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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1927

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Letting out a scream, the man was sent flying roughly a thousand meters away by Jiang Chen’s foot, and fell from the mountain peak.

Upon seeing this, Lu Yishan and the rest of their group began to feel excited. This kick of Jiang Chen was anger-relieving and helped them establish a standing. They suddenly felt that they had underestimated Jiang Chen’s strength. They knew that the one who attacked Jiang Chen just now was as powerful as any one of them. 

Even an intermediate Immortal Venerable wouldn’t be able to send an early Immortal Venerable genius away with just a stamp.


The followers of Qiao Huan gaped at Jiang Chen. They could see that Jiang Chen only had the cultivation base of an early Immortal Venerable realm just like them, but his power was horrifying.

“You are Jiang Chen?” Qiao Huan frowned and sized Jiang Chen up.

“That’s correct. Since you have come to collect protection fees from us , each of you will have to leave behind 500 000 Venerable Grade Immortal Meta Stones before you can leave,” said Jiang Chen plainly, but the unquestionable pride in his words gave people trepidation.

“Haha! What a conceited newcomer! It seems like you don’t even have the slightest clue about your own situation. You think you can be arrogant just because you have extraordinary talent? I will remind you again that this place is the Immortal Court. You’d better put away your arrogance.” Qiao Huan laughed contemptuously. 

“Why are you talking so much nonsense? Let’s have a fight,” prompted Jiang Chen.

“Courting death!”

Two experts rushed forward from both sides before Qian Huan acted. Both of them were also at the early Immortal Venerable realm. Despite knowing that their comrade had already been sent flying away by just a kick of the newcomer, they were still very confident in themselves, thinking that it was merely an accident. They would like to see how Jiang Chen was going to deal with the two of them.

*Pa!* *Pa!*

Jiang Chen’s movement was pretty simple. He just stood there motionlessly, raised his palm, and slapped the two disciples the moment they reached him.

“Ah!” “Ah!”

Uttering two wails, they fell flat on the ground. The slap had broken all of the teeth from which blood was spewing out continuously.

Everyone was shocked once more. Even Lu Yishan and the rest couldn’t help sucking in a breath of cold air. Such strength was just too terrifying.

Sending the first disciple away might be an accident, but this certainly wasn’t. In this fight, Jiang Chen had perfectly shown his combat strength, which was beyond their imagination. An early Immortal Venerable was just an insect that could be crushed at any time before him. 

“You’re lucky that you are disciples of Immortal Court, otherwise you would be dead by now.” Jiang Chen looked down at the two and spoke scornfully.

This wasn’t arrogance but the plain truth, because to Jiang Chen, killing them was as easy as blowing off dust.

Of the six people, only two early Immortal Venerables and Qiao Huan were left. 

Currently, even Qiao Huan wasn’t looking too good. Jiang Chen’s power had exceeded his imagination. He had no confidence even if he was the one facing Jiang Chen.

However, he would never concede defeat, otherwise, not only would he lose his face in front of the newcomers, but also in front of all other ordinary disciples. Furthermore, if he retreated without a fight, the one that instructed him to cause trouble certainly wouldn’t let him go.

“Brother Qiao, this bastard is no doubt powerful. It seems you have to fight him personally,” one of his followers whispered.

Qiao Huan’s qi shook. The qi of intermediate Immortal Venerable was released in an instant, spreading across the top of the mountain. The difference in strength between two cultivation levels was undoubtedly tremendous.

“Jiang Chen, what you did today has plunged you into a point of no return. You may still have a chance if you kneel and apologize now,” said Qiao Huan coolly, his face full of fury.

“You talk too much.” Jiang Chen shook his head, appearing somewhat annoyed.

“Since you are asking to die, I’ll fulfil your wish. I’m eager to find out how powerful an early Immortal Venerable actually is.”

Qiao Huan moved, channelling almost all of his energy to his palm, then thrust it forward. It seemed he had already decided to kill Jiang Chen with this strike.

Jiang Chen shook his head once more. Such combat strength was just too weak for him. 


Jiang Chen also moved, sending out a palm strike as well. 

The two palms collided with each other. Waves of qi burst out from from the collision, enshrouding the entire martial arena. In the countless pairs of astonished eyes, the palm attack of Qiao Huan was destroyed in an instant.

Jiang Chen’s attack didn’t stop after that. It appeared on top of the head of Qiao Huan.

“Not good!”

Qiao Huan was alarmed. Sensing the terrifying power of Jiang Chen, he finally understood the gap between him and Jiang Chen. The energy emanated from his opponent was pressing against him like a mountain, making his breathing difficult.

Unfortunately, it was a little late to realise this now. He wouldn’t be able to resist Jiang Chen’s attack even if he used all of his strenght.



Similarly, there was another wail and Qiao Huan was slapped to the ground by Jiang Chen, creating a crater on the ground. 

It didn’t make a difference even if the opponent was an intermediate Immortal Venerable. None of them was a match for Jiang Chen.


Commotion resounded in the air. Apart from the two experts that came with Qiao Huan, Lu Yishan and the rest were gaping at the scene. They couldn’t help feeling that they had underestimated Jiang Chen again.

“Brother Jiang is too powerful. Although he’s also an early Immortal Venerable, the difference between him and us is unimaginable.”

“It seems like we really made a wise choice to follow Brother Jiang, otherwise, given our strength, we are bound to be bullied by the people here.”


All of them couldn’t help but sigh. 

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