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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1988

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“Alright. The three of us are enough. I’ll withdraw myself from the team if any chooses to join in now,” Luo Wanjian said. 

He was a man who was concerned about his reputation. Moreover, Limitless Immortal Court had no grudges against Dragon Shisan. His only motive in joining forces with the other two was to get a share of the inheritance of the saintess and the treasure of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign.

Having the same thought as the others, three was the maximum they could have in a group. He would immediately leave the team if the other two added one more. It was already embarrassing enough that they needed to join forces just to fight a single opponent.

“What are all these noises for? For those who are ready to die, hurry up!” Dragon Shisan said demandingly. Arrogance was his nature, which was tremendously amplified now that he was under the control of the resentment.

“Dragon Shisan, don’t you get too arrogant. I’ll kill you today.”

Tan Jinye said as he soared to the sky in a swoosh and stopped before Dragon Shisan, followed by Liu He and Luo Wanjian. The battlefield of Sovereigns would be created instantaneously when incredible waves of qi were emitted from their bodies, isolating themselves from the surroundings.

“Junior Brother Jiang, what do you think about this three-versus-one battle?”

Yu Huafan looked over at Jiang Chen and asked curiously. He assumed that Jiang Chen might not be as confident as before. After all, the current situation wasn’t the same as before: Lan Xian died mainly because he took his opponent lightly. 

Now, there were three of them who had the same cultivation base and could work together really well. As they had witnessed the scariness of Dragon Shisan’s means, they definitely wouldn’t underestimate their opponent. Thus, it would be hard to tell what the outcome of this battle would be.

“Senior Brother Yu, I’m confident to say that Tan Jinye and Liu He will die for sure. As for Luo Wanjian, he may live,” said Jiang Chen with a smile. 

He was very confident in Dragon Shisan’s ability. Even if they had joined forces, they were still no match for him.

Furthermore, Dragon Shisan knew that Tan Jinye and Liu He were from Mi Luo Immortal Court and Radiance Immortal Court. Knowing the deep grudges between them, he would never let them live no matter what. As there was no grudge between Luo Wanjian and him, he might give him a chance to live.

Given Dragon Shisan’s present condition, it was too easy and natural to kill.

“Are you sure?” Yu Huafan shot him a skeptical look.

“Just watch.” Jiang Chen shrugged.

*Hong Long……*

An intense battle broke out on the battlefield above. Tan Jinye and Liu He launched out powerful attacks. The whole battlefield was enshrouded by the violent battle qi. The void around shattered.

Luo Wanjian held a big golden sword in his hand. It was a peerless sword. The sword qi emitted from swinging his sword darkened the sky.

“Haha! Bring it on!”

In the face of the three, Dragon Shisan showed no fear. His Fiery Golden Eyes shone brightly. By circulating his Battle Saint Technique to the maximum, all the battle qi he condensed turned into violent attacks, rushing forward at the three targets.

*Hong Long……*

This was undoubtedly the pinnacle battle of the young generation. Even the spectators could feel their blood pressure rising uncontrollably.

The match wasn’t over yet. The attacks of the three had been fully defended by Dragon Shisan’s Battle Saint Technique.

Dragon Shisan’s combat intent got even stronger after the battle started. He was a battle fanatic like Jiang Chen. His immense battle intent would be dampened if the enemy was a weakling. Thus, the stronger the enemy was, the more excited he became. 

“Amazing! This Dragon Shisan is truly a monstrous genius. Despite the fact that he’s a grade lower compared to his opponents, he was still able to resist the attacks of the three geniuses effortlessly.”

“That’s right. If Demonic Immortal Island can recruit such a heaven-defying genius, the prestige of the island would surely soar. It’s highly possible that this Battle Saint Ape will surpass Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign in the future.”

“We’ll see. Which side do you all think will win?”

“It’s hard to say. Even if the three of them win the battle, it’s virtually impossible to kill Dragon Shisan.”


Astonishment was spread across the spectators. They had to admit that this intense battle was so much more exciting than watching Jiang Chen and Xiao Wangqing getting through the Myriad Wind Grand Formation.

*Hong Long……*

Colorful destructive waves of qi had filled the entire battlefield, obscuring everyone’s view. All the spectators could hear was the incessant roars and rumbles.

“Myriad Swords Return Art!”

Luo Wanjian cast out the sword technique he was most proud of. His body’s now brimming with combat intent. He had never thought that a First Grade Great Sovereign could be this powerful. One would never know how scary Dragon Shisan was until one fought him on the battlefield.

At least, Luo Wanjian had become serious at this point. Facing such an opponent, he couldn’t help being serious. Even though there were three of them, any mistake or negligence might cost them their lives.

“Exterminating Symbol Art. Exterminate the Heavens and Earth!”

Dragon Shisan roared. His body began to transform into a roughly 100-meter violent ape, his body brimming with frenzied qi, his combat strength raised by a notch. He had exerted the symbol art to its greatest extent, which radiated the sense of annihilation. It was so frightening that even the onlookers could sense it strongly.

The three of them began to tremble with fear; their facial expression changed. Despite the mental preparation they had for Dragon Shisan, they still underestimated his abilities.

“Don’t hold back any of your strength!” Luo Wanjian yelled.

*Hong Long……*

As a matter of fact, the other two already knew what to do even without Luo Wanjian’s reminder. In the face of the frenzied Battle Saint Ape, they wouldn’t dare to hold anything back. Immediately, they summoned their Sovereign Weapons and trump cards. Simultaneously, from three different directions, they attacked Dragon Shisan.

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