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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1975

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“My god! They really have gone past the formation in such a short period of time!”

“What’s more, they aren’t injured at all during the entire process.”

“It’s no doubt the Great Void technique. I’m afraid there’s only this technique that could allow one to pass through the Myriad Wind Grand Formation so easily.”

“This Jiang Chen is absolutely an unrivalled genius but unfortunately he isn’t in our Immortal Court.”


No one could remain calm. The birth of a miracle could always stir people’s emotions. After all, none of them thought that Jiang Chen could get through those myriad of winds even if he was alone.

Although Xiao Wangqing was a First Grade Great Sovereign, everyone knew that he was carried by Jiang Chen. Despite that, Jiang Chen was still able to walk across the grand formation with ease. Not even Xiao Wangqing was wounded in the slightest.

What could this be if it wasn’t a miracle? Which first class genius amongst the nine great Immortal Courts could do what Jiang Chen just did?

Even Lan Xian and Tan Jinye’s facial expression darkened incomparably, however they couldn’t help but admit Jiang Chen’s strength because they were certain that they couldn’t even travel half of the grand formation.

On the Myriad Wind Platform, the saintess, Tian Lingyu, stood up from the large green rock. Emotions surged inside of her. Despite being a First Grade Great Sovereign, she was unable to stop her body from shivering.

All these years, although being imprisoned, she didn’t stop cultivating. As she possessed the complete Heavenly Peng Bloodline, it wasn’t strange that she had reached the First Grade Great Sovereign realm. If it wasn’t because of her being imprisoned, she would have already become a Third Grade Demon Sovereign after three hundred years.

Xiao Wangqing and Tian Lingyu stared at each other, but remained silent as though they had forgotten how to speak, this was like a dream to them.

Jiang Chen let out a sigh. He could sense that they still loved each other very much even though it had been three hundred years. Such unreasonable passion was unshakable.

“Yu Er.”

Xiao Wangqing stretched out his trembling hands slowly to touch Tian Lingyu’s face.

“Beloved, I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Tears fell from Tian Lingyu’s eyes. She had dreamt of such a scene too many times, but she was sure that those were merely dreams that could never come true. She had been worrying for the safety of Xiao Wangling for three hundred years. After all, given Xiao Wangqing’s identity and status, it was too dangerous for him to offend Demonic Immortal Island.

Now, it seemed like her dad was true to his words. At least, Xiao Wangqing was still alive until now.

Overtaken by impulse, she leapt into Xiao Wangqing’s arms.


A ray of light flickered and Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign emerged on the platform. His heart sank when he saw the reaction of the two.

“Demon Sovereign.” Jiang Chen clasped his fists.

Xiao Wangqing and Tian Lingyu quickly separated from each other and greeted Heavenly Peng. Tian Lingyu apparently didn’t seem as respectful as the rest. After the greeting, she turned and walked away, seemingly uninterested in speaking to Heavenly Peng further.

Heavenly Peng had grown accustomed to his daughter’s coldness. Although Heavenly Peng had concealed it well, Jiang Chen could detect a hint of melancholy from his eyes.

This was understandable. After all, Tian Lingyu was his beloved daughter. No father would wish a distant relationship with his daughter.

Immediately after, his eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. There was an enormous change in his expression. 

*Hua La!*

Heavenly Peng waved, sending out a shield of light that enshrouded him and Jiang Chen, entirely isolating them from the outside world.

Jiang Chen knew that Heavenly Peng needed to talk to him in person. He was certain that Xiao Wangqing and Tian Lingyu couldn’t know about it.

“Jiang Chen, it seems you have really acquired the inheritance of Void Sovereign, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to display the Great Void Technique so perfectly,” said Heavenly Peng.

“Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, I could also see a trace of the Great Void Technique from your body. Does Demon Sovereign have any connection with Void Sovereign?” Jiang Chen asked. This was something he had been eager to find out.

He wasn’t afraid of Heavenly Peng, or being forced to hand over the Great Void Technique because he didn’t sense any hint of hostility from Heavenly Peng’s eyes. Secondly, he believed Big Yellow’s words without a shadow of a doubt. Things wouldn’t have gone so well if it wasn’t for Big Yellow’s secret guidance.

“Good eyesight. It’s truly a miracle that there’s someone as talented and young as you. Your future achievements are going to be immeasurable, Jiang Chen. However, the technique I’m using isn’t the Great Void Technique,” praised Heavenly Peng.

“Many years ago, when I was still a small Heavenly Peng, I was once guided by Void Sovereign. That is why you were able to sense a trace of the Great Void Technique from my movement technique. If it wasn’t for the guidance of Void Sovereign, I wouldn’t have achieved so much today. Void Sovereign is the greatest benefactor in my life. So my emotions were stirred when I saw you display the Great Void Technique,”  Heavenly Peng continued, entranced in the memorable events of the past.

After hearing this, Jiang Chen finally understood why Heavenly Peng had paid such a huge attention to the Great Void Technique. He was deeply indebted to Void Sovereign for the guidance he had given to him.

Speed was the strength of Heavenly Peng, but without the personal guidance of Void Sovereign, he wouldn’t have become what he is today. There wasn’t a single doubt about this.

Big Yellow must have known about this secret. This explained why he knew that the Great Void Technique would attract the attention of Heavenly Peng, which was normal because he was once a figure on par with Void Sovereign in his past life. 

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