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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1983

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The sudden shriek made everyone’s hair stand on end. It sounded like a spirit that came from endless darkness.

Heavenly Peng, who was about to launch an attack, immediately withdrew it. His facial expression changed dramatically. No doubt, that voice must have come from the ancestral spirit of the Demonic Immortal Island. 

Everyone was holding their breath, rendering the whole scene dead silent, except for the raging roars of Dragon Shisan. Each pair of eyes was now on the top of the Black Pagoda. It would be earth-shattering if an ancestral spirit had come back to live as everyone knew that every one of these ancestors was a supreme Demon Sovereign. 

Under the gaze of countless people, a mass of white smoke rose from the Black Pagoda, and hovered above Dragon Shisan’s head. The figure within the smoke was indistinct. It was a figure of an unparalleled beauty, wearing a long white dress and a head of blue hair that was particularly eye-catching.

She seemed to be in her thirties, but her eyes were expressionless and her body was full of resentment.

“She’s not an ancestral spirit. That’s just the embodiment of the resentment,” said Jiang Chen. 

He was able to discern it at first glance. The true self of this girl might have died countless of years ago but the resentment inside of her eventually formed consciousness.

It made Jiang Chen wonder how great the resentment had to be for it to take the shape of a human even if the person had died a long time ago.

“She’s the saintess of the first generation.”

“That’s right. I have seen her portrait. She’s no doubt the saintess of the first era. What’s going on? Isn’t she dead?”

“In the past, she was abandoned by a foreign man and passed away with a depressed heart. I didn’t expect her resentment to still exist even until now.”


Having seen the portrait of the first saintess, the experts of the Demonic Immortal Island exclaimed. Although they knew very well what had transpired in the past, they had almost forgotten about it. The appearance of the saintess reminded all of them how she had accumulated such enormous resentment.

“Greetings, Ancestor. I’m Heavenly Peng.”

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign greeted her respectfully. After all, she was the progenitor from the first era. Even a figure like him had to show utmost respect to her.

The saintness’ cold eyes didn’t even glance at Heavenly Peng, however she glanced around and fixed upon the geniuses of the island, and of the nine great Immortal Courts, and said, “Whoever can defeat this saint ape, I’ll give the person a good fortune.”

*Roar…* *Roar…*

As soon as her words faded, Dragon Shisan roared aloud, terrifying killing intent emitted from his body.

“What the hell?” Jiang Chen frowned, not knowing what the saintess was trying to do.

“She’s just the remnant of her resentment. She wants to use Dragon Shisan to release her resentment. The best way to vent her resentment is through killing. Once her resentment is cleared, Dragon Shisan will return to normal.”

Big Yellow said. His eyes had been upon her ever since she emerged.

“That year, the saintess was utterly depressed before she died. If this can clear away her resentment, she will be released from the suffering. If this resentment continue to accumulate, she will eventually turn into a vengeful spirit. Given her strength, her wrath is going to destroy the whole Immortal World,” said Heavenly Peng solemnly.

“He’s right.” Big Yellow nodded. No one knew better than him how scary the saintess of the first generation was. The consequences of her becoming a vengeful spirit would be unimaginable.

“I can sense a very strong resentment from her. According to the records, she was a formidable Eighth Grade Demon Sovereign. I wonder why she appeared once more after such a long period of time.”

“That frenzied ape seem to have been controlled by the saintness. His killing intent is so strong. He won’t be easy to deal with.”

“Why don’t we try and see? The saintess won’t lie to us. This is a good opportunity. The person who is able to defeat that frenzied ape will receive unimaginable fortune from the saintess of the first era!” 


In the face of the powerful temptation, their emotions began to stir. Some were even ready to take the risk.

“Who will fight me?!”

Dragon Shisan flew skywards, his body changed, taking the form of a human with black and white hair, which had become his symbol. His Fiery Golden Eyes were blazing like the hot sun, making people avoid looking squarely at them.

“Dragon Shisan.”

Qin Xuanbing immediately recognized Dragon Shisan when he took the shape of a human.

“What? He is that Dragon Shisan that killed many of our geniuses?”

“Dammit! This bastard has grown to such extent. It seems like I must get rid of him today. He’s under the full control of the saintess’ resentment, which make him nothing more than a tool of the saintess. By killing him, the saintness will reward me tremendously. By then, my cultivation base will skyrocket.”

Immense murderous intent radiated from Lan Xian’s body when he heard that the saintess would reward them if they defeated Dragon Shisan. His resoluteness to defeat his opponent intensified when he confirmed Dragon Shisan’s identity. Just like Jiang Chen, Dragon Shisan was also an enemy of the Immortal Court that had to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Moreover, Dragon Shisan was merely a First Grade Demon Sovereign, even if he seemed pretty powerful just now. Knowing that he was a grade higher than Dragon Shisan, he was extremely confident in killing Dragon Shisan if he went all out.

Jiang Chen frowned. In any case, Dragon Shisan’s current condition concerned him, albeit slightly. Although Dragon Shisan was still able to remain conscious, he had become the bearer of the saintess’ resentment, the tool for her to release her anger. In other words, he was being controlled by the saintess.

“Anyone can fight him but your life and death are decreed by fate. By either defeating or killing this saint ape, you will gain access to my inheritance.”

The saintess’ voice resounded once more. The inheritance of an Eighth Grade Demon Sovereign was enough to drive people crazy.

“Big Brother, what should we do now?” Jiang Chen looked over at Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign.

“Like I said, if the saintess is unable to fully release her resentment before she disappears, the consequences will be unimaginable. Besides, this saint ape must have already obtained the inheritance of the saintess, or else he wouldn’t have advanced so rapidly. Also, the fact that the saintness is willing to channel her resentment into his body showed her confidence in his strength,” replied Heavenly Peng. 

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