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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1947

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“Let him go? You’re thinking too much.”

Jiang Chen wouldn’t put a half-step Sovereign in his eyes. He naturally could see through the strength of the opponent with his eyesight. Although the opponent was a half-step Sovereign, he was a notch weaker than Yu Feng. Thus, Jiang Chen wouldn’t care if a real fight broke out.

As for Lu Jian, he must pay a hefty price for what he did.

“Jiang Chen, y-you, what are you doing? This is the Leopard Hall.”

Sensing the pressure and killing intent coming from Jiang Chen, Lu Jian’s facial expression changed drastically. All the arrogance in his eyes was now replaced by fear. Under Jiang Chen’s control, he was unable to move even a muscle. Although he had heard about the incident regarding Jiang Chen sending a half-step Sovereign away with just a punch, he didn’t believe it because he didn’t witness that scene. However, right after experiencing how powerful Jiang Chen was, he realized how ignorant and idiotic he was.

Lu Jian was incredibly amazed. Despite being a late Immortal Venerable expert, he was powerless against someone whose cultivation base was lower than his, which was truly ironic. Unfortunately, it was already too late for him to realize this now. All he could do was pray that Jiang Chen would be deterred by the prestige of Leopard Hall.

Perhaps he understood that this was just an extravagant hope, because the fact that Jiang Chen dared to intrude here indicated his fearlessness. Besides, Jiang Chen had also attacked several disciples and destroyed one of the buildings.

How could he possibly hope that the fearless Jiang Chen would be intimidated?

“Don’t use Leopard Hall to oppress me. Lu Jian, you have to pay a price for what you did. You shouldn’t bring trouble to yourself when you don’t have the strength.” Wearing a cold look, Jiang Chen’s palm was thrust at Lu Jian’s Qi Sea. 



A bang was heard. Lu Jian spurted out blood. His face contorted badly as though he had suffered a great deal of pain.

Everyone could sense that the Immortal Qi in his Qi Sea was disappearing  rapidly, like a punctured balloon.

“Jiang Chen! You crippled me!”

He was in agony after learning what happened to him. He hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would be this ruthless. To a mighty cultivator, being crippled was more agonizing than being killed. 

He had reached the late Immortal Venerable realm at such a young age, and was a disciple of the Leopard Hall. He was an admired figure, and revered by countless ordinary disciples. To put it bluntly, he was at the top of the hierarchy. So, for him, the blow of falling from the top of the pyramid was simply too much to take and incomprehensible.


Lu Jian spurted out another mouthful of blood and passed out. He had lost all his hope. This blow made him understand what true despair meant.

“Jiang Chen, you are courting death!”

The half-step Sovereign opposite of Jiang Chen bellowed. Since the establishment of Leopard Hall, no one has ever dared to cripple a genius here. This was equivalent to slapping Leopard Hall’s face.


Qi waves surged fiercely from his body to form a barbaric beast that charged at Jiang Chen. 


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly and let go of Lu Jian. Then, a golden dragon rushed out, heading towards the barbaric beast. Although the opponent was a half-step Sovereign, his cultivation base wasn’t stable due to having just advanced recently, so Jiang Chen had nothing to worry about.

*Hong Long……*

The two beasts collided with one another, setting off fierce waves across the void. The supposedly powerful barbaric beast was immediately destroyed by the golden dragon.

Sensing a huge backlash, the half-step Sovereign couldn’t help retreating a few steps.


He exclaimed and looked at Jiang Chen in astonishment, his eyes brimming with disbelief. In his opinion, Jiang Chen was clearly merely an intermediate Immortal Venerable, while he was a mighty half-step Sovereign, two levels higher compared to his opponent, however he was still defeated. How could he possibly accept this?

“So this is just how powerful the genius of Leopard Hall is. If you cause any more trouble, I won’t be merciful. Lu Jian is a live example,” said Jiang Chen aloud, turned and was ready to go. 

He had achieved his goal by making Lu Jian pay a hefty price for what he did to Yang Ming and Wei Yun. He wasn’t going to offend the entire Leopard Hall because he hadn’t reached that level yet.

“Jiang Chen, you think you can leave with ease after hurting the people of Leopard Hall?”

Another voice rang out. Another half-step Sovereign genius emerged. He was a lot stronger than the previous. Without another word, he launched an attack, an enormous palm charged at Jiang Chen, attempting to capture him.

“Since you want me to stay, I might as well stay.”

Jiang Chen’s combat intent soared. He was angered. He never feared anything, especially in battles. Once he was provoked, he would go berserk.

Just like now, when he was about to leave, he was stopped by an expert of Leopard Hall. In that case, he might as well stay and fight. Since he now had a huge backer supporting him, he wasn’t afraid of Leopard Hall.


The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a brilliant dragon, rippling continuously in Jiang Chen’s hand. It was then swung at the half-step Sovereign.

*Hong Long……*

The slash was earth-shattering. Almost all of Jiang Chen’s energy was channeled into it. This mere strike had torn apart the attack of the opponent.

“The Fusion of Dragon and Sword.”

Jiang Chen wouldn’t give his opponent the chance to react. Immediately after shattering his opponent’s attack, he launched another strike. He turned into a true dragon; the Heavenly Saint Sword vanished and integrated into his body. Then, he lunged at the half-step Sovereign. 

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