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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1996

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Together, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow went back to their residence. Their smiling faces told each other that it all went all.

“Nice work, Big Yellow.” Jiang Chen gave Big Yellow a thumbs up.

“That’s of course. Exterminating those insignificant figures is just a small matter. Oh by the way, let me go into your thirty-third level. Master Dog wants to advance a level,” said Big Yellow.


A look of surprise was shown on Jiang Chen’s face. He was naturally delighted that Big Yellow was advancing to Second Grade Great Sovereign. Jiang Chen guessed that the resolution of Big Yellow’s past grudges had raised his mental realm, thus allowing him to reach the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm.

This is undeniably great. The stronger Big Yellow becomes, the more he could help Jiang Chen, however it was impossible for Big Yellow to return to his past self even though Jiang Chen earnestly wished that. 

Jiang Chen opened the thirty-third level of the pagoda and let Big Yellow in.

The experts of Mi Luo and Radiance Immortal Court were all dead in the ocean. None of their remains could be found, hence it wouldn’t affect the festive mood of Demonic Immortal Island.

The people on the island was busy preparing for the wedding of Xiao Wangqing and Tian Lingyu. The whole island was festooned with lanterns. No one seemed to care about anything that happened outside the island. Hence, the miserable death of those experts had no impact on them.

The ceremony would be held three days later, which was too important to Xiao Wangqing and Tian Lingyu.

Everyone on the island knew about the story of Xiao Wangqing and Tian Lingyu. They were no doubt delighted to see that their love had finally come to fruition after countless trials and tribulations.

As the saintess of the island and based on the rule, no one would agree with her marrying a human, but if this human was Xiao Wangqing, nobody would oppose them.

Xiao Wangqing hadn’t given up on the saintess even after three hundred years, and had even risked his life by intruding onto the Myriad Wind Platform.

In their hearts, there was only Xiao Wangqing in this world who was qualified to be the son-in-law of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, and there was only Xiao Wangqing who wasn’t restricted by the rule of the island. In fact, he had already been recognized by most of them.

Xiao Wangqing was wearing a big red robe and a smile that never faded. One had to admit that this man was worthy of being the most handsome man in the world; he looked so handsome that no one dared to befriend him easily.

Tian Lingyu was also absolutely beautiful. They were the perfect match.

“It finally came to fruition. It’s been hard hasn’t it, Senior Xiao?”

Jiang Chen said. He felt happy for Xiao Wangqing that the rock in his heart was finally lifted.

“After becoming the son-in-law of Heavenly Peng, Xiao Wangqing’s future is boundless. Due to the Dao of Apathy, his cultivation had remained stagnant for three hundred years despite his talent, otherwise he would be as strong as Yang Junlong or Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. Now that his wish is fulfilled and the obstacles in his mind are cleared, his cultivation base will improve by leaps and bounds,” Big Yellow commented. He had a pair of incredibly accurate and sharp eyes.

As for him, after sleeping in the thirty-third level of the pagoda for ninety days, which was equal to three days in the outside world, his cultivation base had reached the peak of Second Grade Great Sovereign, which was only a step away from Third Grade Great Sovereign. Perhaps, in no time, he would make another breakthrough.

After the wedding, Xiao Wangqing ran to a secluded hilltop pulling Jiang Chen along, his hand holding two bottles of wine. Then, both of them sat on a green rock and drank to their hearts’ content.

“Jiang Chen, you have helped change my life. Thank you,” said Xiao Wangqing with a smile, his eyes filled with gratitude.

“Don’t speak in such a way, Senior Xiao. This is nothing compared to the couple of times you have saved my life.”

Jiang Chen smiled back. It was most precious to be able to make a few bosom friends in a lifetime. Jiang Chen was grateful that he could befriend someone like Xiao Wangqing.

“If it wasn’t for your advice, I’d probably still wander around like an old swindler. This time, I was prepared to die when I come to Demonic Immortal Island, and I only hoped to see the saintess again. You have made my life complete. I won’t forget your kindness for the rest of my life.”

Xiao Wangqing said solemnly. He was a man who cherished relationships and loyalty. To him, it was the luckiest thing to be able to befriend Jiang Chen.

The next day, Jiang Chen bid Heavenly Peng and Xiao Wangqing farewell and headed back to Fengchi Immortal Court together with Yu Huafan and Big Yellow.

Back in the Dragon Hall, in the palace of Feng Jingyang. 

Feng Jingyang couldn’t help but be stunned as Yu Huafan recounted all the incidents that had happened in the Demonic Immortal Island. The corner of his mouth twitched uncontrollably when he heard that Jiang Chen and Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign had become sworn brothers.

“Awesome! Kid!” Feng Jingyang responded, although he felt that there wasn’t a more suitable word to describe Jiang Chen.

His eyes scrutinized Jiang Chen from top to bottom, and noticed that Jiang Chen had already advanced from intermediate Immortal Venerable realm to the peak of late Immortal Venerable realm within this short period of time. It made him feel that this young disciple was even more heaven-defying that he had expected.

“They are all because of luck.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. It was hard to explain all of those events. The element of luck was no doubt the major factor. If he hadn’t mastered the Great Void Technique, and if Heavenly Peng hadn’t received guidance from Void Sovereign, things wouldn’t have happened so smoothly.

“Dang! Why am I not as lucky as you?”

Yu Huafan rolled his eyes and said with slight disappointment. Being the Big Senior Brother of Dragon Hall and a famous figure in the Immortal Court, why didn’t he have such luck?

“That’s because you are not as good looking and virtuous as I am,” said Jiang Chen in a serious tone.

“You bastard!” Yu Huafan almost spurted out a mouthful of saliva onto Jiang Chen’s face.

“Jiang Chen, you have made a huge contribution for the Immortal Court by successfully establishing a good rapport with Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. I’ll report this to Sovereign Lord and bring you the rewards you deserve,” said Feng Jingyang, feeling very pleased that he had accepted this disciple. 

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