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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1960

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Seeing what had happened, Lan Xian’s facial expression changed slightly. Despite his boiling anger, he knew it wouldn’t do him any good if he were to continue fighting them. Yu Huafan alone could entangle him in battle. If Yu Huafan and the dog that was powerful as Yu Huafan joined forces, he surely was no match for them.

More importantly, Jiang Chen seemed incredibly adept at manipulating the waters of the domain, and couldn’t be judged by common sense. His life would be in real danger if Jiang Chen could really seal the entire domain.


Before the area was completely sealed by the curtains of water, Lan Xian fled without hesitation. He dodged Big Yellow and Yu Huafan’s attacks with ease and shot towards the gap between the water curtains like a speedy arrow and vanished.

*Hua La~*

Jiang Chen withdrew his control; the water curtains fell back into the ocean, returning to its usual state. A hint of regret surfaced in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

Too bad that he has fled.

Despite his disappointment, he understood that it wasn’t an easy task to get rid of Lan Xian with just the three of them.

Even if Lan Xian was no match for them, he had no problem escaping because he was still at his peak condition. If he chose to stay and confront Big Yellow and Yu Huafan, Jiang Chen was confident in killing him. Unfortunately, Lan Xian was a smart person. He had chosen to flee despite the boiling fury inside of him.

“Forget it. Lan Xian is very strong. Even with the three of us, it won’t be easy to kill him. Today, the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain has suffered a severe loss. Seven out of eight were killed by us, but this also means that the enmity between us and them is established.”

Yu Huafan spoke. This wasn’t their first time fighting each other, so he knew Lan Xian’s strength pretty well.

“The conflict between me and them has long been irreconcilable.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Being hunted down by the Immortal Court indicates the capability of the person. You are incredible Junior Brother Jiang.”

Yu Huafan gave his thumbs up to Jiang Chen. The fact that Jiang Chen was still alive until now showed that he wasn’t an ordinary expert. Plus, he was startled by Jiang Chen’s true strength.

Despite being a first-class genius in the Immortal Court, he couldn’t help admiring Jiang Chen’s capability. He was virtually certain that Jiang Chen would surpass him one day, and it wouldn’t be too long before this day came.

“Junior Brother, you are now a disciple of the Dragon Hall. Even the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain will need to think twice before making any move. Since we are now representing the Dragon Hall, Master said that no matter what we do outside, we can’t lose the face of Dragon Hall. We will only act if someone offends us to show him or her that they have chosen the wrong target to bully,” said Yu Huafan in a tough tone.

Jiang Chen smiled. Although he had gone to the Immortal Court of Fengchi Immortal Domain with a specific intention, he didn’t regret joining Dragon Hall. The style of conduct of this hall matched his nature all too well.

Furthermore, becoming a disciple of this hall was tremendously beneficial to him. In any case, the Immortal Court was a very strong backer. It would act as a great deterrence wherever he went.

The killing just now was merely a brief interlude to him. After that, they headed towards the Demonic Immortal Island.

Along the way, they passed plenty of islands. Jiang Chen had to admit that the scenery here was much more beautiful than the scenery in the Immortal Domains. One would certainly be joyous to be able to live here.

However, the ferocity and brutality here are much greater than that of the other Immortal Domains. There were all kinds of powerful demonic beasts everywhere and water monsters under the water, all of which were brutal in nature.

This had led to the constant chaos in the domain.

The three of them, however, hadn’t been ambushed by any of the water monsters below, which was normal. This was because these water monsters had tremendous spirituality, and were as intelligent as humans. Neither of them would attack Jiang Chen, Yu Huafan or Big Yellow unless they wanted a swift death.

The three of them were having a sightseeing tour all the way until they reached the Demonic Immortal Island two days later.

The huge island was located at the centre of the domain. Looking at it from afar, it was wreathed in mist, seeming as magnificent as a fantasy world.

The natural beauty of the island gave people who looked at it a sense of comfort.

It was thousands of miles vast, and was regarded as the biggest island in the domain. Although the island looked spectacular from the outside, it wasn’t hard to detect the heavy qi of killing emitting from the inside.

This land was conquered by countless of demonic beasts. The fighting and killing had never stopped. It was impossible to conceal that kind of killing qi.

“Junior Brother Jiang, this is the Demonic Immortal Island, the most beautiful island overseas,” introduced Yu Huafan.

“It’s indeed beautiful. The Demon Race does know how to pick a good habitat.”

Jiang Chen nodded and praised. Next to him, Big Yellow remained silent as though nothing here interested him. This unusual reaction surprised Jiang Chen.

“Let’s go. Since we have arrived here, let’s go in and enjoy the scenery of the Demonic Immortal Island,” said Yu Huafan, flying towards the island.

There were several gates. The three of them chose the south gate.

At this moment, there were a few dozen powerful experts guarding the south gate. They all had sturdy bodies and wore black armours. Although they looked like humans, the strong demonic qi radiating from their bodies exposed their true nature.

“Please hold.”

One black-clad expert stopped them, but after sensing the Great Sovereign qi emitted from Yu Huafan’s body, his expression turned respectful at once.

At this time, a blue-clad youth walked out from behind. She seemed aquatic; there were several scales covering her forehead. She had to be some kind of aquatic beast.

She approached the three and bowed slightly. It was their etiquette. Yu Huafan could be regarded as a distinguished guest in the island.

As she had seen numerous experts before, she naturally was able to guess the identity of the guest almost instantly. 

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