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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1940

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Looking at Jiang Chen’s gradually fading back, Lu Yishan and the others let out a deep sigh. There were always some who were bound to be out of the ordinary. Take Jiang Chen for example, he had been accepted by the Dragon Hall on his first day of arrival. The rest of them only had admiration for him instead of envy, because they knew that it wasn’t luck that brought Jiang Chen into the hall, but his competence.

Ever since they witnessed Jiang Chen’s capability, they knew that he wasn’t limited by just one world or a grade. They felt grateful that they were able to befriend someone like him.

As the Dragon Hall was the number one hall in the Immortal Court, its location was naturally easy to find.

There was a beautiful mountain located at the northeast of the Immortal Court. It was precisely where the Dragon Hall was located. It was similar to the mountain Jiang Chen resided the day before. Although it was located at a corner far from the centre of the Immortal Court, its influence remained unchanged.

There wasn’t even a guard patrolling the summit when Jiang Chen and Big Yellow landed. Jiang Chen didn’t feel surprised because no one in the Immortal Court would dare to come and cause trouble as that was virtually equivalent to seeking death.

“It’s so silent. There isn’t even a greeting ceremony. They are taking this too lightly!” 

Big Yellow muttered with discontentment. In the past, when he was still the Demon Sovereign Dragon Sun, he was revered wherever he went.

“Alright. This is the Dragon Hall after all. Let’s go in.” Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow’s head and strode forward.

The summit was at least four or five times larger than the one Jiang Chen previously resided, also the environment was incredibly suitable for cultivation due to its extremely rich Heaven and Earth immortal qi. Jiang Chen could sense that a powerful formation had been deployed on the entire summit. It was this formation that had gathered the immortal qi, which made it a lot denser than the immortal qi outside the summit.

Jiang Chen arrived in a huge square and looked around but still found no one.

“Could it be that everyone in the Dragon Hall has gone out on a mission?”

Jiang Chen shrugged, wearing a glum look on his face. It felt as if he had been ignored. He was personally recruited by Feng Jingyang. Even if he didn’t have a high status, it was humiliating to be neglected in such a manner.

*Hong Long……*

At this moment, a rumble broke out from the void followed by a strong howl of wind before an enormous golden palm fell from above, enveloping the whole square.


Big Yellow was angered. Such a method of welcoming was no doubt unique.

“Don’t attack Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen hastened to stop him. He transformed into his half-dragon form in an instant, and stuck out the True Dragon Palm at lightning speed. He knew that someone must have wanted to test his strength because he couldn’t sense the slightest bit of killing intent from it.

He had inquired everything about Dragon Hall the day before, and had learned that each disciple of the hall was heaven-defying and extremely proud. Knowing that a newly-arrived Immortal Venerable was personally recruited by their hall master, some of them naturally wanted to know what made Feng Jingyang want to bring Jiang Chen into the hall. 

*Hong Long……*

A deafening roar was produced from the collision of the flaming True Dragon Palm and the huge golden palm, which ripped apart the spatial zone of the void above. Lines of cracks appeared on the ground. However, despite the powerful impact, Jiang Chen just stood rooted on the ground, his facial expression remained unchanged as though nothing had happened. Apparently, the attack just now didn’t have any effect on him.


An admiring voice sounded from the sky. Then, more than a dozen silhouettes emerged like ghostly figures. The qi emitted from them gave people palpitations.

Jiang Chen looked up and saw 14 of them. Four were females and the ten were males. All of them looked so young, about twenty five or twenty six years old. Each of them wore the unique pride of a young genius on their face. The lowest cultivation base amongst them was at the peak of Immortal Venerable realm. Aside from the six Immortal Venerables, the remaining eight were mighty half-step Sovereigns.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help heaving a sigh upon seeing such a force. If these were the geniuses Dragon Shisan had to fight during the son-in-law competition, he certainly couldn’t handle them.

“Junior Brother Jiang, welcome to the Dragon Hall.”

A red-clad woman said to Jiang Chen sincerely with a smile. The others followed suit. This was a world where only the strong was respected. Apparently, Jiang Chen’s performance just now had gotten the acknowledgment of these disciples.

“Greetings, Senior Brothers and Sisters.” Jiang Chen clasped his fists at them composedly.

“Junior Brother Jiang is truly talented. Despite being only an intermediate Immortal Venerable, you were still able to resist the attack of Senior Brother Yu Feng. We wouldn’t believe it if we didn’t see it with our own eyes.”

“That’s right. Senior Brother Yu Feng is a powerful half-step Sovereign that can kill an ordinary First Grade Great Sovereign with a full-fledged attack. The fact that Junior Brother Jiang isn’t wounded or even shaken by the attack of Senior Brother Yu Feng is truly incredible. None of our talents can be compared to yours.”

“This explained why Master has gone out to personally recruit you. It seems that Master’s eyesight is still as keen as always.”

“Junior Brother Jiang, from now on, you will officially become one of us. Welcome.”


Everyone praised Jiang Chen generously. The incident today had shown Jiang Chen how united the Dragon Hall was. Clearly, there wasn’t infighting amongst them. Although all of them were proud, they appreciated and respected the strong. So naturally, Jiang Chen had gotten their acknowledgment by displaying his strength. He was quite satisfied that he was one of them now. 

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