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    Magic Gems Gourmet (WN)

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    “It truly is a peerlessly fine sword.”

    Jiang Chen couldn’t help but nod continuously while admiring the sword. This Immortal Execution Sword, which was widely known in the Immortal World. indeed really deserved its reputation. Although his Heavenly Saint Sword would certainly not be any weaker than this sword in the future, the difference in power between the two swords at the moment was not miniscule. Besides, his opponent this time was Nanbei Chao, who was his greatest enemy in life. He intended to put an end to the feud between him and Nanbei Chao. In other words, it would surely be a life-and-death confrontation.

    With the Immortal Execution Sword in his hands, Jiang Chen felt a boost in confidence. Big Yellow and him unceasingly tore the void apart with the Great Void Technique, enabling them to travel for millions of li* in a flash. They were heading towards the Ethereal Immortal Domain. 

    In the temporary imperial palace of Fengchi Immortal Court, Yu Huafan stood facing Feng Jingyang. 

    “Master, should we secretly help Junior Brother Jiang Chen?” he spoke in a worried tone. 

    “Never mind him. Jiang Chen is a dragon under the Heavens. He is blessed by great luck, preventing me from seeing through him. Besides, he is a strong-minded person. Since Nanbei Chao is his old enemy, I believe that he really wishes to finish him off on his own. Therefore, we might as well let him do it himself. All in all, I have faith in him,” replied Feng Jingyan. 

    His eyes flashed with hope. As a powerful expert who had already attained the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign realm as well as the influential master of the Dragon Hall, he had met countless of geniuses in his life. Among all, Jiang Chen was the only one that he couldn’t see through. In fact, he even thought that allowing Jiang Chen to enter the Dragon Hall was the wisest decision he had ever made in his life.

    If he is going to tell the story of the Dragon Hall in the future, Jiang Chen would definitely be the disciple whom he took the most pride in. 

    Eastern Profound Domain of the Ethereal Immortal Domain! 

    The Eastern Profound Domain was currently experiencing a massive upheaval. 

    As a matter of fact, ever since the incident in the Golden Horizon, the Eastern Profound Domain was never in peace. The emergence of Jiang Chen had already completely messed up the situation in the domain. But now, another heaven-defying being, Nanbei Chao, popped out from nowhere which made the situation worse. 

    Not long ago, the eleven forces of the Eastern Profound Domain was reduced to only two massive forces. Now, from the two, the winner and the loser had also been decided.

    An outstanding prodigy appeared in Nanbei family. Within a short period of time, that person broke through to the Great Sovereign realm, and led the family to begin the conquest of the entire world. Now, the other influential force—the Great Qian Empire—had already fallen into their hands, allowing Nanbei Family to gain full control of the entire Eastern Profound Domain. 

    Genius Prefecture!

    Now, Genius Prefecture was completely seized by Nanbei Family, turning into their base. The high-ranking officers of the Great Qian Empire were all imprisoned here. 

    On the martial arena of Genius Prefecture, countless cages were arranged alongside each other. Under the scorching sun, the cages which were made from a unique type of metal gleamed brightly. 

    Yan Chenyu, Yang Yu, Yang Bufan, the Old Emperor, Supreme Elder, Yang Zanqing, Dongfang Yu… All those who were involved in the list of the top-ranking personnel of the Great Qian Empire were separately put into each of the cages. Besides that, there were also a few gigantic cages which were used to detain the disciples and elders of Genius Prefecture.

    These cages were strengthened with impenetrable formations and restrictive spells which were personally deployed by Nanbei Chao himself. Even powerful experts at the peak of Immortal Venerable realm would never be able to walk out from any of those cages.

    However, among those people held captive, other than Yan Chenyu, the rest of them looked fine, and their qi hadn’t changed much. This only showed that when Nanbei Chao brought his family and initiated a full-scale attack on Great Qian Empire, he did not really receive any form of resistance. 

