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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1967

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“What an awesome kid! Your cultivation base has improved tremendously. How long has it been? Can’t believe that you have reached such a state. Given your heaven-defying talent, I’m afraid that I’m no longer a match for you.”

Xiao Wangqing patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said. He appeared to be somewhat surprised and also delighted when he realised Jiang Chen’s rapid progress; the melancholy on his face was temporarily removed.

“I’ve joined the Fengchi Immortal Court due to some reasons and was sent here to attend the birthday of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. Senior, I heard that you’ve visited this island many times. Can you tell me more about it?” Jiang Chen asked without hesitation.

“You saw how they treated me, Jiang Chen. You can’t help me even if I tell you.” Xiao Wangqing forced a smile.

“Senior, some things are meant to be solved,” retorted Jiang Chen. He could feel the agony from the forced smile of Xiao Wangqing.


Xiao Wangqing sighed heavily, turned and walked a few dozen meters away, his eyes gazing on the surface of the sea. His darkened face indicated his unwillingness to recount his story. Jiang Chen knew that Xiao Wangqing didn’t want to pass the burden to him. 

Knowing Jiang Chen’s temper, Xiao Wangqing anticipated that Jiang Chen would do whatever it takes to help him once he told Jiang Chen his story. Demonic Immortal Island was a major power Jiang Chen couldn’t afford to affront. He didn’t want to increase the number of enemies Jiang Chen had. Therefore, he would rather suppress the emotions in his heart than to speak it out.

“Young master, that man is truly pitiful. Despite it having been so long, he hasn’t let it go.”

The black-armoured guard came to Jiang Chen’s side and said.

“Fellow friend, what actually has happened? Do you mind enlightening me about it?” Jiang Chen said, then turned his palm and a spatial ring containing 10 000 Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones appeared. He then gave the ring to the black-armoured guard. Judging from the guard’s tone, he must know why the relationship between Xiao Wangqing and the Demonic Immortal Island had become as such.

Since Xiao Wangqing was unwilling to say, Jiang Chen could only get the information from someone else. Xiao Wangqing had rescued him from many near-death crisis, and was probably his most respected person. Now that Xiao Wangqing was in a predicament, he had no reason to stand idly by.

After sensing the fortune inside the spatial ring, the guard’s eyes shone with pleasure.

“Thank you, young master.”

The black-guard couldn’t find a reason to refuse this generous gift. After accepting the ring, his attitude turned incomparably enthusiastic.

“In the past, Xiao Wangqing and our saintess were infatuated with each other, however there’s a rule in Demonic Immortal Island that the girls in the island, especially the saintess, are not allowed to marry any male outside the island. This rule is inviolable. As such, the saintess chose to leave Demonic Immortal Island to elope with Xiao Wangqing, but due to their cultivation base being too weak, they weren’t able to escape from the hunt of the experts. That incident had angered Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign who was determined to execute Xiao Wangqing. In the end, the saintess saved Xiao Wangqing’s life by threatening that she would kill herself if Xiao Wangqing wasn’t released.”

The black-armoured guard recounted. This matter had caused a great stir back then in the Demonic Immortal Island. Basically everyone on the island knew about it.

Jiang Chen sighed and looked at the distant back of Xiao Wangqing, feeling the weight of emotion in his heart.

“What happened after that?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign was extremely furious. He imprisoned the saintess on the Myriad Wind Platform for 300 years and chased Xiao Wangqing out of the island who wasn’t permitted to step into the island for three years. Now, three hundred years have passed and Xiao Wangqing didn’t seem to have given it up. He had returned several times. If saintess hadn’t saved him that year, he wouldn’t be alive today,” the guard replied.

Jiang Chen’s face was still as gloomy. He finally understood the past of Xiao Wangqing, and that his Dao of Apathy was related to this incident. Xiao Wangqing’s reluctance to let go of the past relationship resulted in cultivation stagnation. Jiang Chen still remembered Xiao Wangqing telling that he couldn’t forget the past feelings after all.

However, Xiao Wangqing was enlightened by Jiang Chen’s unintentional guidance, which rekindled the passion he had three hundred years ago.

He couldn’t forget the saintess after all even though it had already been three hundred years. This only showed how deep his passion was.

“After imprisoning the saintess for three hundred years, she should have been released by now?” asked Jiang Chen curiously.

“It isn’t that easy because the saintess’ love is even stronger than Xiao Wangqing. Despite being held in prison for three hundred years, she still hadn’t forgetten Xiao Wangqing. She is still besotted with him, which is a disappointment to the Demon Sovereign. Regarding this as unrepentant, she hasn’t been released as of yet.”

The black-armoured guard shook his head and sighed. Anyone who heard the story between these two lovers would certainly feel sorry for them.

“Ai! However, it’s already considered good that Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign didn’t execute Senior Xiao and the saintess that year.”

Jiang Chen sighed. From Xiao Wangqing’s story, he learned that Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign was a decisive and dominant person who valued dignity the most. The fact that he didn’t execute the saintess despite all her disobedience and violation of rules showed how important she was to him.

“Of course. The saintess is the daughter of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, the one he cares the most. If she hadn’t violated the rules of the island, he would be reluctant to imprison her for more than 300 years,” the guard added.

“I see.”

Jiang Chen replied. It was just as he thought. If there wasn’t a special relationship between the saintess and Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, why would Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign be willing to let Xiao Wangqing go?

“My fellow friend, why was there such a rule in the Demonic Immortal Island? It’s very normal for a human to marry a demonic beast in this world,” Jiang Chen asked in puzzlement. 

As the ruler of the Ocean Domain, they shouldn’t have such a rule. After all, this was part of the Immortal World. Whether it was demonic beasts or humans, their main goal was cultivation. Some humans deliberately absorbed the bloodline of some strange beasts to improve their cultivation. So it was common that demonic beasts and humans were married.

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