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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1938

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“Hall Master Feng.”

Yuan Cheng and Li Yuan immediately saluted Feng Jingyang. Even though Dragon Hall and Leopard Hall normally didn’t get along well, Feng Jingyang was an influential figure that Yuan Cheng wouldn’t dare to disrespect. After all, the gap between them was too significant.

“Two seniors coming here to bully a new disciple? Do you know what shame is?”

Feng Jingyang spoke reproachfully even though Yuan Cheng was a member of the Leopard Hall.

He does have an interesting temperament! 

Jiang Chen smiled after learning that Feng Jingyang was in line with his disposition – dominant and overbearing. Plus, Feng Jingyang also had a very powerful combat strength. It would be great if there was such an expert on Heaven Sovereign’s side. 

Furthermore, Jiang Chen could see that these halls didn’t get along well, which was favourable to him because it would be harder to gather followers if everyone in the Immortal Court was extremely cohesive.

“Hall Master Feng. Jiang Chen violently attacked an elder, and the other disciples on his first day of arrival. You can take a look at how many of them are lying on the ground. We have to regain the dignity of the Immortal Court by passing a serious punishment on this presumptuous individual,” said Li Yuan with indignation.

“You can’t represent the dignity of the Immortal Court.”

Feng Jingyang darted Li Yuan a cold glance before shifting his eyes to Jiang Chen, as though implying him to explain the situation.

“Greetings, Hall Master. It’s true that disciple has attacked your people, but it was merely an act of defence. In truth. I was the victim here. I am innocent,” said Jiang Chen seriously.

Many of them, particularly the ones who were lying on the ground, almost spewed out blood when they heard the word “victim” and “innocent”. They hammered the ground with their fists and shouted “bastard” in their hearts.

“Explain to me what made you innocent.”

Feng Jingyang said with interest. Of course, he, a dignified figure of the Immortal Court, wouldn’t have come here if Jiang Chen had nothing that interested him.

Jiang Chen feigned tidying his clothes. He had absolute certainty that Feng Jingyang had been observing this incident from the very beginning. The fact that Feng Jingyang still wanted Jiang Chen to explain showed that he was standing on Jiang Chen’s side. Jiang Chen naturally couldn’t disappoint Feng Jingyang.

“The Immortal Court is a supreme existence in Fengchi Immortal Domain and must have its own rules. Therefore, I would like to ask what rule in the Immortal Court states that the newly-arrived disciples should pay protection fees?” Jiang Chen spoke aloud. 


Li Yuan was at a loss for words because the Immortal Court undoubtedly didn’t have such a rule. 

“Li Song and his comrades had come to bully us after learning our arrival. They said that each of us had to take out 200 000 Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones as protection fee, or else we will suffer. As we are all honest and forthright people, we didn’t give in to their blackmail. Later, Li Song and his comrades came, saying that they were going to teach us a lesson. This should be called presumptuous, shouldn’t it? They can only blame themselves for their incompetence, and disciple had merely defended himself during the fight. I would like to ask the two elders, what would you do if you were in my position? Would you stand there and wait for your opponent’s attack to hit you when you are in a fight?” Jiang Chen’s voice was clear and firm. What he said was irrefutable.

After listening to Jiang Chen’s words, Yuan Cheng’s facial expression turned incomparably unpleasant and cast a glare at Li Yuan who only told him that there was a powerful Demon Sovereign to handle. It put him to shame now that Feng Jingyang had interfered in the matter, and the truth had been revealed,

“Li Yuan, what else do you have to say?”

Feng Jingyang said, greatly impressed by Jiang Chen’s response. Jiang Chen not only had heaven-defying talent, but was also quick-witted. 

“It was Li Song’s fault that this incident had happened. So let’s forget about this matter,” Li Yuan said through clenched teeth. 

Anyone could sense the indignation in his words. Feng Jingyang had apparently come to help Jiang Chen. If he insisted in his opinion, he would surely offend Feng Jingyang. Everyone knew the bad temper of this hall master. He might be slapped to death if he really angered Feng Jingyang, and Star Sovereign wouldn’t punish or even reproach Feng Jingyang of his actions.

“Jiang Chen, what do you think?” Feng Jingyang looked over at Jiang Chen.

“I don’t think we should let this matter rest just like that. Just like what I’ve said earlier, Elder Li Yuan had to take out 5.6 million Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones. Li Song and his comrades had come causing us troubles. So I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some ransom from Elder Li. My fellow brothers have been longing to come to Immortal Court, but they didn’t think that they would suffer such a major blow on their first day of arrival. This has made them feel scared and unconfident, but with the ransom of Elder Li, it will be sufficient to heal the trauma in their hearts.” Each sentence that Jiang Chen spoke sounded just and firm.

However, a lot of people felt like fainting after listening to what he said. This was too shameless. He couldn’t let go of the ransom even at the last moment.

Even Lu Yishan and the rest were rolling their eyes. It was already considered not bad to them that the matter could be resolved so calmly. They were afraid that only Jiang Chen had the boldness of wanting Li Yuan’s fortune.

“Jiang Chen, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch.” Li Yuan bellowed.

“Li Yuan, I think what Jiang Chen said is reasonable. You all were the ones who tried to collect protection fees from them at the very beginning. It’s only fair that you all have to pay a ransom for the release of your people.”

Feng Jingyang spoke, totally unconcerned of Li Yuan’s feelings.

Everyone began looking at Li Yuan with pity. He had no choice but to accept his fate because he had encountered Feng Jingyang, widely known as the overbearing dictator. Now, even an idiot could see that Feng Jingyang was going to take Jiang Chen to the Dragon Hall. Given the stubbornness of Feng Jingyang, he would find anything that Jiang Chen did as reasonable. 

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