Immortal Execution Sword? Hasn’t the sword vanished along with Immortal Execution King?”

“No need to worry. So what if Jiang Chen has that sword? Given his present strength, he won’t be able to display its full power, whereas Young Master Chao can perfectly unleash the might of the Monarch Sword. That’s the difference between the two of them.”

“That’s right. We’ll see if you don’t believe it. Jiang Chen will die for sure.”


Despite their shock, they still had absolute confidence in Nanbei Chao, who had all along been the supreme and all powerful figure in their hearts.

The sword qi of both the Immortal Execution Sword and Monarch Sword began clashing with one another, attempting to dominate the other.

“Jiang Chen, show me how powerful the legendary Immortal Execution Sword is!”

Nanbei Chao bellowed. Boundless Monarch Light entered the Monarch Sword, and the sword then suddenly grew to 300 meters in size. Nanbei Chao then raised it up in the air.

A sword qi the shape of a dragon soared up into the sky. A huge cavern was created in the Heaven; black chilling waves of qi rushed out from it.


Nanbei Chao slashed the sword forth.

A single slash of his moved the clouds and tore the sky.

It was such a simple slash, but the might it carried was sufficient to make the world perish.

Opposite, Jiang Chen was similarly dominating. The Immortal Execution Sword was enlarged to around 300 meters, and was enveloped with different kinds of supreme flames that radiated a spectacular light that looked like innumerable spiritual serpents. 

However, these serpents were deadly.

“Bring it on!” Jiang Chen roared and made a slash.

Under the astonished gaze of the spectators, the two peerless weapons collided.

*Hong Long……*

This was an ultimate collision. “Fierce” could no longer be the word to describe it. The spark created from this mere collision caused a sea of fire. Although the scene of countless sword qi intertwining with one another was a beautiful sight, it made the spectators frightened.

Both of them seemed to have exerted all of their strength in this sword strike. The frenzied force of the collision rebounded them backwards.

They looked like two tiny leaf boats in the ocean of energy, but they were the true controller of the battle scene.

The blood that drifted from their bodies didn’t affect their will to fight.


Jiang Chen’s dragon wings fluttered. With the Great Void Technique, he’s moving like an untraceable ghostly spirit. He charged forward once more.

He had entered a selfless combat state. In this state of stimulation, the number of dragon marks in his Qi Sea began to rise crazily towards the half-step Sovereign realm.

On the opposite side, Nanbei Chao’s golden hair was erecting like a madman as he also charged forth. 

Both of these madmen once again collided with one another with their powerful attacks.

This was the pinnacle of the battle. In the eyes of others, it was merely a cruel and violent battle, but for those who could discern it, watching this battle was the wish they had longed for.

Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu seemed to be fascinated by the scene, and by how obsessed the two were in fighting even though they were injured and their bodies were stained with their own blood.

If it was before, Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow would be incomparably worried if Jiang Chen had such an injury, particularly Big Yellow, who would have rushed forward to help him.

This was because they were very clear that this was the fated fight between Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao. The two could only fulfil their long-cherished wish by killing the other. 

This explained why even Big Yellow could only be a spectator in this battle.

This battle was destined to be cruel, and only one of them would survive in the end.

*Hong Long……*

The battle was at its climax. Both peerless swords were constantly colliding against each other. Thousands of miles in the sky was already covered by a sea of destructive energy.

Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao were now fully covered in blood, but their desire to fight didn’t seem to diminish.

As they brandish their swords, blood sprinkled from above.

Forgetting about the battle, and only grasping in the moment of pleasure.

The battle had been going on for three hours. Unwittingly, 15 000 dragon marks had been added to Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, only 5 000 more to break through to the half-step Sovereign realm.

Truth be told, Jiang Chen had benefited a lot from this battle. Driven by his selflessness, his cultivation base was advancing by leaps and bounds. As long as he could win and survive this battle, he would directly advance to the half-step Sovereign realm.

Although his cultivation base was progressing, he wasn’t in a very good state. This kind of continuous collision caused great harm to his body. Even the dragon transformation skill was unable to make up for it.

Both sides stopped their attacks all of a sudden and stood around 300 meters apart, gazing at each other. Blood was dripping continuously from their bodies. Although they now seemed slightly weakened, the air of dominance from their bones had yet to vanish. 

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