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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1930

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Lu Yishan and the others were filled with astonishment and hope after seeing the transformation of Jiang Chen.

Opposite, Li Song and the others were frowning at the dragon-formed Jiang Chen, however they were also deeply amazed by his transformation technique. It was already considered terrifying for a taboo technique to boost one’s combat strength by two or even three times. They had never seen a taboo technique that could raise one’s strength by tenfold. This was undoubtedly heaven-defying.

However, it didn’t intimidate Wei Hui because he thought that he already knew how powerful Jiang Chen was.

“So this is what made you so arrogant?”

Wei Hui said disdainfully. In his point of view, any taboo technique that boosted combat strength would have tremendous side effects. The greater the boost of strength, the greater the side effects. Plus, such combat strength would only be temporary. Once the time passed, the user would fall into a period of vulnerability.

Unfortunately, he had very little understanding of Jiang Chen. The dragon form was one of Jiang Chen’s original forms and unique combat state. With the strong support of the True Dragon Bloodline and inexhaustible combat strength, the technique wouldn’t have the slightest bit of side effect on him.


Just as his words dropped, he suddenly felt a force pressing against his body from above, making him almost flop down on the ground. Despite his arrogance, he still staggered, losing all the composure he had a second ago.

It was the Great Earth Prison. Jiang Chen hadn’t used this technique for a very long time. After all, almost all the battles he fought took place in the void. The fact that Wei Hui was standing on the ground gave Jiang Chen the chance to use this skill again, and from the result, it seemed like this technique was pretty effective.


Not giving Wei Hui any chance to react, Jiang Chen cast the Great Void Technique and appeared in front of Wei Hui, slamming down the True Dragon Palm Seal from above.

Presently, Wei Hui was still in a state of shock, and had yet to readjust his qi. Given the unmatched speed of the Great Void Technique, he might not have the chance to react even in a head-on battle, let alone in a situation like this.


The ferocious True Dragon Palm fell on Wei Hui. Letting out a wail, he was slammed to the ground by the enormous palm, a deep crater was created in the ground. Looking at the crater from above, it seemed like a tremendous claw of a dragon.

The next moment, Wei Hui climbed out from the pit, his body covered with blood, looking incredibly unpleasant. He wailed angrily, but it was no use because as soon as he reached the top of the pit, he was slammed once more by Jiang Chen’s palm.

Everyone was stunned by the scene, each of them gaped at Jiang Chen in disbelief, particularly Lu Yishan and his comrades who now have great admiration for Jiang Chen.

“This…this is too incredible.”

Yang Ming gulped with difficulty. Jiang Chen’s means was too heaven-defying. Everyone knew that the opponent wasn’t an ordinary late Immortal Venerable, but a genius. Nevertheless, the opponent was powerless before Jiang Chen’s attack and was slammed into the pit once more.

“Is this bastard still human? How can he be so ferocious?”

“He’s merely an early Immortal Venerable. He’s just too heaven-defying.”

“Even Brother Wei Hui is defeated by him. When did such a monstrous genius appear in Fengchi Immortal Domain?”

Those who followed Li Song were startled. By now, they finally understood why Jiang Chen was so arrogant.

In truth, the cause of Wei Hui’s defeat wasn’t his incompetence, but his carelessness. He had underestimated his opponent. The sudden attack of the Great Earth Prison made him panic, which was destructive when he was facing such a powerful opponent.

Jiang Chen shifted his attention away from the pit because he knew that Wei Hui could no longer stand up.

He turned to face Li Song and stretched out his arm. “There are seven of them now, a total of 4.9 million in ransom.”

It was a daylight robbery. Qiao Hui who was still lying on the ground almost fainted when he heard those words. It made him understand what shamelessness really was today.

“Jiang Chen, your power does surprise me, but you shouldn’t have offended me, because you can’t afford to. Today, I’ll personally teach you the greatest lesson,” said Li Song coldly and proudly. Qi waves rose outside his body. It seemed like he was ready to attack.


Li Song flew up to the sky, and created a battlefield with a wave of his hand. He saw that Wei Hui had lost because he had fallen into Jiang Chen’s trap. So he immediately flew to the sky, not giving Jiang Chen any chances to launch any sneak attacks.

Moreover, he surely wouldn’t underestimate Jiang Chen anymore. His expression turned stern. He had already regarded Jiang Chen as a true opponent.

“Good. Brother Li’s cultivation base is already at the peak of late Immortal Venerable realm. He’s a top genius amongst the ordinary disciples, and the one who most likely advance to the half-step Sovereign realm at the shortest time. His power is so much greater compared to Brother Wei Hui. No matter how incredible Jiang Chen is, he’s still an early Immortal Venerable. He won’t be a match for Brother Li.”

“Yes. Brother Li’s Nine Heavy Waves has already reached the peak of perfection. Dealing with Jiang Chen is just too easy.”

“Jiang Chen is finished this time. No matter how heaven-defying he is, he shouldn’t have made Brother Li his enemy. Given the identity of Brother Li, he won’t be punished even if he kill Jiang Chen right away.”

The followers of Li Song was undoubtedly very optimistic about the outcome of the battle. All along, Li Song had been their idol, which gave rise to their blind admiration towards him.

*Whoosh…* *Whoosh…* *Whoosh…*

The qi waves had attracted plenty of people. One by one, they flew to the summit to find out what was happening. Soon, all of them knew that a newly arrived disciple was fighting Li Song, who was a very influential figure amongst the ordinary disciples. This, undoubtedly, would spread and become a major news in the Immortal Court.  

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