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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1956

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By now, Li Wangye knew why Jiang Chen came to this domain. Jiang Chen wasn’t here for Xiao Wangqing, but for the celebration of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s birthday. Also, the fact that Jiang Chen had been allowed to come to Demonic Immortal Island indicated that he was highly valued by the Immortal Court of Fengchi Immortal Domain.

“I don’t care if you have joined the Immortal Court. I only know that your hands are stained with the blood of our disciples. Since we have met here, I naturally won’t let go of the chance of killing you.”

Lan Xian stood with his hands behind his back, his face full of pride, his tone brimming with arrogance. He sounded as if he was the King of Hell passing judgement to the sinner.

“Damn! Where did this idiot come from? His mouth stinks like hell.” Big Yellow couldn’t help but retort.

“What did you say, stupid dog? How dare you disrespect Senior Brother Lan?! I’m going to flay you in a minute!” A half-step Sovereign shouted menacingly, his finger pointing to Big Yellow.


Big Yellow vanished in a swoosh, and appeared above the head of the disciple the next moment, and charged forward with his mouth wide open. 

*Ka Cha!*


Along with a shrill cry, the half-step Sovereign’s head was bitten off by Big Yellow, blood spurting out 3 meters high, staining the ocean below.

“Ah! Junior Brother Liu!”

The disciple next to him exclaimed with shock. No one had thought that Big Yellow would go for the kill so suddenly. Plus, his speed was just too fast for even Lan Xian to react.

“Bah! This is the consequence of pointing a finger at Master Dog.” Big Yellow bellowed ferociously.


A wave of powerful fury immediately surged out from the bodies of those geniuses. Anger was blazing from Lan Xian’s eyes. The genius was someone he knew. He had never thought that he would lose a man in this trip. 

“Courting death!” Lan Xian bellowed, sending a palm at Big Yellow.


Yu Huafan moved, easily blocking Lan Xian’s attack.

“Lan Xian, how dare you try to kill my people in front of me?!”

Yu Huafan’s combat intent rose. Each disciple in the Dragon Hall had their own temper. Yu Huafan might seem gentle and polite to Jiang Chen but in the face of enemies, he was as ferocious as a tiger, and would even go frenzied when provoked. This was the symbol of the Dragon Hall.

If he allowed Lan Xian to kill Jiang Chen before him today, he was going to lose all his face.

“Yu Huafan, this is just between us and Jiang Chen. He must die for killing so many of our people,” said Lan Xian.

“Haha, that only means that your geniuses are incompetent. They deserve it.”

Yu Huafan laughed loudly. He didn’t care how great the enmity between Jiang Chen and the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain was. As Jiang Chen was a disciple of Dragon Hall, he couldn’t allow Jiang Chen to be bullied or killed by anyone.

“Yu Huafan, it seems like you are determined to interfere in this trivial matter today,” said Lan Xian furiously.

“This isn’t an insignificant matter. It’s a matter within my duties.” Yu Huafan’s qi surged.

Lan Xian clenched his fists, producing cracking sound. He naturally wanted to kill Jiang Chen and Big Yellow but with Yu Huafan’s presence, it wouldn’t be easy to kill them. He knew Yu Huafan’s strength pretty well. He wouldn’t be able to suppress the opponent.

Although there were three First Grade Great Sovereigns amongst them, after witnessing how the dog bit off the head of their comrade in an instant, they all knew that the dog wasn’t an opponent that they wanted to offend.

“Since your Immortal Court is determined to eliminate me, I’ll give you all the chance now.”

Jiang Chen took a step forward, his eyes looking in the direction of Li Wangye. “Li Wangye, I knew that you wanted to kill me long ago. If Senior Xiao didn’t stop you that day in Genius Prefecture, I would have been brought to the Immortal Court by you. And if Xiao Yu didn’t confront you back then in Exquisite Paradise, I would have been killed by you. So, it’s only natural for me to want to kill you. How about the two of us have a battle to settle the old scores?”

Upon hearing this, Li Wangye froze. Not just him, even Lan Xian and the rest were also dumbfounded, all looking at Jiang Chen in disbelief. There must be something wrong with Jiang Chen to demand a one-on-one battle with Li Wangye at this time.

They saw clearly that Jiang Chen was merely an intermediate Immortal Venerable, whereas Li Wangye was a First Grade Great Sovereign. Although Li Wangye had just advanced to this level not long ago, he was still a true Great Sovereign, totally incomparable to an intermediate Immortal Venerable.

“Junior Brother Jiang, there’s no need for this. In my presence, no one can hurt you.” Yu Huafan hastened to speak.

“Senior Brother, I just want to exterminate this old geezer with my own hands.”

Jiang Chen said with an unconcerned smile. As a matter of fact, the truth was that, given Li Wangye’s strength, his death was certain if he fought Jiang Chen alone.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, you are way too conceited.” Li Wangye felt humiliated and clamoured angrily.

“Why? Are you afraid of the challenge? I’m giving you a chance, and this will be your only chance.” said Jiang Chen.

“Afraid? What a joke! Jiang Chen, since you are asking for death, don’t blame me for my ruthlessness. I will kill you today, to eliminate future trouble.”

Qi began surging out from Li Wangye’s body. Despite knowing that Jiang Chen was improving rapidly, he still didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes as he was after all, a Great Sovereign. Anyone should know the huge difference between the Sovereign realm and the Venerable realm. There was no way an Immortal Venerable could fight a Great Sovereign even if the expert had just broken through to the Great Sovereign realm.

Li Wangye was thinking of ways to eliminate Jiang Chen in Yu Huafan’s presence, but now that Jiang Chen had asked for a match, he was extremely thrilled.

“In that case, bring it on.”

With a swish, he flew to a far distance. With immense qi flowing out of his body, he immediately created a battlefield.

None of these experts was his concern because they simply couldn’t put pressure on him. They only had Lan Xian on their side whereas on Jiang Chen’s side, they had Yu Huafan and Big Yellow who was more than enough to deal with the rest of the geniuses.

But now, he wanted to eliminate Li Wangye himself even more. This had been one of the things he wanted to do. Li Wangye had attempted to take his life many times when he was in Ethereal Immortal Domain.  

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