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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1950

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“Haha, so this is just how powerful the Leopard Hall is. You think you can fight us with such capability?” Duan Ren laughed heartily and lunged at another opponent after sending one person away.

On the other side, Hong Ying’s opponent was constantly being oppressed by her, and Yun Yang was also fighting a stifling battle. Meanwhile, the half-step Sovereign genius that was fighting Jiang Chen could only try his best to resist Jiang Chen’s attack.

It was imaginable how the ordinary geniuses would end up with if they were the ones fighting Jiang Chen and his comrades. The morale of Leopard Hall was diminishing at a rapid pace.

The experts of Leopard Hall had lost all the fighting spirit they had at the beginning.

“Not good. Leopard Hall is obviously no match for them.”

“That’s right. Although they have more people, they aren’t as powerful as Dragon Hall. Aside from Yu Feng and Hong Ying, Jiang Chen looks even more monstrous than Yu Huafan. Despite being only an intermediate Immortal Venerable now, the combat strength he possesses is even more terrifying than a half-step Sovereign. One should know that each of those half-step Sovereigns is powerful enough to fight a First Grade Great Sovereign. That is to say, Jiang Chen now possesses the power of a First Grade Great Sovereign. How heaven defying!”

“That’s right. No wonder Feng Jingyang picked him. If such a figure is given time to grow, it’s only a matter of time before he surpasses Yu Huafan and becomes the number one genius in the Immortal Court.”

“Look, the momentum of Leopard Hall is becoming weaker and weaker, while the experts of the Dragon Hall are getting fiercer and fiercer. It seems the geniuses of Leopard Hall aren’t going to hold it any longer.”

“The position of the Dragon Hall in the Immortal Court is truly unshakable. Even the Sovereign Lord will have to give face to Feng Jingyang.”

“Yes. Everyone knew the temper of Feng Jingyang, and his cultivation base has already reached the peak of Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. He’s the one in the Immortal Court who is most likely to reach the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm. Once he makes the breakthrough, he will become a first class figure in the Immortal Court.”


More and more onlookers were gathering around, and the sound of remarks were increasingly loud. The disciples of Leopard Hall were feeling anxious because the geniuses of Dragon Hall were as ferocious as Feng Jingyang.


Just at this moment, a shout suddenly rang from the interior of Leopard Hall. After that, an elder with incomparably strong qi flew out. He was a mighty Third Grade Great Sovereign.

*Hong Long……*

Unfortunately, the elder didn’t have much deterrence. Just as he shouted the word “stop”, Jiang Chen kicked away the half-step Sovereign and went for another opponent, totally not putting the Third Grade Great Sovereign in his eyes, acting as though the elder didn’t exist.

Upon seeing that Jiang Chen didn’t show any sign of stopping, Yu Feng and the rest continued to fight. 

“Good, good. You brats from Dragon Hall are getting more and more outrageous. You don’t even listen to my words. Since you are being so disrespectful, I’m going to teach the lot of you a lesson.”

The elder’s face was full of fury. He was a Third Grade Great Sovereign, an elder of Leopard Hall. He had an extraordinary position in the Immortal Court, and was respected by every disciple. He felt that his dignity had been severely violated when this group of youngsters didn’t pay his words any attention.


But just as he was about to act, a ray of golden light suddenly appeared in front of him like a ghostly figure.

“Old man, why do you care to get yourself involved in the battle amongst the youngsters? Don’t you know shame?”

The person was precisely Big Yellow. The reason Jiang Chen ignored the elder was because of Big Yellow’s presence. What Jiang Chen wanted to do right now was to make the trouble as big as possible. This was a chance that he wouldn’t dare to miss.

The sight of Big Yellow reminded the onlookers of the day Big Yellow send Li Song’s grandfather, Li Yuan, flying with his mere head. Li Yuan was a Second Grade Great Sovereign. Although the opponent now was a Third Grade Great Sovereign, they wouldn’t dare to look down on this dog.

Everyone knew that he was an unordinary Demon Sovereign. It would be equivalent to courting death by underestimating a mighty Demon Sovereign.

“Where has this dog come from? Begone!”

The elder bellowed. It was already infuriating enough to be ignored by a bunch of youngsters, and being blocked of his path by a dog that came out from nowhere only added to the insult.

He thrust out his palm at Big Yellow’s head. In his opinion, this palm was sufficient to break Big Yellow’s skull, and there was no room for escape.

But unexpectedly, instead of trying to avoid it, Big Yellow charged forward fiercely with his head.

Such a move almost stunned the elder. It was too humiliating. How dare a dog resist his attack? Even if the dog was desperate to die, the dog should at least show him some respect.

In a split second, he made up his mind that he was going to crush this dog’s skull. Only then could he resolve the hatred, and regain his prestige.


However, when the Third Grade Great Sovereign’s palm landed heavily on Big Yellow’s head, an iron clang was heard, creating a spark. The scene of Big Yellow’s head being crushed didn’t happen. Instead, the Third Grade Great Sovereign’s hand felt numb, and cracks appeared on it.


The elder exclaimed and looked unblinkingly at Big Yellow as though he had seen a real ghost. The skull was the most vulnerable part of the body. The same goes to demon beasts. Based on the impact, he clearly detected that the dog was only at the First Grade Great Sovereign realm, but why was his head so hard?

“Motherf*****! You think you can break Master Dog’s head just with your palm?! How foolish!”

Big Yellow was full of combat intent. He shook his head and charged at his target once more.

“I don’t believe it.”

The elder was unconvinced. Again, he launched a powerful palm strike at Big Yellow’s head. 

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