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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1976

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“I didn’t expect that there was such a connection between Demon Sovereign and Void Sovereign, but there’s one thing that junior doesn’t understand,” said Jiang Chen.

“Tell me more.”

Heavenly Peng felt that Jiang Chen was more and more pleasing to his eyes. Putting aside the fact that Jiang Chen was a descendant of Void Sovereign, the fact that Jiang Chen could get past his Myriad Wind Grand Formation was already sufficient to impress him.

“Since Demon Sovereign had such deep affinity with the Great Void Technique, why did Demon Sovereign not ask this junior to pass over the technique? After all, the Great Void Technique will certainly bring tremendous benefits to Demon Sovereign’s cultivation. Demon Sovereign may even break through to the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign realm after that.” Jiang Chen spoke straightforwardly as he was a man who didn’t prevaricate.

Heavenly Peng was impressed once more by Jiang Chen’s forthrightness. 

Furthermore, Jiang Chen had shown neither humility nor pride. He behaved so naturally even in the face of Demon Sovereign. Any ordinary youngster would’ve felt incredibly nervous, and would think twice or even thrice before they spoke.

Because of this, Heavenly Peng instantly grew fond of Jiang Chen. Of course, this started from the impression that Jiang Chen was a descendant of Void Sovereign. Also, the extraordinary performance of Jiang Chen proved the extraordinary eyesight of Void Sovereign.

“Jiang Chen, it seems like you still don’t know about it yet. Although everyone yearns to cultivate the Great Void Technique, not everyone is able to practice this secret technique. One must have tremendous affinity with Void Sovereign in order to cultivate it. In the past, Void Sovereign only provided me with guidance, but didn’t pass down the Great Void Technique to me. This is sufficient to show that I wasn’t his descendant, thus not eligible to cultivate the Great Void Technique,” said Heavenly Peng with a smile.

“The Great Void Technique you used just now consisted of the thoughts of Void Sovereign. Only the one who is recognized by those trace of thoughts can become a descendant of Void Sovereign. Frankly speaking, if you weren’t recognized by Void Sovereign as his descendant, you wouldn’t be able to cultivate the Great Void Technique even if you have acquired it. In other words, it is pointless even if I force you to hand over the Great Void Technique, because I wasn’t chosen as a descendant.

“Moreover, I don’t requite kindness with enmity. I’m greatly indebted to Void Sovereign. Although everybody said that he fell during that catastrophe, I think otherwise. He’s the creator of the Great Void Technique. No one in the world could kill him. Over the years, especially after my great achievements, I’ve been looking for a chance to repay his kindness, but I couldn’t find any chance. Now that the descendant of Void Sovereign has come, I naturally will have to attach great importance to him.” Heavenly Peng told Jiang Chen frankly everything that happened in the past. 

Jiang Chen could feel the tremendous change in Heavenly Peng’s attitude. Heavenly Peng was now treating him in a kind and friendly way as though they had known each other for a long time, however, he knew that this was all because of Void Sovereign.

He finally realised that he had become the true successor of Void Sovereign the moment he acquired the Great Void Technique. 

“Jiang Chen admires Demon Sovereign’s sentiments and gratitude.” Jiang Chen clasped his fists and spoke sincerely.

It was extremely rare to find someone like Heavenly Peng. When one reached the top, one would lose one’s conscience easily. This was what happened to Star Sovereign who was once a follower of Heaven Sovereign in the past. After he became the lord of the Immortal Court, his mindset changed – he wanted to get rid of Heaven Sovereign.

There were numerous people of this kind in every era.

Heavenly Peng on the other hand didn’t forget his benefactor, although he knew that it was impossible to meet Void Sovereign again. Meeting the descendant of Void Sovereign today had fulfilled one of his important wishes.

“Brother Jiang Chen, if you don’t mind, you can call me Big Brother from now on.” Heavenly Peng clasped Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said.

What the hell!

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and staggered. How crazy was the idea of calling Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign his brother?

“No, Demon Sovereign. What right do I have to become your ‘brother’?”

Jiang Chen waved and hastened to speak. This was too much for a joke. The gap of seniority between Heavenly Peng and him was just too great. Xiao Wangqing, who was the son-in-law of Heavenly Peng, was a senior he respected. If he called Heavenly Peng “brother”, Xiao Wangqing would have to call him “uncle”.

Dang! Jiang Chen hadn’t even thought of this!

“Brother Jiang Chen, if you don’t accept it, that means you look down on your brother. Because of Void Sovereign’s guidance in the past, I’m able to reach this height today. I’m considered halfdisciple of Void Sovereign. As you are the true successor of Void Sovereign, it’s only logical for us to address each other as ‘brothers’. So what’s wrong with that? Or do you think that I’m not qualified to be your Big Brother?” said Heavenly Peng in a somewhat angry tone.

Waves of tempestuous emotions were rolling inside of Jiang Chen. He knew how important Heavenly Peng was. The nine great Immortal Courts wanted to build a good rapport with him. He hadn’t thought that he would be called “brother” of Heavenly Peng even in his dream.

However, he couldn’t refuse it because what Demon Sovereign said was reasonable. They were both disciples of Void Sovereign.

“Alright. Big Brother, please accept the salute from your Little Brother.”

Jiang Chen’s qi fluctuated as he clasped his fists. He wasn’t a punctilious person. It would only make Heavenly Peng angry if he declined the offer now.

Furthermore, countless people had dreamt of having such a close relationship with Heavenly Peng. Not even the nine Sovereign Lords were able to do so. Apparently, Heavenly Peng no longer regarded Jiang Chen as an outsider. This time, Jiang Chen benefited tremendously. Innumerable people were going to resent him once this news was spread. 

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