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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1982

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*Roar…* *Roar…*

Dragon Shisan was in frenzied mode. Both of his eyes were filled with immense resentment as he roared incessantly, his killing intent rising.

Jiang Chen detected that Dragon Shisan has already reached the peak of First Grade Great Sovereign. It was imaginable that Dragon Shisan had obtained massive benefits in the Black Pagoda, which allowed him to advance so rapidly.

Through Jiang Chen’s Great Divination Art, he confirmed that this was a lucky encounter of Dragon Shisan, however he would also face lots of troubles in the process. The unusual amount of resentment in his body was the biggest variable.

“Monkey!” Jiang Chen called out to Dragon Shisan.

The frenzied Dragon Shisan shifted his gaze to the source of the sound the instant he heard it. When he saw Jiang Chen, his resentful eyes softened.

“Little Chen!” Dragon Shisan shouted Jiang Chen’s name in a slightly hoarse voice.

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief knowing that Dragon Shisan hadn’t lost his senses. At least, he still recognized Jiang Chen, which was something positive given the situation.

“What should we do now, Big Yellow?”

Jiang Chen looked over at Big Yellow, understanding that Big Yellow knew more compared to him as Big Yellow was the reincarnation of Demon Sovereign Dragon Sun.

But to his surprise, Big Yellow remained silent, his eyes were staring up at Dragon Shisan. Through his eye expression, Jiang Chen could sense Big Yellow’s emotional fluctuations.

“What the hell is this dog doing?”

Jiang Chen knitted his brows. There must be something bothering Big Yellow. Jiang Chen was sure that Big Yellow had a lot of history with the Demonic Immortal Island, otherwise Big Yellow wouldn’t react in such a way.

“Demon Sovereign, the Saint Ape that entered our ancestral grave has revealed himself. What should we do now? He seems to be in a frenzied state now. Should we eliminate him?” said Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign.


Jiang Chen hastened to stop. “Big Brother, Monkey must have been controlled by your ancestral spirits, otherwise he won’t appear so resentful. Brother Blue Wolf said that it was the light of the ancestral spirits that guided him into the Black Pagoda. He didn’t intrude into it himself. He is innocent.”

Jiang Chen was really worried about Dragon Shisan’s safety because the higher ups of the Demonic Immortal Island had sufficient reason to eliminate him. Although Dragon Shisan has already advanced to the First Grade Demon Sovereign realm, such a cultivation realm was considered nothing in the island. If Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign gave the order to execute Dragon Shisan, Dragon Shisan would instantly be eliminated. 

“Blue Wolf, go and control him. Don’t harm him.” Heavenly Peng ordered.

Jiang Chen looked gratefully at Heavenly Peng. With just an order from Heavenly Peng, Dragon Shisan would be killed without a doubt.


Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign’s qi shook. He then thrust out a terrifying wolf claw at Dragon Shisan. The bone-chilling waves of qi of a Third Grade Demon Sovereign spread across, darkening the sky.

He was quick in his move as he didn’t wish to see the frenzied Saint Ape destroy their ancestral grave any further. Regardless of what had happened to this Saint Ape inside the Black Pagoda, the pressing matter right now was to calm the situation down.

As long as Dragon Shsian was subdued, the turmoil would subside, and the matter would be resolved gradually.


Unexpectedly, after sensing the oncoming attack, Dragon Shisan’s frenzied qi intensified, flames shot out from his Fiery Golden Eyes. He raised and smashed the huge iron staff at Blue Wolf.

*Hong Long……*

Two attacks connected. Under the strike of the iron staff, the wolf claw broke. Despite the fact that it was an attack coming from a Third Grade Demon Sovereign, Dragon Shisan wasn’t pushed backwards, let alone wounded.


Blue Wolf yelped, looking at Dragon Shisan in disbelief. Despite the fact that he was a mighty Third Grade Great Sovereign, his attack was unable to make an impact on his opponent. Instead, he received a huge shock from the impact.

“He’s indeed a true Battle Saint Ape. His bloodline is so much greater than mine. He’s powerful enough to fight me even if he’s merely a First Grade Demon Sovereign.”

Blue Wolf sighed and glanced at Heavenly Peng and Jiang Chen with astonishment.

“Big Brother Blue Wolf, monkey’s combat strength is extremely scary. Given his cultivation base, he can find no opponent amongst ordinary Third Grade Demon Sovereigns,” said Jiang Chen.

“This frenzied ape is truly powerful. He can actually fight Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign.”

“The bloodline of this ape is too strong. A bloodline such as this shouldn’t have existed in this era. Even the bloodline of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign isn’t as powerful as his. This indicates that the strength of the bloodline plays a major role in the Demon Race.”

“Due to the severity of the matter, I’m afraid that Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign is going to act soon to end this confusion.”


Everyone was startled by Dragon Shisan’s abilities. This alone proved that he was a mighty monstrous genius.


Yu Huafan sighed helplessly. He glanced at Jiang Chen, feeling somewhat envious that Jiang Chen, who was an abnormal figure, was able to befriend someone so heaven defying.

“Let me handle him.”

Heavenly Peng said in a deep voice. He didn’t wish to waste any more time. He was going to control the situation by defeating this frenzied ape.

Heavenly Peng moved. An enormous palm was formed, turning into a huge cage, charging in the direction of Dragon Shisan.


At this present moment, an icy cold voice was issued from the Black Pagoda. It sounded ancient, and boundlessly resentful. Plus, it was the voice of a woman.  

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