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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1900

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Didn’t those two heads belong to the two ancient ancestors? 

It was unexpected that this domineering, mysterious man could behead the two half-step Sovereigns because not even Yan Chenyu could kill them with such ease.   

He wouldn’t have such power unless he was a true Immortal Sovereign.

That’s right. This man is an Immortal Sovereign. Jiang Chen could sense the qi of the Immortal Sovereign from this man, which was the same as Yuan Xiaolei’s. That is to say, this man is also a First Grade Great Sovereign.

It was just that why would a mighty Immortal Sovereign come to help Great Qian Empire at this critical juncture? When had Great Qian Empire come into contact with a Great Sovereign?

All the experts of Great Qian Empire showed a vacant look as if they hadn’t seen this man before.

But when the Old Emperor’s and the others’ eyes fell upon the man, their expression changed.

“Old Ancestor!”

“Oh dear, Old Ancestor! You are still alive!”

“Greetings, Old Ancestor, I’m a descendant of Yang Family, Yang Yu.”


The people of Yang Family weren’t able to control their emotions. Led by Yang Yu, all of them fell to their knees.

Old Ancestor? The Old Ancestor of Yang Family, Yang Junlong?

My God!

For a moment, everyone was on their knees. Who else could make even the Emperor and Old Emperor kneel besides this legendary figure?

Jiang Chen widened his eyes, staring unblinkingly at the man. The Yang Junlong he saw in the portrait before was an aged man which was totally different from the robust man standing in front of him right now, but he didn’t doubt the identity of this man. He might be mistaken, but the people of Yang Family couldn’t be wrong as they possessed the same bloodline as their ancestor.

Moreover, he wasn’t too surprised by this scene because Xiao Wangqing had also given him the same surprise when he transformed from a filthy old liar to the best-looking man in the Immortal World.

“Greetings, Senior Yang Junlong.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists. Yan Chenyu bowed her head as a gesture of greeting. She did not salute to Yang Junlong because no matter how great his reputation was, it couldn’t possibly be any greater compared to Empress Nine Yin’s.

“Old Ancestor is still alive and has become a Great Sovereign. This is a blessing to Great Qian Empire.”

“That’s right. If Old Ancestor hadn’t shown up today, those two half-step Sovereigns would’ve escaped. It’s great that Old Ancestor has helped us eliminate those two potential threats.”

“He’s Old Ancestor Yang Junlong. There’s no doubt about it. He looks exactly the same as the Yang Junlong that I saw in the portrait in the scripture of Yang Family when he was still young.”


The people of Great Qian Empire were particularly excited, especially the experts of Yang Family. They couldn’t help it as Yang Junlong had always represented an all-powerful legend.

Due to Yang Junlong having vanished for far too long, he was often forgotten by people, and was only regarded as a kind of belief. Who could have thought that this legendary existence would actually appear at the critical moment?

“Get up,” said Yang Junlong, his face revealing a faint smile when he saw how thriving and prosperous Great Qian Empire was.

“Thank you, Old Ancestor.” The experts of Great Qian Empire replied in unison and stood up slowly.

Yang Junlong threw away the two heads, came to Jiang Chen’s side, and nodded with a smile. “You are a very talented young man, Jiang Chen.”

Yang Junlong was so close to Jiang Chen, it made Jiang Chen feel abstruse and insubstantial. Jiang Chen was bewildered because it felt as though this man was no longer in existence but his presence was corporeal. 

It raised his disbelief not because he hadn’t seen a Great Sovereign before, but he didn’t sense any incorporeal quality from Yuan Xiaolei.

Out of curiosity, Jiang Chen secretly circulated the Great Divination Art. Although it wasn’t a thorough examination, Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed drastically.

“Senior, you…”

Yang Junlong raised his hand to stop Jiang Chen before he could finish his sentence.

Even though Jiang Chen hadn’t spoken out the words, he wasn’t able to hide the shock inside of him. That surge of emotions was getting out of his control because he was horrified to find that this Yang Junlong was merely a clone.

In spite of the fact that creating a clone wasn’t something surprising and there were many cultivation techniques that could create clones, it was still outrageous that someone could create an Immortal Sovereign clone.

“A clone that has the cultivation base of a First Grade Immortal Sovereign, but to what extent is the power of Senior Yang Junlong?”

Jiang Chen didn’t dare to imagine it. He estimated that someone who could cultivate a First Grade Immortal Sovereign clone must be at least a Fifth Grade Immortal Sovereign.

It was imaginable how scary that extent of power was.

But very quickly, he felt a pang of relief when he recalled that both Yang Junlong and Xiao Wangqing belonged to the same era and had a good relationship. Xiao Wangqing once told him that Yang Junlong was the one he most admired in his life. This was enough to tell how mighty Yang Junlong was.