    Doubtlessly, after Yan Chenyu was defeated by Nanbei Chao, the former chose to surrender in order to protect the Great Qian Empire from being harmed. Therefore, there wasn’t any bloodshed throughout the conquest.

    In a way, Yan Chenyu’s action was the wisest. Although Great Qian Empire’s people were aggrieved at her decision, she thought that as long as they were alive, they would be able to reclaim what was supposed to be theirs. As the saying goes, “as long as the green hills remain, there will never be a shortage of firewood”. In other words, compared to pointlessly struggling against such a formidable enemy, it was more important to stay alive. 

    Moreover, the more crucial factor that motivated her to surrender was her belief that Great Qian Empire had yet to be exterminated. Even if they all became lowly prisoners right now, they had yet to give up hope. Internally, none of them threw in the sponge because of one person. That person carried all of their hopes. That person provided them the faith to endure. 

    The person they were thinking about was none other than Jiang Chen.

    In the past, Jiang Chen had created miracles for Great Qian Empire time after time. His presence was already deeply ingrained within the hearts of the people of the empire. To them, he was just like a deity, and there was nothing he couldn’t solve.

    Now, Nanbei Chao had declared war against Jiang Chen by sending him a letter of challenge in order to settle their feud once and for all. They believed that Jiang Chen would surely turn up as he would never leave them behind. It was their belief, as well as their confidence in him.

    Outside the martial arena, the high-ranking officers of Nanbei Family looked at the cages that were neatly arranged before them with a satisfied smile. Each of them beaming with absolute happiness, especially the patriarch of Nanbei Family, Nanbei Taisheng, who laughed so happily to the point that his mouth seemed impossible to be shut. 

    “Patriarch, if we don’t kill these prisoners, wouldn’t it be too easy on them?”

    One of the elders spoke.

    “Are you trying to be a smart aleck? Since Young Master Chao has given them three days before the final battle, then we must keep our promise. If we do anything on them, aren’t we going to ruin Young Master Chao’s prestige? Who is going to take the blame if Young Master Chao is infuriated?”

    Naibei Taisheng shot an angry glance at the elder who just spoke.

    “Patriarch, the deadline is coming soon. According to the agreement, there are, at most, three more hours left. However, Jiang Chen has yet to appear.”

    “I think this Jiang Chen is too timid to show himself. After all, Young Master Chao is already a powerful Great Sovereign. No matter how strong Jiang Chen might be, showing up for the battle means seeking his own death. I don’t think he is foolish enough to come and die.”

    “I disagree. The people who were imprisoned are quite important to Jiang Chen, especially that Yan Chenyu. I bet Jiang Chen will never leave them behind. However, even if Jiang Chen comes, he will only die. Young Master Chao is the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian. How can an insignificant being like Jiang Chen possibly defeat him?”

    All the members of Nanbei Family were filled with confidence. Now, they had dominated the entire Eastern Profound Domain, accomplishing their so-called business of hegemony. Naturally, all of them were in a good mood. 

    Speaking of Jiang Chen, in the past, they would still fear him a little. But now, with Young Master Chao at their side, they no longer put Jiang Chen in their eyes. In their minds, as soon as Jiang Chen appear, his death would be certain.

    Nanbei Taisheng sauntered towards the center of the martial arena, heading towards Yang Yu’s cage.

    “Hehe. Brother Yang Yu, I suppose that you hadn’t even dreamt that you will fall low to such a point one day, right? The destiny of the entire Great Qian Empire now rests on my hands. I already told you, didn’t I? Our Nanbei Family will definitely rule over the entire Eastern Profound Domain and I, Nanbei Taisheng, will have the last laugh.”

    Naibei Taisheng lifted his head while he spoke, feeling extremely pleased with himself.

    “Nanbei Taisheng, don’t be too happy. We never know who will have the last laugh, don’t we?”

    Yang Yu’s face was grim. He did not conceal any shred of hatred that he harbored towards Nanbei Taisheng. 

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