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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1991

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The young Demon Sovereign and the saintess vanished from sight, leaving Dragon Shisan standing there with a blank look on his face. Apparently, Dragon Shisan was still under the control of the saintess, and Jiang Chen was in pain to see him becoming someone else’s puppet.

However, no one else was paying attention to Dragon Shisan. All of them were busy guessing the youth’s identity.

“Who’s that youth? Why haven’t I seen him before? He seems to be another Demon Sovereign.”

“By the looks of it, the Saintess also knows him. Could that youth be a figure that was in the same generation as the saintess?”

“Who knows? Too many things have happened in this trip. I think we all have already guessed enough. This is the Demonic Immortal Island’s internal affair. It has nothing to do with us.”

“That’s right. We don’t need to interfere in their business. The Ethereal Immortal Court has already suffered a tremendous loss. Luo Wanjian is lucky to escape death. We can no longer be involved in this matter. Plus, we’d better not provoke that saintess and saint ape to avoid getting ourselves killed.”


Despite the conjectures they had made, no one truly knew the true identity of the youth. After all, Demon Sovereign Dragon Sun was a very ancient figure. Only a senior like Heavenly Peng was able to recognize such a figure. During Dragon Sun’s heyday, Heavenly Peng was merely a tiny bird.

The experts of the Immortal Courts decided not to interfere in the matters of Demonic Immortal Island anymore after witnessing the killings of Dragon Shisan, because they couldn’t afford to lose any more lives.

Jiang Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly. He could already guess what was going on even without Heavenly Peng’s explanation.

Big Yellow turned out to be the heartless man who had abandoned the saintess of the first generation.

This explained why Big Yellow seemed to be preoccupied when he stepped onto the Ocean Domain. This also explained why he knew so much about the Demonic Immortal Island, and why the saintess stared at him unblinkingly the instant he appeared.

All the peculiar reactions of Big Yellow made sense to Jiang Chen now.

No one knew what those two were talking about within the chaotic qi, but Jiang Chen believed that only Big Yellow could resolve this storm. 

Jiang Chen was glad that Big Yellow stood up at this moment. There were some things, especially the grudges, that needed to be resolved sooner or later. Once resolved, it would benefit both parties, and the saintess would be able to rest in peace.

Like the saintess said, she only wanted an explanation.

Ten minutes later, the chaotic qi was gone. The saintess reappeared in their line of sight, but the young and handsome Demon Sovereign had vanished.

Big Yellow returned to Jiang Chen’s side. Jiang Chen remained silent but he could sense the newfound ease from Big Yellow, as though a huge rock had been lifted off Big Yellow’s chest.

The saintess was standing quietly in the sky. No one spoke. The expression of her eyes had changed. Finally, she looked in the direction of Big Yellow and said “thank you” with a smile.

Everyone was confused, not knowing what it meant.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed the grudges were fully resolved.

The great amount of resentment vanished from Dragon Shisan’s body. In just a matter of a few blinks, he recovered his consciousness. The appearance of the saintess began to faint.


Heavenly Peng bowed deeply at the fading saintess; every expert of the island followed suit. Some had even knelt down. Their respect for their ancestors were beyond people’s imagination.

“From today onwards, the position of the saintess is removed and will be replaced by the Chosen One. Dragon Shisan will be the first Chosen One in the Demonic Immortal Island. Under his lead, the island will flourish eternally.”

The saintess’ loud and crisp voice resounded across the entire island. Finished speaking, she disappeared completely.

All the resentment in the sky was gone. The light above the Black Pagoda vanished. Peace had been restored to the island as though nothing had occurred before, but the final word of the saintess was still echoing non-stop in people’s mind.

Each expert of the island felt melancholic as they knew that the saintess would never appear again.

However, they also felt happy that her wish had finally been fulfilled. Even if she had disappeared, she would have no more regrets.

Dragon Shisan bowed deeply where saintess had disappeared. Only he knew what had happened in the Black Pagoda during these past few days. In order to repay her kindness, he was willing to stay on the island and be the Chosen One.

Heavenly Peng soared to the sky in a swoosh, stood before Dragon Shisan and announced to everyone. “From today onwards, the position of ‘Saintess’ will be replaced by ‘The Chosen One’. Dragon Shisan will be the first ever Chosen One of the Demonic Immortal Island.”

This would be the greatest reform the island ever had because there had never been such a position except for the “Saintess”.

As for Dragon Shisan’s capability, everyone already saw it clearly. His Battle Saint Ape bloodline is so far, considered the strongest. Such a figure naturally is naturally qualified to become the first Chosen One of the island.

“Chosen One, Chosen One, Chosen One……”

The experts began to chant his name. They would never forget this significant day; the last words of the saintess of the first era. They believed in the vision of the saintess that the Demonic Immortal Island would prosper eternally under the lead of Dragon Shisan.

“This is great!”

Jiang Chen was utterly delighted. All the worries he had evaporated. Being the Chosen One of the Demonic Immortal Island meant that Dragon Shisan had a home now. At least, this was a lot better than wandering around the world. 

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