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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1985

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Lan Xian displayed his skills. Countless gazes were fixed upon the vast sky where the battle commenced. It was the ultimate showdown between two members of the young generation of the Immortal World. As such, it would surely be an eye-catching battle.

“Lan Xian made the first move. Being the top-notch genius of Ethereal Immortal Domain, he represented the Ethereal Immortal Domain to congratulate Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign for his birthday. His current cultivation level is at the peak of Second Grade Great Sovereign realm, which is literally one level higher than the violent ape. Aside from that, his extraordinary innate talent and natural endowments allowed him to kill any ordinary Third Grade Great Sovereign experts with ease. I’m afraid this violent ape is not his match.”

“It’s still too early to jump to conclusions. That is a strong and formidable Battle Dragon Ape. Such a heaven-defying bloodline is one in a million in this world. We can’t make assumptions using our common sense. If Lan Xian isn’t a level higher than him, his death is surely certain in this confrontation. Judging by the current situation, there’s no way to tell the outcome.”

“No matter what, I still think highly of Lan Xian. He is a level stronger than his opponent after all. The Battle Dragon Ape might be formidable, but Lan Xian isn’t any weaker than him as he is a first-grade genius in Ethereal Immortal Domain.”

Before the battle started, the onlookers were already in a commotion. Such a battle was expected to be similar to a fierce battle between giants. Most of the people still favored Lan Xian as his cultivation level was clearly at an advantage compared to the ape. It was an obvious fact that after attaining the Great Sovereign Realm, it would be nearly impossible to kill someone who had a higher cultivation level, especially people like Lan Xian.

Above the sky, the aura emanated by Lan Xian was matchless. He faced Dragon Shisan with no fear and shouted, “Dragon Shisan, your hands are tainted with the blood of the members from Ethereal Immortal Domain. Today, it’s time for you to repay it. Killing you will not only allow me to avenge my deceased fellow disciples, but I’ll also obtain the blessing from the first generation saintess of the Demonic Immortal Island as well as Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s gift. Your existence is already determined to be my stepping-stone to success.”

“A member of the Ethereal Immortal Domain? Very well.”

The moment he heard his opponent’s background, the corner of Dragon Shisan’s lips curved into a cold sneer. A tremendous killing intent was instantly released from his body. Since his enemy was from Ethereal Immortal Domain, he would not have any mental burden at all. He had never gotten along with the people from the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain in the first place. It’s either he dies or the other party.

Besides, Dragon Shisan had never been courteous when fighting an enemy who harbored the intention to kill him. There was just no need for him to behave in that manner.

“Stop wasting time. Just fight already.”

The first generation saintess spoke in an indifferent tone, as if she could not stand the both of them letting time pass without getting into real action. 

“Dragon Shisan, go to hell!”

Lan Xian moved. The strong aura of a peak Second Grade Great Sovereign was released from his body. He raised his hand and clawed at the direction of the violent ape. Immediately, the wind was transformed into a gigantic hand which was enough to raze everything to the ground and destroy every possible living creature. It then dash towards Dragon Shisan with an unstoppable pressure.

“Right on time!”

Dragon Shisan’s battle intent was activated entirely. He was a person who took great pleasure in battle. At the moment, having just advanced to the First Grade Great Sovereign realm, he was full of vigor. Having a top genius from the Immortal Domain as his opponent was what he desired. 

Being able to have a life-and-death battle with an expert like Lan Xian was what made the battle more intense. Even if he was used by the saintess to fight Lan Xian, he wasn’t reluctant to do so. Besides, deep inside him, he did not repel the saintess for placing her resentment into him. Regardless of anything, he felt it was reasonable to do something for the saintess as he had received great benefits back in the Black Pagoda.

Dragon Shisan also moved. However, what he did was simple. He balled his fist and threw a punch, aiming directly at the gigantic hand. 

It was just a simple punch but it carried an indomitable aura as it propelled forward, creating rifts in the vast sky.


 The powerful attacks from both experts collided with each other, emitting an earthshaking bang. As the gigantic hand created by Lan Xian met Dragon Shisan’s punch, it was immediately turned into pieces.

Multiple rifts were formed in the sky. A terrifying flow of qi began to roil like the sea during a thunderstorm. The entire battlefield was devastated. 

The battle between two Great Sovereign experts was truly horrifying. A simple attack was enough to cause massive destruction to the heavens and earth. If there wasn’t a battlefield opened up for Dragon Shisan and Lan Xian, their battle would be extremely destructive to the Demonic Immortal Island. The residual impact of their confrontation alone would have ruined the ancestral grave.

“He is indeed strong.”

Lan Xian’s facial expression had a slight change. The way he looked at Dragon Shisan now was also different. He knew that Dragon Shisan was powerful but he had never expected that his opponent would be that powerful. 

He was able to neutralize my attack with ease… My attack could not even leave a scratch on him.

However, Lan Xian’s heart was not in disarray. He was just probing his opponent’s capability with that attack. In fact, he had high confidence in his own means. Combined with the advantage he had against Dragon Shisan, he felt that it would be difficult for him to lose the battle. 

“He’s powerful. He truly deserves to be called a Battle Dragon Ape – a creature who is born to fight. It’s hard to find someone like him who could almost be on par with Lan Xian, an expert who has higher cultivation level than himself.”

“In ancient times, their race was already a heaven-defying existence. Apparently, it is hard to tell who will win in this battle…”

“Just watch. Their following exchange might be even more fascinating. I suppose Lan Xian is going to be serious and display his powerful attacks.”

After witnessing Dragon Shisan easily crushing Lan Xian’s attack, most of the people had a completely new appraisal of him. They became even more hopeful towards the progress of the battle. 

Despite knowing that Lan Xian had the upper hand in terms of cultivation level, none of them formed any conclusion about the outcome of the battle anymore. To be more accurate, no one dared to say that Lan Xian would definitely defeat Dragon Shisan.

“Dragon Shisan, I was just testing you. I am not going to be gentle on you next.”

Surrounded by an unrivalled aura, the qi on his body began to churn violently. He lifted both of his hands and virtually drew in the air, forming an image of the heavens and earth, which looked like a miniature version of the world, pressing towards Dragon Shisan.

This time, Lan Xian really displayed his most powerful offensive technique, which was multiple times stronger compared to his previous attack.

Even so, Dragon Shisan’s face remained unaffected when facing such a terrifying attack. There was not a single shred of fear on his face.

It was true that Lan Xian did not use his full strength in his first attack. However, it’s also true that Dragon Shisan had also not revealed his true potential. 

“Battle Saint Technique – Battling Symbol Art.”

Dragon Shisan’s voice was hoarse. The initiation of the Battling Symbol Art represented the beginning of a battle, which he would surely enjoy to the fullest. 


Dragon Shisan’s technique conjured a ray of brilliant golden light, just like the sharpest sword in the world capable of destroying any sorts of fortifications.


It wasn’t an explosive confrontation like everyone expected. The shaft of light that was displayed by Dragon Shisan sliced through the image conjured by Lan Xian into half as easily as cutting through tofu. 

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