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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1916

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Jiang Chen trusted that Fenghua Zi would arrange the rest of the matters for him. He didn’t spend the following time conversing with the Sect Master and headed towards the cultivation place of Jiang Zhenhai. The fact that the Immortal Court was recruiting disciples was a first-class event to the entire Fengchi Immortal Domain. Countless major powers had begun their preparation. Naturally, Fengluo Sect was one of them but their genius disciples didn’t seem to have any advantages over the other geniuses, so it was undoubtedly great that Jiang Chen was willing to take part on behalf of their sect.

The entire sect knew about the capability of Jiang Chen, and that no genius in Fengchi Immortal Domain was a match for him. To put it bluntly, as long as Jiang Chen participated in the competition, he would surely get the first place and Fengluo Sect would achieve instant fame, which was rare.

Also, the Immortal Court had announced that the major powers of those selected disciples would obtain handsome rewards. These rewards, needless to say, was sumptuous. After all, this was the Immortal Court’s first time recruiting disciples. Their reputation would be in jeopardy if the rewards they provided were indecent and to them, there was nothing more important than reputation.

The residence of Jiang Zhenhai was as tranquil as always. It was one of the best cultivation places in Fengluo Sect. Given Jiang Zhenhai’s identity, he simply wasn’t qualified to stay here, let alone inhabit here alone, undisturbed.

However, everyone in Fengluo Sect treated Jiang Zhenhai as respectfully as how they treated their ancient ancestor. No doubt, Jiang Zhenhai wasn’t any powerful expert, but he had a very capable son.

It was rare for the father and son to sit together and chat for such a long time.

Jiang Zhenhai sighed and gazed at the sky above. He had never thought that there would be such a day even in his dreams.

“Chen Er, do you remember Fragrant Sky City? Who would have thought that you and I would sit at the pinnacle of the Immortal World today?”

Jiang Chen, too, sighed. For a time, he was merely the young lord of Fragrant Sky City. He also hadn’t thought that he would leave the city one day. He thought Fragrant Sky City would be the place he would spend his remaining life until his death. He thought that the city was his destiny and where he belonged. However, all of these changed because of him. It began from Fragrant Sky City to Red City, to Qi Province, to Divine Continent, to Saint Origin Palace, and then the Immortal World. Too many things had happened along the way, each of which felt like a dream to Jiang Zhenhai.

Jiang Chen was his son, and also the biggest pride in his life. Regardless of how far Jiang Chen would go, his son would have his unconditional support.

“Of course, I remember them. That time Jiang Rulong tried to frame me, and was killed by me eventually. And there was the battle against Murong Family and Murong Xiaorou of whom I still have the most impression. All of these recollections seem to have happened just yesterday,” replied Jiang Chen with a smile. The images of the past constantly emerging in his mind made him realize that time passed too quickly.

His whole life consisted of a series of miracles. He was the creator of miracles, and had dominated Saint Origin World. Although he had survived a few crises in the Immortal World, he still had a long way to go

Both the father and son were chatting and laughing so cheerfully that they had lost track of time. They felt that time passed too quickly when they found out that dawn had already broken. They enjoyed and cherished such moment very much because there were too few of such.

The next day, Jiang Chen went into seclusion in the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The situation didn’t allow him to relax. The matter of Nanbei Chao, Nangong Wentian, the Immortal Court, Ling Er, and Sovereign Domain and the Barbarian World gave him a tremendous amount of pressure. He needed to improve his strength as fast as possible because only then could he cope with unforeseen events in the near future.

There was still one more day to go before the trials on Monarch Mountain, which was enough for him to stabilize his cultivation base and foundation in the Venerable realm.

In the spatial zone of the thirty-third level, Big Yellow had already integrated more than half of his body with the young Demon Sovereign. At this rate, it would take at most half a month’s time to complete, which was only half a day’s time outside the pagoda.

“Never thought that this bastard had such an impressive origin. I wonder how much his cultivation base will advance the moment he fully integrated with the Sovereign body. At least, he should be more powerful than Nanbei Chao and Xiao Yu.”

Jiang Chen looked at the sleeping Big Yellow and said with a smile. All along, sleep had always seemed to be the only way for Big Yellow to cultivate.

He had reason to believe that Big Yellow’s cultivation base would exceed Nanbei Chao’s and Yan Chenyu’s. After all, Big Yellow was a formidable Demon Sovereign in the past, who was more powerful compared to the average Ninth Grade Great Sovereigns. Great Sovereign Batian and Empress Nine Yin were no match for him because their cultivation base was only around the Eighth Grade Great Sovereign at that time.

According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, Big Yellow’s cultivation base would at least be at the half-step Sovereign or even Great Sovereign the moment he awakens.

In any case, he eagerly anticipated the time Big Yellow awakens.

Half a month’s time passed by like a glimpse. Jiang Chen’s cultivation base and foundation had basically been stabilized. When he opened his eyes after the seclusion, he saw a layer of divine-looking golden light surrounding Big Yellow’s body.

Presently, the young Demon Sovereign had disappeared, leaving only Big Yellow himself.

“He has done it.”

Jiang Chen was thrilled. Such situation indicated that Big Yellow had fully integrated with the Sovereign body. A golden cocoon had enveloped Big Yellow’s body, and his qi was rising continuously.

It was like a non-stop development. It didn’t show any sign of stopping even after rising from the late Immortal Venerable to peak late Immortal Venerable, and half-step Sovereign.

“It seems he’s going to break through to the Great Sovereign realm.”

Jiang Chen was overjoyed. Sure enough, Big Yellow had exceeded the half-step Sovereign realm, and was even advancing towards the First Grade Great Sovereign realm. He believed that this kind of rich energy was enough to push Big Yellow’s cultivation realm to the Sovereign realm.


Just as Big Yellow hit the peak of the half-step Sovereign realm, he opened his eyes abruptly and let out a roar. The shape of his body began to change. The dragon horns on his head glowed brilliantly. Dragon scales were growing and covering the skin of his body. He had turned from a dog to an extremely divine and extraordinary dragon-horse. His brilliant wings were flapping constantly.

The golden light shone once more. His body changed again, transforming into a human – a young man in a cloak. He seemed around the age of fifteen or sixteen. He had a handsome look and a pair of dazzling golden eyes. The golden waves of qi that were fluttering his cloak made him look incredibly mystical.  

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