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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1906

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The man finally moved upon seeing that the five were still unable to take down the young girl. He appeared amongst them with a twist of his body and sent out a black fist consisting of unparalleled barbaric force. A barbaric image was formed as it hurtled towards the pretty girl.

Although astonished, the girl did not fail to also send out a punch. The force that radiated from her fist was golden and seemed incomparably holy, entirely different from the gloomy qi that emanated from the other barbarians.

*Hong Long……*

The terrifying attacks and qi waves collided with each other, instantly ripping apart the void. Although the girl possessed formidable bloodline, her cultivation base was still too weak. She might be able to fight five opponents who were one level higher than her, but she could not fight an opponent two levels higher than her cultivation base, and moreover, the man was also a very capable genius.

More importantly, she seemed to lack the experience of battle and massacre, which made her inferior to those who had spent all their time massacring.


She was sent flying three hundred meters away and spurted out a mouthful of blood, her face slightly paled.

“Jiateng Xun, how dare you attack me? Aren’t you afraid of the vengeance of Wuke Family?” said the girl coldly.

“*Jie…**Jie…* Wuke Ling Er, the Saintess of Wuke Family, the only one who has the pure bloodline of the Barbarian God…the temptation is too great. Besides, our life and death are decreed by fate the moment we entered this place. This is the rule of our race. You should be very clear about this as you have been in the Barbarian World for so long. As long as you give away your bloodline to me, I’ll spare your life and make you my wife. You’ll be able to enjoy endless riches and fame,” said Jiateng Xun. Jiateng Family was also a clan as powerful as Wuke Family.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Wuke Ling Er said then sped towards a direction. She was well aware of the law of survival. Life and death had become a common thing the instant she stepped on this land.

Clearly, Jiateng Xun wouldn’t give her the chance to escape as he knew that it wasn’t easy to entrap this girl. The five barbarian geniuses had sealed the surroundings, and Jiateng Xun had appeared in front of Wuke Ling Er, blocking her path ahead.

“Saintess, you can’t escape. So why don’t you be an obedient girl? I reckon that you already know what I’m capable of.”

Jiateng Xun was wearing a cold look as he approached Wuke Ling Er. This was an opportunity that he would never let go.

At the present moment, Jiang Chen and the other two arrived at the valley and saw what was happening.

“I didn’t think there would be such a beautiful girl in the Barbarian Race.” Dragon Shisan said with surprise.

“What a powerful bloodline! The bloodline of this girl seems extremely pure.”

Yang Junlong was able to see through the extraordinary quality of Wuke Ling Er’s bloodline at first glance with his keen eyesight. Killing intent rose inside of him. Such a genius would be a tremendous threat to the Immortal World. Unlike the Human Race, the purity of bloodline was very important to the Barbarian Race.

When Jiang Chen’s gaze fell upon Wuke Ling Er’s face, amazement filled his face.

“Ling Er.”

That’s right. This girl was precisely Zuo Ling Er. Although she had grown up now, Jiang Chen was still able to recognize her at first glance. It reminded him of the little monstrous girl who had reached the Ninth Grade Combat King in Ran Feng Monastery. 

At that time, both Zuo Family and Kong Family were fighting each other. Later, Zuo Yiyang had recommended Jiang Chen to Nebula Sect. All these scenes flashed in his head the instant he saw Zuo Ling Er.

“Not good. This pretty girl seems to be in danger.” Dragon Shisan shook his head but remained standing.

“We must kill this girl. Her bloodline is too strong. She will be a tremendous threat to the Immortal World,” said Yang Junlong.


Jiang Chen had already rushed out before their voice trailed off. He had transformed into a half-dragon, the Heavenly Saint Sword enshrouded with the flames that could restrain the bloodline of the barbarians materialized in his hand. 

“Who is it?” Jiateng Xun was alerted by the intruder and bellowed.

“Big Brother!”

Tears welled up in Zuo Ling Er’s eyes when she saw Jiang Chen. How long has it been? Although she had grown from a naughty girl to a true beauty, she would never forget her big brother. She knew that there was only Jiang Chen in the Heavens and Earth who could transform into a dragon.

Jiateng Xun had only regained his senses and realized that Jiang Chen wasn’t from the Barbarian World when Jiang Chen was about to reach him, and immediately, he struck out an immense attack.

But unfortunately, he was no match for Jiang Chen. Although Jiang Chen’s present combat strength was enough to kill any ordinary late Immortal Venerables, it might not be powerful enough to kill a late Immortal Venerable genius like Jiateng Xun. However, he was able to suppress the barbarian bloodline of Jiateng Xun.

*Pu Chi!*

Jiateng Xun’s attack was directly destroyed by Jiang Chen’s combat sword and, after that, the sword went through Jiateng Xun’s head, killing him instantly.

His body was then devoured by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

It happened so quickly most of them seemed to be frozen in time. The five late Immortal Venerable geniuses left their mouths wide open.

Not just them, even Yang Junlong and Dragon Shisan were astounded as they initially thought that Jiang Chen was going to kill that young girl.

“What’s going on?” Yang Junlong frowned.

“He’s not attracted to her beautiful looks, is he?” Dragon Shisan seemed to have become speechless.

“He’s from the Immortal World. Run!”

Finally realizing how powerful the intruder was, the five of them turned tail and ran.

“Monkey, what are you standing there for? Don’t let them get away.” Jiang Chen darted a glare at Dragon Shisan as he thrust at one of them with his sword.

Dragon Shisan went after the others at once, knowing that Jiang Chen must have his own reasons for making such a decision.

“Ah!” “Ah!” “Ah!”

Miserable shrieks reverberated in the air, and all five barbarian geniuses fell in an instant. This indicated that these intermediate Immortal Venerable barbarians were too weak for Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan.

The fifty-seventh level of the pagoda was fully condensed after it absorbed all the blood and qi essence of these barbarians. Jiang Chen himself had also benefited significantly from it. His qi had grown a lot stronger.

After that, he returned to his human form and turned to Zuo Ling Er.  

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