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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1907

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“Big Brother.”

Zuo Ling Er being extremely thrilled, threw herself into Jiang Chen’s arms in an instant. Although they had never met each other ever since Jiang Chen ascended to the Immortal World, but the image of Jiang Chen had never disappeared in her heart. After all, he was a legend in her life, and she always thought about meeting him again someday.

However, the moment she arrived in the Barbarian World, she knew that she would never see him again. Nevertheless, today, when her life was in danger, Jiang Chen appeared in front of her like a miracle. It reminded her of the big brother who used to protect her in Nebula Sect.

Coupled with the incidents that befell her during her stay the Barbarian World, her emotions got the better of her.

Yang Junlong and Dragon Shisan now understood why Jiang Chen attacked the barbarians without hesitation. It seemed that they not only knew each other, but also had an extraordinary relationship.

“Why is this bastard so fortunate that every girl he knows is an unparalleled beauty? He’s making me jealous,” Dragon Shisan spoke, feeling slightly irritated.

Yang Junlong was still worried about the bloodline of Zuo Ling Er because she belonged to the Barbarian World, which was a tremendous threat to the Immortal World.

Jiang Chen was presently feeling uneasy as Zuo Ling Er was no longer the little girl she used to be. Her soft and sensual body and fragrant scent sent a jolt down his back.

“What are you crying for? Do you know that you look ugly when you cry?”

Jiang Chen consoled her. He had never thought that he would meet Zuo Ling Er here, he was naturally overjoyed.

She only began to gain control over her emotions after crying for a moment. She wiped her tears and let go of his arms.

“Big brother, you have taken advantage of me,” Zuo Ling Er placed both of her hands on her waist and spoke unreasonably.

“Uh……” Jiang Chen was at a loss for words. Wasn’t she the one who leaped into his arms in the first place? Why was he being blamed now? Where’s justice?

Of course, he had long understood one fact that it was most unwise to reason with women.

“Big brother, do I look good?”

Zuo Ling Er moved her head close to Jiang Chen’s face, her big and limpid eyes sparkling.

“Ah?” Jiang Chen was dumbstruck as he didn’t see this question coming.

“Yes,” he replied intuitively which was the undeniable truth.

“Hehe! Big brother, marry me then.” Zuo Ling Er giggled.

Immediately, Jiang Chen stuck out his finger and flicked it at her forehead.

“Stop fooling around, little girl.”

Jiang Chen spoke with slight impatience, but he was relieved to see the cute Zuo Ling Er again. After all, he didn’t know what she had experienced in the Barbarian World, and feared that the naïve Zuo Ling Er was gone.

“We’ve just had a battle here, so let’s go somewhere else.” Yang Junlong reminded.

“Okay.” Jiang Chen nodded and left with Zuo Ling Er.

The four of them found another barren valley and landed.

“Ling Er, how did you get to the Barbarian World?”

Jiang Chen asked. Next to him, Yang Junlong and Dragon Shisan were fixing their eyes on Zuo Ling Er. They could already guess that Zuo Ling Er also came from the world below just like Jiang Chen, and the fact that she ended up in the Barbarian World must have something to do with her bloodline.

“During my ascension, the bloodline of the Barbarian God inside my body was stimulated which caused my ascension to deviate from the original path. It might also because my qi had been detected by the people of the Barbarian World and they had used some powerful technique to guide me to their world,” said Zuo Ling Er.

The three of them nodded in response to Zuo Ling Er’s recount. If it wasn’t because of Zuo Ling Er’s bloodline, she would have ascended to the Immortal World.

“Little girl, how did you end up as the saintess of Wuke Family then? As far as I know, Wuke Family is a noble family in the Barbarian World. The family’s grand ancestor was on par with Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian.” Yang Junlong asked.

“I have no idea. I was led to Wuke Family after I reached the Barbarian World. Owing to my Barbarian God Bloodline, I was strongly nurtured by them, and was made the saintess of the family and given the name, Wuke Ling Er, but I was very clear that they had accepted me not because of me but for the sake of my bloodline, because someone powerful in the family wants to extract my bloodline. However, due to my bloodline having not matured yet, they have been giving me intensive training. They will only extract my bloodline after my cultivation base reaches the Great Sovereign realm,” said Zuo Ling Er. 

She was an intelligent girl. She knew that Wu Ke Family had an ulterior motive for being nice to her. That was to say, her current circumstance was extremely dangerous, but there was nothing she could do about it. After all, her cultivation base was still too weak to change her situation or put up any effective resistance.

“It seems the barbarians do have wild ambitions. Fortunately, we have met you here. Otherwise, the power of the figure who absorbs your bloodline in Wuke Family is surely going to skyrocket, putting the Immortal World in real jeopardy.”

Yang Junlong sighed with relief. He knew full well how horrifying the pure bloodline of the Barbarian God was. The appearance of Zuo Ling Er was enough to change the history of the Barbarian World or even the fate of the Immortal World.

“Ling Er, doesn’t that mean you were under constant threat while you were in Wuke Family?” said Jiang Chen, feeling somewhat sorry for the psychological pressure she had endured.

“My current situation is indeed very precarious. The more powerful my bloodline becomes, the faster my cultivation base advances. Coupled with the nurture of Wuke Family, it’s only a matter of time before I reach the Great Sovereign realm. I’m lucky to have met big brother today. From today onwards, I won’t return to Wuke Family and will follow you,” said Zuo Ling Er with delight.

“Of course. After finding Big Yellow, we’ll return to the Immortal World together,” replied Jiang Chen with a smile.

“Big Yellow? What happened to him?” Zuo Ling Er asked hastily. 

She had wanted to ask Jiang Chen why they had come to Desolate Ancient Land, but now, she got her answer – they had come here for Big Yellow. 

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