Xiao Wangqing’s cultivation base had stagnated for several hundred years because of the Dao of Apathy, but Yang Junlong’s continued to advance. With Yang Junlong’s talents and if he met rare opportunities, it wasn’t impossible for him to reach the Fifth Grade Immortal Sovereign or even higher.

“The return of Old Ancestor is a good fortune for Great Qian Empire.”

The Old Emperor said, he, too, couldn’t conceal his excitement. Apart from Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu, no one else could see that this was merely a clone of Yang Junlong. This showed how capable Yang Junlong was.

“I have returned just to have a look around. I’ll be off now. You all can carry on with your usual tasks.”

Yang Junlong said and shifted his gaze to Jiang Chen. “Jiang Chen, follow me.”

Finished speaking, Yang Junlong turned and flew away.

Clearly, Yang Junlong had already known the recent events in the domain, so he didn’t find Jiang Chen unfamiliar. Jiang Chen had no doubt about this. Someone like Yang Junlong was virtually omnipotent.

Pulling Yan Chenyu, Jiang Chen kept up with Yang Junlong.

Yang Junlong now stood above a barren mountain with Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu standing behind him.

“Senior,” called Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, how did you realize that I’m just a clone?” 

Yang Junong gazed at Jiang Chen, his eyes full of curiosity and admiration for the young man. Jiang Chen’s ability to detect his true identity at first glance impressed him.

“Junior cultivates a kind of soul refining technique that gives me keen senses,” replied Jiang Chen.

“En, I already know everything you have done for Great Qian Empire. I’ll be leaving soon. Tell me, what benefits do you want? I will try my best to fulfill them,” said Yang Junlong.

“Everything I did for Great Qian Empire was out of my free will. I, Jiang Chen, am also a part of Genius Prefecture. Besides, I have already obtained the benefits I wanted from this war. So there’s nothing I want from Senior.”

Jiang Chen spoke frankly. He always did things as he pleased and this would violate his principle if he requested something from Yang Junlong.

“Haha! Good, Jiang Chen! I really admire you! Since you don’t want anything from me, I’ll be going now.” Yang Junlong let out two laughter, his admiration for Jiang Chen intensified.

“But Senior, junior has a question,” said Jiang Chen.

“What is it?” inquired Yang Junlong.

“I wonder what the true cultivation base of Senior is?,” said Jiang Chen. 

“Sixth Grade Immortal Sovereign. You still have a long way to go, kid.” Yang Junlong clapped Jiang Chen’s shoulder. He didn’t intend to hide his true cultivation base.

Sure enough, it was above Fifth Grade Immortal Sovereign, and this stirred Jiang Chen’s insides even more. There was one thing he had to do all along, but he couldn’t find the chance until he met Yang Junlong.

“Junior has another question. Junior hopes Senior can answer truthfully.” Jiang Chen’s tone suddenly became extremely serious.

“Carry on,” said Yang Junlong.

“Have Senior been to the legendary Sovereign Domain before, all these years?” 

“Oh? You know about the Sovereign Domain?” Yang Junlong looked at Jiang Chen, amazed.

“To be frank with Senior, this is the reincarnation of Empress Nine Yin, which is why I know some stuff about the Sovereign Domain.”

Jiang Chen revealed the identity of Yan Chenyu so that Yang Junlong would take what he said seriously.


Sure enough, Yang Junlong eyes immediately fell upon Yan Chenyu when he heard the name, and cupped his fists, saying, “Forgive me for my lack of manners.”

Despite the fact that Yan Chenyu was only at the Immortal Venerable realm, her reputation was still sufficient to earn Yang Junlong’s respect.

Yan Chenyu responded with a nod.

“Jiang Chen, what can I do for you?”

Yang Junlong shifted his gaze to Jiang Chen once more. He wasn’t a fool. He naturally could detect from Jiang Chen’s tone that Jiang Chen wanted his help or else this young man wouldn’t have asked about the Sovereign Domain.

“Yes, I want Senior to bring me to the Sovereign Domain.” Jiang Chen spoke in a resolute tone.

“Jiang Chen, given your current strength, it isn’t suitable for you to go to that place.” Yang Junlong shook his head.

“Frankly, I still have one thing to ask from Senior. I have a life-and-death brother who has been trapped in Desolate Ancient Land. Sovereign Domain is the place one has to go to before going to the Desolate Ancient Land,” said Jiang Chen. 

The matter regarding Big Yellow was certainly a weight in his heart. He thought about heading to the Desolate Ancient Land all the time, but due to his weak cultivation base, even if he reached the destination, it would be incomparably difficult to find Big Yellow. Moreover, Wu Ningzhu had said that that place was extremely dangerous. Even a Great Sovereign had only a ten percent chance of survival after entering that place.

Therefore, he could only wait until he became stronger, which would take a long time. If anything were to happen to Big Yellow, he would regret it for the rest of his life. Now that he had the chance to speak to Yang Junlong, a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign from Sovereign Domain, he couldn’t miss the opportunity.  

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