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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1949

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*Hong Long……*

Countless waves began to rise. Battlefields were being created in the sky above Leopard Hall. Each side brimmed with combat intent.

“Goodness! There’s going to be a real fight.”

“Dragon Hall has always been overbearing. They definitely will fight to protect Jiang Chen and Duan Ren. Although Leopard Hall isn’t as powerful as Dragon Hall, it’s after all, one of the three great halls. If they don’t do anything today after Jiang Chen injured their people, they will become the laughing stock of all. They might not be able to raise their heads again in the future.”

“Leopard Hall is going to defend their dignity. They must fight, but given the fact that they are all heaven-defying existences, I wonder how intense the situation will be.”

“Both Dragon Hall and Leopard Hall consist of Great Sovereign geniuses. It’s just that they haven’t emerged.”

“Geniuses of that level will not appear easily. They aren’t interested in such conflict, and it would be demeaning to them to fight such a battle.”


Everyone became excited. Although the three great halls hadn’t gotten along well, they never had a large-scale battle against one another. Regardless of what the outcome would be, this particular battle would certainly be astonishing. 

The disciples had already became aware of Jiang Chen after being in the Immortal Court for just three days. On the first day, he was recruited by Feng Jingyang to become a disciple of the Dragon Hall. Today, he broke into Leopard Hall. Not only had he injured the geniuses of the Leopard Hall, he also crippled one of them, Lu Jian. What he did was tremendously domineering. He absolutely didn’t put Leopard Hall in his eyes. Nevertheless, he was the first one to behaved so atrociously in Leopard Hall. Although Yu Huafan had broken into Leopard Hall before, he was after all a mighty Second Grade Great Sovereign.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, was just an intermediate Immortal Venerable disciple who had just arrived in the Immortal Court a few days ago.

“Yun Yang, it seems your nerves have improved,” Yu Feng mockingly said. 

Opposite him was the leader of the group, with a cultivation base and fame on par with him. Both of them had been opponents. They were the representatives of their respective halls.

“Humph! You people are crossing the line here. How dare you cause trouble in our territory? You think you can bully us just like that? This matter will not rest unless Jiang Chen cut off one of his arms.”

Yun Yang harrumphed coldly and spoke in a firm tone. It seemed like he was determined to have a fight with them.

However, this was because he had no other way. He naturally knew that the geniuses of Dragon Hall weren’t easy to deal with. Aside from Yu Feng, Hong Ying was also a difficult opponent but he couldn’t retreat because numerous spectators had already been attracted by today’s incident. He couldn’t afford to lose the face of Leopard Hall.

If the dignity of Leopard Hall was lost, Dragon Hall would become more and more oppressive in the future. Today’s incident would even leave a trauma in the disciples’ hearts, making them afraid of lifting their heads whenever they saw the people of Dragon Hall.

“That being the case, there’s nothing to say anymore. Let’s fight.”

Yu Feng was called the ‘lunatic fighter’. He absolutely wouldn’t compromise by asking Jiang Chen to cut off an arm. Since there was nothing else to say, they might as well fight. Dragon Hall was never scared of anyone.

*Hong Long……*

Yu Feng was the first to act. Bearing terrifying qi waves, he rushed towards Yun Yang.

In a blink of an eye, both of them was inextricably entangled in a huge battle. 


Duan Ren’s qi fluctuated. Randomly choosing an opponent, he launched his signature move—“Break the Horizon”.

“Hehe…it’s been so long since I fought a battle. It seems like I’m going to have a satisfying battle today.”

Hong Ying chuckled. A red silk appeared in her hand. With a casual flick, it rushed at a half-step Sovereign like a fiery-red dragon.

On the other side, another half-step Sovereign was charging towards Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen didn’t seem afraid. With his current combat strength, he wouldn’t put any half-step Sovereign in his eyes. If the opponent was an ordinary half-step Sovereign, he could even take his life in an instant.

If Li Wangye were to face Jiang Chen now, he would be killed by just a blow of Jiang Chen.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen’s battle against Yu Feng the day he entered Dragon Hall ended in a draw. Unless a Great Sovereign genius emerge today, no one would be able to stop him.

*Hong Long……*

The entire sky was filled with combat intent. The battle waves emitted from the fights shook the Heavens and Earth. This large scale battle was the first time in the Immortal Court.

On the other side, Big Yellow was shaking his stout tail, looking unconcerned and seeming to have no intention of getting himself involved in the battles. After all, this was merely a conflict between the young geniuses. If he chose to help, the disciples of Leopard Hall would certainly be defeated and the battle would be instantly over.

With the 30 Great Sovereign Laws, not even ordinary Third Grade Great Sovereign was his match now. 

The situation in front was clear. Although the Leopard Hall had more people, their overall strength wasn’t as heaven-defying as Dragon Hall, Leopard Hall would surely suffer big losses in the end.

As for Jiang Chen, Big Yellow had nothing to worry about. Given Jiang Chen’s strength, he could hardly be hurt. Big Yellow had made up his mind that he would only interfere if a Great Sovereign elder appeared. 

*Hong Long……*

The situation was incomparably fierce. Despite the fact that everyone in the Leopard Hall has already been alarmed, no Great Sovereign disciple or elder had come out. This indicated that this matter was too light for any of the Great Sovereigns to interfere. It would only bring shame upon themselves if they emerged.


Along with a cry, an arm of a Leopard Hall disciple was cut off and was sent flying away. 

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