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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1981

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In the past, after saving Big Yellow from the Desolate Ancient Land, Jiang Chen went to Fengchi Immortal Court and parted with Dragon Shisan. 

Dragon Shisan said that he was going to search for something that he needed. I guess he has come to the Ocean Domain.

It must be Dragon Shisan’s overpowering blood that awoken the ancestral spirits within the Black Pagoda, and caused such a massive commotion, rendering him to be completely absorbed into the tower. Now, the Black Tower quaked again and it certainly had something to do with Jiang Chen. 

In the beginning, Jiang Chen did not pay much attention to the condition of the ancestral grave on the Demonic Immortal Island because it was a matter of the island after all. But now, the situation has changed. Since Dragon Shisan was involved, there was no way he could exclude himself from this matter. Besides, Jiang Chen did not even have the slightest idea whether Dragon Shisan was in peril or in safe hands. 

“Brother Chen, do you know that monkey?”

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign turned towards Jiang Chen.

“Big Brother. The name of that monkey is Dragon Shisan. We are good friends who vowed to live and die together. He was born from the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Stone, and he possessed the complete bloodline of a Battle Dragon Ape, which is extremely powerful. We parted and went on each other’s way at some point in time. I went to Feng Chi Immortal Court, and he came to the Ocean Domain. However, I did not expect that he actually entered your ancestral grave. If I am not mistaken, the reason why the Black Pagoda trembled was because of Dragon Shisan’s bloodline.”

Jiang Chen did not hold back any information when he explained to Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. Moreover, there was no need for him to be secretive as Dragon Shisan had just committed an utterly disrespectful act by intruding into others ancestral grave. In fact, Jiang Chen was worried that Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign might just directly deliver a fatal slap to Dragon Shisan. By clarifying his relationship with Dragon Shisan, he would at least guarantee Dragon Shisan’s safety.

“Brother Chen, ah. You sure are abnormal, and the same applies for the people you befriend.”

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign smiled and continued to speak. 

“At first, I didn’t understand why a ray of light was shot on that young man’s body from the ancestral grave. Now, I am able to gain some clarity. A complete Battle Dragon Ape Bloodline truly is domineering. In reality, it is the strongest bloodline in the entire Demonic Immortal Island. None of us know what is going on within the Black Pagoda. Hopefully, your brother will not commit anything that can harm our Demonic Immortal Island.”

After hearing these words, inwardly, Jiang Chen broke into a cold sweat. If Dragon Shisan really destroyed the ancestral grave of the Demonic Immortal Island, the consequence will certainly be serious. Jiang Chen would not know how to help Dragon Shisan if that would really happen. 

“Demon Sovereign, the condition is getting worse now. What should we do?” 

Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign asked in an anxious tone. As one of the top-rank officers of the island, his heart was also filled with worries.

“There’s nothing else we can do but wait. Dragon Shisan did not intentionally enter the tower. I believe it is the wish of the ancestral spirits. In other words, we must not act rashly. Let’s wait for a while longer. I believe there will be a result soon.”

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign said calmly. Those who were able to reach his cultivation level would naturally have a strong state of mind, allowing them to remain unaffected and indifferent to anything.

Jiang Chen, who was beside them, was still unable to set his mind at ease. Secretly, he performed the Great Divination Art in order to guess whether Dragon Shisan was in a dangerous situation.

The Great Divination Art was a profound and unparalleled technique in the world. It would be nearly impossible for one to cultivate it to the highest level. For Jiang Chen, he was considered extraordinary as he was able to cultivate it to its current level.

A short while later, the Great Divination Art began to show some clues. According to his prediction, Dragon Shisan wouldn’t face any danger this time, instead, it was an extremely rare opportunity for him. 

However, Jiang Chen also saw that this incident might cause quite a huge trouble and might not be easy to resolve. Unfortunately, he was unable to discover the details of what was going to happen next.

For Jiang Chen, it was already considered good that Dragon Shisan was not in a life-threatening situation. The only thing that he could do now was exactly what Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign said earlier – wait. They could only wait for things to develop on its own. 


The movement within the Black Pagoda began to intensify and it was trembling violently and incessantly, as if there was a tremendous power coming out from within. At the scene, everyone could feel that the Black Pagoda was about to fall at any moment from now. 


All of a sudden, a thunderous bang echoed in the sky. At the same time, a golden pillar radiating bright, dazzling light thrust out of the top of the Black Pagoda. The pillar which overflowed with energy literally broke open the top of the building, and sent the ceiling flying away.

The ancestral grave exploded!

Precisely, to the residents of Demonic Immortal Island, the Black Pagoda was their ancestral grave. Having the top of the building blown off actually meant that the grave exploded. Ever since the grave was built, it had been through countless years without any scratches or marks. But today, a hole was created on top of the building by a massive power coming from within. To the entire Demonic Immortal Island, it was truly a major issue.

From within the tower, a frenzied ape which emanated golden red light dashed out after the ray of golden light. The ape was nearly ten zhang* tall, and he had a burly body which was full of power and grandeur. In his hands, he held a shiny iron cudgel and his eyes flashed with infinite colors.

A violent aura encircled his body. He then stood above the tower and lifted his head, facing the sky and roared.


His deafening roars reverberated in the sky without end. Layer after layer of powerful sound waves reverberated in all directions, nearly tearing the sky apart. Combined with the aura of his body, everyone was panic-stricken.


Jiang Chen shouted. The next second, he discovered an abnormality in Dragon Shisan.

The current Dragon Shisan was completely in a frenzied mode, as if he was no longer conscious of what he was doing. His body seemed to have taken ahold of an inextinguishable flame burning from within together with infinite anger. Yes. It’s resentment. That kind of resentment was difficult to vent out, as if he had been suppressing it for innumerable years.

“It’s bad. It isn’t Monkey’s resentment. Someone else must have forcefully planted it into him!”

Jiang Chen realized that something was terribly wrong. To his horror, the current Dragon Shisan was already overwhelmed by the strong resentment, turning him into a frenzied ape. 

“What is that? Since when did we have such a big fellow come into our ancestral grave?”

“He is a formidable Saint Ape. His bloodline is utterly rare to be found. However, this Ape seems to be acting in a wild manner.”

“This violent ape has even destroyed the ancestral grave of the Demonic Immortal Island. It was an act of absolute disrespect to the island. The members of the island will never let him off the hook.”

None of the people at the scene could retain their composure. Innumerable fearful pairs of eyes were anchored on Dragon Shisan. However, Qiu Qianyun and Qin Xuanbing had a different look when they saw Dragon Shisan. They felt a sense of familiarity from the violent ape. Due to his current condition, they could not connect anything from the frenzied ape to Dragon Shisan.

Due to the past incident in Golden Horizon, Dragon Shisan was well-known by everyone in the three Immortal Domains. Therefore, they were not unfamiliar towards him.

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