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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 2001

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Another intense clash happened between Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao. The entire sky was in shambles. The battle arena had been completely torn apart. Tremendous pressure weighed down on the onlookers below them, making their spirits shudder.

A terrifying blast of air shrouded the scorching sun. Scenes of destruction were everywhere. The sky above Genius Prefecture darkened, as if it was going through doomsday.

Dead silence filled the atmosphere. In their eyes, both sides were overwhelmingly strong. Although Nanbei Chao temporarily had the advantage over Jiang Chen in terms of cultivation level, no one dared to predict the outcome of the battle.

After all, Jiang Chen was also not a person who could easily be defeated. Whether if it was his own people or the enemies, he left a remarkable impression on everyone’s mind. He had never failed to create miracles. Even though the three Immoral Courts was determined to exterminate him, he was still living fine and well up until now. Moreover, he had never ceased to grow and improve himself.


On the battle arena, Jiang Chen rapidly treaded five steps, displaying the Azure Dragon Five Steps. Each step he made was as heavy as millions of gwan. Each step was capable of crushing a part of the heavens and earth.

Nanbei Chao threw out five punches. The terrifying Wisdom King Fist seemed to be full of intelligence themselves, and each punch radiated endless rays of golden light. His five punches collided against Jiang Chen’s five steps, creating tempestuous air flow across the sky. 

Perhaps, the only person who dared to take Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon Five Steps head on would be Nanbei Chao.

“Jiang Chen, you are indeed the most outstanding genius that I’ve ever met. If I allow you to continue growing and attain the same realm as I am, I will definitely not be your match anymore. Unfortunately, you will never have the chance to grow again. Today, you will die no matter what.”

Even after a few exchanges, Nanbei Chao still remained as egotistical as usual. The aura of Monarch within his body began to spread. Standing in mid-air, his body produced continuous current of air, just like endless water ripples.

Nanbei Chao’s entire body was basked in golden light, making him look like a true sovereign of the heavens and earth. Every last bit of the qi of the Monarch Heaven Art was unleashed. After a series of exchanges, Nanbei Chao no longer wanted to waste time as he prepared to use his ultimate technique.

Obviously, Nanbei Chao’s battle intent was unrivalled. The current power of his nemesis did not fail to give him a thrill in this ultimate battle. If Jiang Chen’s cultivation level did not improve much, and was just like a pushover, Nanbei Chao would feel disappointed instead. All things considered, Jiang Chen was his only worthy opponent, the only person whom he, Nanbei Chao, respected as an opponent. 

“The Body of Monarch, Suppression!”

Nanbei Chao’s body grew into ten zhang* tall, and his long golden hair danced in the wind. Now, the prestige of the sovereign of the heavens and earth had been completely unleashed from his body. He stretched out his gigantic hand which looked like a heavenly barrier towards Jiang Chen, enveloping the entire sky and the battle arena. 

This technique was called “Suppression”. Using the pressure force of the sovereign of the heavens and earth. Under such overwhelming force, an illusory and seemingly unbreakable prison was formed surrounding his opponent, making it impossible for anyone to break free from it. 

Besides, under such a pressure, a thought would normally appear in the subconscious mind of his opponent – submission. Once his opponent had that thought, the outcome of the battle would then be obvious. 

Unfortunately, Nanbei Chao’s Monarch Pressure Force had no effect on Jiang Chen. 

Amongst the two mighty beings of the heavens and earth, who dares to claim to be the sovereign?

Jiang Chen was the son of the Heavenly Dragon. His place was even higher than Nanbei Chao’s. Besides, speaking of sovereign under the heavens, Jiang Chen should be the genuine one. The blood flowing within his body was supreme blood. In front of him, Nanbei Chao’s power which was derived from the prestige of Monarch became merely blasts of energy current. The so-called prestige of Monarch was completely useless on him, not to mention frightening his soul.

