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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1905

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Desolate Ancient Land was just too vast. It was incomparably difficult to find any trace of Big Yellow without any clues. Besides, there was a phenomenon here that puzzled Jiang Chen – he found no strange living things in this ancient land. To put it in another way, this land was virtually free of danger without the barbarians, which was entirely different from Golden Horizon.

“I know what you two are thinking. As this land is controlled by the barbarians who are an overbearing race, they won’t allow another kind of living thing to live in this land, but don’t be mistaken. This place is absolutely unsafe. Apart from the strange formations that were left behind after the great war, there were also miniature spatial zones that were created by the Barbarian Sovereigns before they fell. The consequences of falling into these spatial zones are unthinkable.”

Yang Junlong spoke as he noticed the puzzled look on Jiang Chen’s and Dragon Shisan’s faces.

“Furthermore, I can sense a thick killing intent here,” added Dragon Shisan.

“That’s right. This killing intent came from those geniuses. Their trial isn’t the same as ours. Our trial is mainly to find treasures and opportunities, but theirs is to slaughter one another. Of all the different major powers in the Barbarian World, some of them are more domineering than the others, and the principle of their trial is the survival of the fittest. In order to rise to the top, they have to step on the flesh and blood of the others,” explained Yang Junlong.

Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. Such a race was undoubtedly terrifying. Not only were they brutal to their enemies, but also to their own kind. They were the true advocate of only the strongest could become the king. However, one couldn’t deny the terror of such a trial. Those who survived had fundamentally experienced death.

Coupled with the blessing of the barbarian bloodline, they are a tremendous threat to the Immortal World. It was conceivable that humans could hardly be the opponents of these barbarians, particularly those human geniuses of those major powers who hadn’t been on the verge of death before. They might be scared to death by the brutality of the barbarians and flee from the scene before they even fought the battle.

“So if a war really broke out between the Immortal World and the Barbarian World, it will certainly be a catastrophe. After all, there are only very few of our kind who have a special bloodline. Most of our kind are ordinary cultivators and will be doomed to extinction,” said Yang Junlong.

Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan nodded secretly, gaining a better understanding of the terror of the Barbarian Race. They now knew how powerful the Barbarian World was, and the importance of the Sovereign Domain.

*Hong Long……*

Suddenly, an extremely strong battle wave rose in the distance. Immediately, it caught the attention of their group. Although they knew that this might just be one of the massacres amongst the barbarians, it felt most ferocious. Judging from the qi emitted from the battle, the combatants must be at least at the intermediate Immortal Venerable realm.

“There’s undoubtedly a lot of geniuses from the Barbarian World,” sighed Dragon Shisan.

“Let’s go and have a look,” suggested Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, we’d better not interfere in their battle. Remember our objective.” Yang Junlong reminded.

“That’s right, Little Chen. Why do you care about their battle? Finding Big Yellow is our top priority,” Dragon Shisan added. 

They had to find Big Yellow as soon as possible and leave this place. It wasn’t a good thing to stay here for long.

“I sense a familiar qi.” Jiang Chen said, and headed towards the source of the commotion.

Yang Junlong and Dragon Shisan hastened to follow from behind. They were certain that Jiang Chen must have discovered something, otherwise, given his composed character, he wouldn’t choose this time to confront those barbarian geniuses.

There was a huge black valley ahead, with fog lingering above it and gloomy gale rustling. This was precisely where the strong battle waves came from.

Currently, an intense battle was taking place in the valley. There was a black-clad girl who seemed to be only sixteen or seventeen years old. Despite her unparalleled beauty, she emanated the aura of wildness.

Such a girl definitely would wreck a country and bring ruin to the people. She had waist-length dark hair. There was a red mark that gave her an air of holiness branded in between her brows.

Her appearance alone was enough to match the unparalleled beauty of Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu.

Despite the fact that she was fighting five opponents right now, she didn’t seem to be on the losing side. What made her even more divine was that she was only an early Immortal Venerable, whereas the five were all intermediate Immortal Venerables.

She was able to fight five opponents at once. Each strike of hers brimmed with barbaric force strong enough to blow off a mountain. Such a heaven-defying genius could definitely be a first-class genus in the Immortal World.

“Dammit! This little girl is truly the only one who has the authentic bloodline of the Barbarian God. She’s so powerful that not even the five of us combined are a match for her,” one of them spoke, clearly exasperated.

Apart from the five barbarians and the young girl, there was also another man standing behind them in the valley. He wore a black battle armour and seemed to be twenty-three or twenty-four years old. His gaze was fixed on the young girl, full of greed. Of course, he wasn’t attracted by the girl’s beauty, but to her pure bloodline of the Barbarian God.

The Barbarian Race had existed since ancient times, but this man discovered that over time, not only had the purity of their bloodline changed but was also diluting. So it was imaginable how tempting it was when he discovered someone who possessed a complete bloodline of the Barbarian God.

“I didn’t expect the pure bloodline of the Barbarian God to be this powerful. Today, I’m going to draw her bloodline and integrate it into my body. Immediately after that, my cultivation base will surely skyrocket to Barbarian Sovereign realm, and I may become a peerless Barbarian Sovereign in the future or even break through the Sovereign realm and achieve the supreme realm,” the man muttered to himself.

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