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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1920

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“Which one of you is Jiang Chen? Hurry up here and die.”

A sturdy man dashed up the platform with full dominance and spoke arrogantly. He was precisely Yu Liang from the Eastern Domain. He was the first to rush forward after knowing the name of his opponent. It seemed he couldn’t wait to display his skills in front of the elder of the Immortal Court.

Being a peak early Immortal Venerable was indeed outstanding amongst the participants. Geniuses with this cultivation base were considered one of the best, whether in terms of strength or talent. They were the popular candidate for this selection. 

In truth, if there was no accident, given Yu Liang’s capability, he indeed would become one of the ten winners and be taken to the place he dreamed of.

Being a young Immortal Venerable, he was used to behaving arrogantly. He never put anyone in his eyes. And, knowing that Fengluo Sect had no powerful disciples, he didn’t expect much from his opponent.

Nevertheless, he was going to use Jiang Chen to make a good start, and attract Han Feng’s attention. As long as Han Feng noticed his potential, it would be tremendously beneficial to his future development in the Immortal Court.

Of course, imagination was always nice and beautiful. There were always many impossible possibilities in this world. Fate often joked with us at such critical moments.

Just like now, Yu Liang’s fate was definitely having a huge joke with him.

He glanced around with his bright eyes, looking for traces of Jiang Chen. At the same time, he didn’t forget to glance at the composed Han Feng who smiled at him. This boosted his confidence even more and he felt inflated.

Haha! The elder of the Immortal Court is beginning to notice me. Given my talent, it’s logical that I’ll catch his attention. The moment this Jiang Chen comes up, I’m going to kill him with a single strike. I won’t give him any chance to resist. This will be sufficient to manifest my power.

Yu Liang laughed heartily and began imagining the picture of the next scene. The smile of Han Feng had given him lots of motivation.

However, it was a pity that he couldn’t see through the meaning behind the smile. 

“Hehe! Brother Jiang, someone is saying that he wants to kill you.” An elder of Fengluo Sect snickered.

Jiang Chen shook his head, feeling speechless. He walked forward and leaped onto the battle platform. As Big Yellow said, this selection was just too boring and meaningless.

Every expert of Fengluo Sect was showing a relaxed look. They already knew the outcome of this battle without having to watch it. After all, the difference in strength between the two combatants was just too great. 

Yu Liang examined Jiang Chen briefly and spoke with a smile, “You’re not bad kid, for having early Immortal Venerable cultivation base, but you’re unlucky to have me as your opponent in the first match. Otherwise, you might have the chance to enter the Immortal Court. Now I’ll give you a chance. As long as you concede defeat and scram, I may spare your life. If you stay here long enough for me to attack you, you will be finished. Even if you still survive, you will become a cripple.”

What he said was too arrogant. Jiang Chen felt like laughing. He was clueless where this bastard had gotten all this confidence from.

“Frankly, I don’t feel like crippling you at all.”

Jiang Chen spoke with a bored look. The contempt within his words immediately sparked Yu Liang’s anger. Waves of qi swept across the platform like a tide.

“Kid, no one has ever dared to speak to me in such a manner, because all of them had died. Since you are courting death, let me fulfill your wish,” Yu Liang said. 

He then ferociously stuck out a punch with qi as heavy as a mountain. A huge crater was created in the void. In the blink of an eye, it reached Jiang Chen. Thick killing intent enshrouded Jiang Chen in an instant, but such intent didn’t affect him in the slightest.

Just as Yu Liang’s fist was about to hit Jiang Chen, a hint of coldness flashed past his eyes. The fact that Yu Liang declared that he was going to cripple Jiang Chen with a single strike was a good reason for Jiang Chen to destroy him.


Jiang Chen’s fist was sent out like lightning. A golden red fist, that contained immense energy, colliding fiercely with Yu Liang’s punch. This was his first match after he advanced to the Immortal Venerable realm. As such, he felt quite disappointed that his opponent turned out to be a young early Immortal Venerable.



Just as the two punches collided, a shrill cry was heard over the sky of Monarch Mountain. Under the gaze of countless people, the arm of the incomparably arrogant Yu Liang was blown into dregs; cracks appeared on the skin of half of his body, blood gushing out from the wounds.

He was nearly finished by this punch.


The crowd was stunned, all gaping at the scene on the battle platform. Owing to the drawing of lots having just ended, many of the combatants hadn’t had the time to go to the other battle platforms. So the battle had made Yu Liang and Jiang Chen the centre of attention. Numerous people had expected Yu Liang to win, but the result was such a huge contrast to their expectation.

“Impossible! This isn’t possible at all.”

“Who exactly is that Jiang Chen? Why haven’t I heard of such a powerful genius before in Fengluo Sect? This is just too terrifying. Even a peak early Immortal Venerable is no match for him, and is crippled by just a single punch.”

“Such a genius is too horrifying. I never thought that there will be a dark horse in this selection.”


Everyone was shocked. Yu Liang hadn’t stopped screaming in pain. The face of his seniors and comrades changed dramatically. All their hopes had been dashed, which they found undoubtedly unacceptable.


Jiang Chen wouldn’t bother killing Yu Liang. He waved his hand; a wave of qi hit Yu Liang’s body, sending him down the platform.

Yu Liang was now basically crippled. That punch of Jiang Chen had not only destroyed his body but also his soul essence. So, even if he wasn’t dead, he was still finished. 

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