“Slaughter Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen did not want to hold back anymore either. Without a second thought, he displayed his Slaughter Dragon Seal. Nanbei Chao’s Monarch Heaven Art was powerful, and that’s why Jiang Chen decided to use an equally powerful technique to neutralize it.


A deafening roar of a wild dragon echoed throughout the sky. The Slaughter Dragon emerged. Countless rays of lightning flashed around the dragon’s body body. Besides, Jiang Chen had also fused the six types of Supreme Flames into it, making it even more mystical. 

Carrying boundless killing intent, Jiang Chen engaged Nanbei Chao once more.


The landscape and the color of the sky changed again. It was the result of the fierce clash between the Monarch Heaven Art and the Slaughter Dragon Seal, which were the combatants’ strongest techniques. 

After the confrontation which involved a massive amount of energy, Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao retreated tens of zhang* each before they could regain their balance. Traces of blood began to flow out from the corners of their mouths at the same time.

Jiang Chen had fought with all his might. He had actually fused his Dao of Slaughter into his dragon transformation skill. Furthermore, he also had the Great Derivation Technique, which enabled him to predict Nanbei Chao’s attacks. However, he was just on par with Nanbei Chao. Hence, this only showed that Nanbei Chao’s power had become terrifyingly great.

“Haha! Let’s do it again!”

Nanbei Chao let out a cacophony of laughter. His battle intent had gotten denser and stronger than ever before. He lifted both his hands into the sky and transformed into an illusory shadow of Monarch, a peerless sovereign. His face could not be seen clearly, but his body was now hundred zhang* tall, making him akin to a colossal mountain. 


On the other side, Jiang Chen’s body also experienced a transformation as well. From being a half-human, half-dragon, he completely became a hundred zhang* dragon covered with bloody scales. Judging from its size, it was much bigger than the illusory shadow of Monarch.

The dragon revolved above the sky. Its body shining with endless fiery light. Its merciless, cold-piercing eyes gazed upon everything in the heavens and earth. By simply moving its enormous claw, it was capable of tearing parts of the world. It was truly an appalling scene to everyone present.

“Oh my god…Is that a true dragon?”

“It’s the qi of a True Dragon! Jiang Chen has completely turned into a divine spirit? This is too terrifying. His dragon transformation skill isn’t just a simple transformation skill?! Could it be that he is the reincarnation of an ancient True Dragon?

“Don’t talk nonsense. The human qi on his body is quite concentrated too.”

“Who cares anyway? As far as I can see, Jiang Chen is too bizarre. He is like a super monstrous being. However, I really hope that he can win against Nanbei Chao in the end.”

All of them were flabbergasted when they saw the True Dragon revolving in the sky. They had never seen such an astonishing scene before. The True Dragon was a supreme existence in the world. However, it had already vanished from sight since the ancient times.

Perhaps, the True Dragon did not really vanish, but lived in another realm beyond this world. In the Immortal World, it was difficult to spot the shadow of a True Dragon. Therefore, having a person who possessed the True Dragon Bloodline was incredibly rare, let alone a person who possessed such a strong qi of a True Dragon like Jiang Chen. How could it not astonish people?


On the battlefield, the razor-sharp claws of the True Dragon clashed with the illusory shadow of Monarch. Terrifying shock waves blasted out whenever the two extreme powers collided against each other. 

*Ka – Ka*

As their confrontation continued, cracks began to appear on the body of the illusory shadow of Monarch. 

In the meantime, the dragon scales on Jiang Chen’s body flew down pieces by pieces. The fresh blood gushing out from his body poured down from the sky like rain. It really was a painful scene to watch, especially to the people of Great Qian Empire.

Both parties would definitely suffer considerable damage from a death match like this. However, in spite of the injuries on their bodies, their will did not waver. Whether it was Jiang Chen or Nanbei Chao, both of them immersed themselves in the exhilaration of the intense battle, making them forget about their injuries.

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