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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1993

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In a flash, Jiang Chen appeared in the thirty-third floor of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. This was always the best place for achieving advancement in cultivation. Big Yellow habitually undertook the role as a protector. 

After settling the love issues with the first generation saintess and bidding farewell to his previous woman, the cheerful Big Yellow appeared once again. From today onwards, Dragon Sun Demon Sovereign would never exist again. 

Within the thirty-third floor, Jiang Chen did not waste a single second. He took out the Vermillion Bird Divine Blood and consumed it straight away. To him, having the support of the dragon transformation skill, there’s nothing in the world that he could not refine.

Jiang Chen attained the intermediate Immortal Venerable realm not long ago. Within his body, there were already 1.56 million dragon marks. Normally, advancing into the late Immortal Venerable realm in a short period of time would be extremely difficult. After all, Jiang Chen’s inner strength was too vigorous. Each advancement in cultivation level would cost a great deal of energy.

Besides, a continuous advancement in cultivation level would affect his inner strength, causing his foundation to be unstable. In fact, it was what he’s concerned about the most. However, having the Vermillion Bird Divine Blood as an aid for advancement made things different. The blood was a genuine divine item. It could help him breakthrough to the late Immortal Venerable realm without his inner strength being affected. 


After swallowing the drop of the divine blood, a tremendous power abruptly spread throughout all his limbs and bones. Perhaps, this kind of barbarous refining method could only be performed by Jiang Chen. For ordinary people, including all half-step sovereigns, they wouldn’t dare directly consume the whole drop of blood of the Vermilion Bird Divine Bird. It was because the violent burst of power was not something that can be easily endured.

Other than containing a great amount of power, the Vermilion Bird Divine Blood also contained the Divine Flame of the Vermilion Bird. Not everyone would be able to absorb this kind of Supreme Flame. However, for Jiang Chen, it was not a problem at all. His physical body was strong, making him able to endure almost anything, regardless of the intensity of the power that entered his body. Besides, nothing would have been better than the Divine Flame of the Vermilion Bird. Currently, Jiang Chen already possessed four types of Supreme Flames within his body. In other words, his body had a great immunity towards flames. 

The dragon transformation skill began to rotate aggressively. The power within the divine blood was rapidly assimilated by Jiang Chen. Countless new dragon marks were formed in his Qi Sea.

One thousand strips, two thousand, three thousand thousand… Twenty thousand strips…

The speed was incredible. In just a few minutes, forty thousand strips of dragon marks were formed, making a total of 1.6 million dragon marks inside his body. The number of dragon marks was just about the amount needed for advancing into the late Immortal Venerable realm. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened. A large number of Immortal Meta Stones were crazily refined as his cultivation level was rising towards the late Immortal Venerable Realm. 

*Ka Cha*

That was the sound of breaking through the bottleneck of his cultivation realm. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s cultivation level successfully reached the late Immortal Venerable realm. Within his Qi Sea, the 1.6 million dragon marks were like innumerable black dragons raging and spiraling in a circle, turning his entire Qi Sea into a sea of dragons. It was an unusually magnificent sight. If anyone could see the condition within Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, they would definitely be shocked with their mouth agape. 

After successfully advancing, the dragon marks did not cease to increase. 

“This blood truly deserves to be considered as a divine blood. At first, I thought a drop of the Vermilion Bird was only enough for me to attain the late Immortal Venerable Realm. However, I didn’t expect that it actually contained the essence of the Divine Vermilion Bird. It is multiple times more beneficial compared to an ordinary divine blood. According to the current situation, I am able to at least form another thirty thousand dragon marks, making me immediately attain the peak of late Immortal Venerable realm in one go. 

Jiang Chen was extremely excited. To him, it was truly an unexpected joy. If he attained the peak of late Immortal Venerable realm, he would only be a hair’s breadth away from the half-step Sovereign realm. 

Now, the intention that the Immortal World harbored had become clear. Apart from that, there was the Barbarian Race as his enemy. Seeing his foes becoming stronger made him feel that his power was clearly not enough. Therefore, the only hope he had was to increase his power. 

Apart from his disputes with the Immortal Courts, Zuo Linger was still held captive by the Barbarian Race. That was actually a stone in Jiang Chen’s heart which could never be lifted as long as Zuo Linger was never saved.  

“Come! Let’s advance crazily!”

Jiang Chen bellowed within his heart. Due to the effect of the Vermilion Bird Divine Blood, the number of new dragon marks began to crazily surge once more.

This time, Jiang Chen did not need to be in a rush as he had enough time for his advancement. It took him an hour to completely assimilate the power of the divine blood.

After that, things happened as Jiang Chen expected. The number of dragon marks within his body had increased to 1.63 million. He was now only twenty thousand dragon marks away from attaining the half-step Sovereign realm. That is to say, his cultivation level had already arrived at the peak of the late Immortal Venerable Realm.

*Piak piak*

Firecracker sounds were continuously emitted from within his body. This was the sound of the massive amount of power within his body. Now, he was just like a vessel overflowing with energy. Even if he casually released his power, it would flow out continuously like the vast sea 

“Late Immortal Venerable realm… With my current power, it would not be hard for me to kill a First Grade Great Sovereign realm. If I am in my dragon form, I suppose I could even kill a Second Grade Great Sovereign.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes flashed with confidence. He could feel power all over his body, and he really liked the feeling.

After accomplishing his objective, Jiang Chen did not immediately leave the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. On the contrary, he chose to continue to stay in secluded meditation. He needed to stabilize the wild power that was newly obtained in order to totally stabilize his new cultivation level. Aside from that, the thirty-third floor had the advantage in time. Staying within this floor for thirty days would only be equivalent to a day outside. 

Three days passed in a flash. Jiang Chen’s power was finally stabilized. His power no longer behaved violently. Not only that, he had also absorbed the Divine Flame of Vermilion Bird, making him possess 5 types of Supreme Flames. 

Jiang Chen slowly stood up and came out of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. It was already dark outside. 

Upon seeing Jiang Chen’s appearance, Big Yellow immediately ran towards him.

“Not bad, kid! Your improvement is quite fast. Judging by your qi, I believe you will be able to attain the half-step Sovereign realm in no time,” Big Yellow commented.

“Mm-hmm. The Vermilion Bird Divine Blood is really helpful. I’ve gained a lot in this trip.”

Jiang Chen smiled. If one has to find the biggest winner of the Demonic Immortal Island, it would undoubtedly be Jiang Chen. Not to mention the huge improvement in his cultivation level, he had also become the sworn brother of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, solved the love problem for Xiao Wangqing, and meeting Dragon Shisan who eventually became the First Chosen One of the Demonic Immortal Island.


It was at this moment when a shaft of light flashed through them. Dragon Shisan appeared in front of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“You wanna leave now?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes. The people from the Radiance Immortal Domain and the Mi Luo Immortal Domain have left the island. With their speed, it wouldn’t take long for them to leave the Ocean Domain,” replied Dragon Shisan. 

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