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    Magic Gems Gourmet (WN)

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    Jiang Chen smiled wildly. Images of dragons were drifting all around his body. Then, he launched another violent attack towards Yu Feng. He had completely immersed himself in the battle. With his current combat strength, he could even fight a First Grade Great Sovereign. So having a mighty half-step Sovereign like Yu Feng as an opponent to test his combat strength was simply perfect.

    “Another lunatic!”

    “Ai! It seems our hall is getting more and more lunatic.”

    “I’ll take back what I just said.”


    Looking at the state of Jiang Chen, everyone suddenly felt that Jiang Chen seemed even more lunatic than Yu Feng. Plus, he was able to fight Yu Feng evenly while being merely an intermediate Immortal Venerable. They wouldn’t have believed it if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes. 

    Those who said that Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to resist three moves of Yu Feng had to take back their words, because neither victory nor defeat could be decided.

    *Hong Long Long……*

    Jiang Chen and Yu Feng fought intensely for another dozen of minutes, but there was still no clear winner.

    A pair of eyes was watching their battle attentively. It was afraid that no one else would do this except Feng Jingyang.

    Feng Jingyang smiled and nodded, apparently pleased by Jiang Chen’s performance.

    “It seems we have found a treasure this time.” Feng Jingyang smiled.

    “But this Jiang Chen is one of the geniuses recruited by Heaven Sovereign. As far as I know, Jiang Chen was summoned by Heaven Sovereign as soon as he arrived at the Immortal Court yesterday.”

    The elder next to Feng Jingyang spoke with slight concern. He was a highly respected elder with a cultivation base of Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. 

    “So what? I cherish geniuses. I’m not going to care about the conflict between Heaven Sovereign and Star Sovereign. Furthermore, even if Jiang Chen had met Heaven Sovereign, he may not stand on his side after learning the situation in the Immortal Court. Besides, isn’t he a disciple of our hall now? He will become a great expert if we nurture him well,” replied Feng Jingyang. 

    He wasn’t a fool. In his point of view, Jiang Chen was still an Immortal Venerable no matter how heaven-defying the kid was, and wouldn’t be able to influence either side of the conflict. Moreover, he only cared about the geniuses’ potential so that they could become an asset of his Dragon Hall.

    Jiang Chen and Yu Feng fought again for a few minutes before the both of them decided to stop, realizing that a clear winner couldn’t be decided in the match. In the entire battle, neither of them used their ultimate technique. Even if they did, it would only inflict heavy injuries on both sides. This wasn’t what they wished to see. After all, this was just a friendly spar between the disciples of the Dragon Hall.

    “Haha! Sure enough, Brother Jiang is heaven-defying. I, Yu Feng, am impressed,” Yu Feng said sincerely. 

    The others naturally understood what Yu Feng meant. Although the match seemed like a draw, Yu Feng had lost the battle. The reason was very simple. Jiang Chen was two grades lower than Yu Feng. If both of them had the same level of cultivation base, the outcome would be imaginable. Yu Feng definitely wouldn’t be a match for Jiang Chen.

    “Brother Yu, does know how to joke.”

    Jiang Chen returned to his young and handsome appearance. No one would be able to associate him with the mad dragon just now.

    “It seems the Dragon Hall is going to produce a second Yu Huafan.”

    “I think he’s going to surpass Big Senior Brother. Even Big Senior Brother can’t do what he did at this level.”

    “That’s correct. Master’s eyesight is as sharp as always.”


    Everyone sighed with astonishment. Their Big Senior Brother, Yu Huafan had reached the terrifying Second Grade Great Sovereign realm at a very young age. He had represented Dragon Hall to go on a trial. All of them agreed that Jiang Chen could possibly surpass Yu Huafan in the future.

    Jiang Chen’s residence was an independent courtyard with an extremely nice environment.

    That night, Hong Ying, Yu Feng and the rest of the disciples came to Jiang Chen’s courtyard and had drinks together until midnight before they left.

    “This hall is not bad. If they stand on our side, it definitely will be able to affect the situation in the Immortal Court,” Big Yellow said. Despite his pride, he couldn’t help praising the Dragon Hall.

    Jiang Chen, too, was quite satisfied with his decision, and his decision was indeed a correct one.

    Late at night, a ghostly figure appeared.

    “Who is it?”

    Jiang Chen, who was meditating on a huge green rock, opened his eyes abruptly.

    “Good senses. You can even sense me.” Feng Jingyang nodded and praised.

    “Hall Master,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

    “Since you have become a disciple of my Dragon Hall, call me Master from on,” said Feng Jingyang. 

    There weren’t a lot of people in the Immortal Court that could call Feng Jingyang “Master”.

    “Yes, Master.”

    Jiang Chen smiled wryly in his heart. It seemed as though he had to accept a master in every sect he went. His previous master was Tianji Zi. Now, it was Feng Jingyang, however he didn’t mind it at all. What he cared about was that Feng Jingyang was someone he could make friends with.

    “Jiang Chen, I heard that Heaven Sovereign summoned you yesterday. So I suppose you know the situation in the Immortal Court now?” inquired Feng Jingyang.

    “Yes. I’m very clear about it.” 

    Jiang Chen said with a nod. He wasn’t going to lie because Feng Jingyang wasn’t a fool, and it was pointless to lie. Furthermore, everyone knew that the recruitment was the idea of Heaven Sovereign.

    “What do you plan to do then?” Asked Feng Jingyang.

    “What’s your stand, Master?” Jiang Chen asked back.

    “Me? To be honest, I don’t want to be involved in the conflict of Heaven Sovereign and Star Sovereign. Both of them are capable of being the Sovereign Lord, but the Immortal Court today is no longer what it was. Heaven Sovereign will be defeated if he really fought Star Sovereign. Of course, since Heaven Sovereign was once the Lord of the Immortal Court, I won’t attack him no matter what the outcome is.”

    Feng Jingyang’s stand was clear – he wasn’t helping either of them. 

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