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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1899

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Alarmed, the higher-ups in the palace immediately flew towards the scene.

Two silhouettes appeared in the sky. They both seemed around sixty or seventy years old. Each bearing formidable fury and killing intent. Their qi wasn’t any weaker to the half-step Sovereign Li Wangye, who had once came to Great Qian Empire previously. That was to say, these two were mighty half-step Sovereigns. 


Yang Yu and the Old Emperor, together with the higher-ups had come to a halt. Despite the astonishment, no sign of fear could be seen on their faces because Yan Chenyu was in the Imperial Capital.

“They are the ancient ancestors of Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty. They are the experts of Immortal Court. I didn’t expect that they would really come.”

“This is conceivable. They naturally have to show up when Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty have fallen, but we don’t need to fear them. Miss Yan is powerful enough to deal with them.”

“That’s right. There’s no need to fear them. Miss Yan will appear any time.”


The experts of Great Qian Empire were all standing opposite the enemies, blocking the view of the Imperial Capital.

“Where’s Jiang Chen? Let that little beast out!”

The ancient ancestors demanded. They were crystal clear about the situation in Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty. Had it not been for Jiang Chen, the two empires wouldn’t have fallen so miserably. The degree of hatred they had for Jiang Chen was enormous.

“Both of you must have come from the Immortal Court. What brings you here?” said Yang Yu.

“Cut the crap and get Jiang Chen out here!”

The bad-tempered ancient ancestor of Heavenly Jade Dynasty snarled. In fact, anyone who was put in the same situation wouldn’t feel very tolerant either.

“What’s with all the shouting? You are disturbing the others from resting. Don’t you have courtesy?”

Just then, an indolent voice was heard, followed by the appearance of two figures who now stood next to Yang Yu. They were precisely Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of Yan Chenyu because they had all witnessed the terror of the reincarnation of Empress Nine Yin.

The two ancient ancestors’ eyes immediately fell upon Jiang Chen and asked at almost the same time, “You are Jiang Chen?”

“That’s right. I’m Jiang Chen. Why did you two come here to die when you could have enjoyed your serene lives in the Immortal Court?” said Jiang Chen flatly, not putting the two half-step Sovereigns in his eyes.

“Jiang Chen, I’m going to shred you to a thousand pieces for destroying our empire.”

The ancient ancestor of Great Cloud Empire spoke maliciously. His formidable qi had already locked on Jiang Chen, giving his target no room for escape.

“Brother Yun, there’s no need to converse much with this little beast. Immediately rip him apart and annihilate Great Qian Empire.”

The ancient ancestor of Heavenly Jade Dynasty spoke even more maliciously, but they couldn’t be blamed. The tragic state of the two great empires had thoroughly aroused their fury. They had come here disregarding the rules of the Immortal Court. Not only would they kill Jiang Chen, but also annihilate Great Qian Empire at all costs in order to save the two great empires from the crisis.

As long as Great Qian Empire was destroyed, even if the two empires became second-rate major powers, their foundation still existed, and some day, they would be able to rise again.

“You two think that you can kill Brother Chen?”

Yan Chenyu moved in front of Jiang Chen in a flash. Her body emanated icy cold qi like an Ice God.

“Even a girl wants to stop me. Then, go to hell!”

The ancient ancestor of Heavenly Jade Dynasty moved. An enormous golden palm was launched at Yan Chenyu. As these two ancient ancestors didn’t have high position in the Immortal Court, no one told them about the incident that happened in Exquisite Paradise. So neither of them know the identity of Yan Chenyu.  

In their point of view, Yan Chenyu was merely a weak Immortal Venerable even though she was a late Immortal Venerable.

Today, they were going to kill Jiang Chen and annihilate Great Qian Empire. No one would be able to stop them. Anyone who blocked their way would also be eliminated.

“Courting death.”

Yan Chenyu wasn’t going to be polite to them. The mighty Profound Yin Palm like an icy wall materialize and was struck forward, its cold qi sealing a portion of the void, and collided against the enormous palm of the ancient ancestor.

*Hong Long……*

The shockwave swept like a storm. Yan Chenyu’s exceedingly cold qi had frozen the entire battlefield. The attack of ancient ancestor was destroyed by the Profound Yin Palm almost instantly, and the ancient ancestor was sent 300 meters away before he could regain his balance.


The ancient ancestor exclaimed in alarm, his facial expression turned incomparably pale, his hair and beard covered with frost, his body shivering. He stared at the beauty that came out of nowhere in disbelief, and was unable to accept the outcome. Before coming to Great Qian Empire, they didn’t think there would be someone that was capable of fighting them.

No, this was a one-sided battle. The exchange of blows just now strongly indicated that he was no match for this girl.

As a matter of fact, this was a very normal phenomenon. Knowing that Yan Chenyu’s injuries from the battle against Nanbei Chao had almost been healed, her cultivation base was now infinitely close to the half-step Sovereign realm. Ordinary half-step Sovereign wouldn’t be able take even a blow from her.

“Great! Miss Yan’s means are getting more and more powerful. I wouldn’t dare believe this if I didn’t witness it with my own eyes.”

“Haha! They thought they could threaten our empire just because they are half-step Sovereigns. How ludicrous!”

“Look at their old faces, all the dignity they had are gone!”


The experts of Great Qian Empire were gloating over the defeat of the ancient ancestor. Yan Chenyu had become more powerful than what they had imagined. As long as Yan Chenyu was here, these two ancient ancestors wouldn’t be able to do any harm to Great Qian Empire, let alone killing Jiang Chen.

“Who are you?” The ancient ancestor of Great Cloud Empire looked over at Yan Chenyu and asked.

“Scram!” Yan Chenyu darted a cold glance at him and snapped.

The word ‘scram’ had no doubt, hurt the self-esteem of the two ancient ancestors. Given their status and identity, this was something they hadn’t even heard in their lifetime. 

The ancient ancestor of Heavenly Jade Dynasty approached his comrade and whispered, “We have no idea that such a heaven-defying figure is here in Great Qian Empire. I’m afraid we are no match for her even if we joined forces. We might even lose our lives if we continue to fight her. So, what now?”

The ancient ancestor of Great Cloud Empire mused on the matter with a frown, the coldness in his eyes intensified. “It seems we’ll have to change our plan. Leave first and come back some other time.”

Both of them nodded in agreement. They were shrewd individuals that would never make rash decisions. Given their eyesight, they naturally could see that they stood no chance in front of Yan Chenyu.


Both of them vanished in the blink of an eye.

“No, Xiao Yu. You can’t let them leave.” Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen urged Yan Chenyu.

At this moment, even the experts of Great Qian Empire’s facial expression changed. With their intelligence and wisdom, they were able to discern the concern of Jiang Chen. Although these ancient ancestors wouldn’t be a threat to the empire as long as Yan Chenyu was here, but if they tried to launch covert attacks on the experts of the empire, no one could tell how many of the experts would die in their hands.

It was easy to dodge an open spear, but difficult to guard against an arrow in the dark. Although they weren’t afraid of the thief, they feared that the thief would remember them. If they let these two go today, it would be a disaster to Great Qian Empire in the near future.

Only now did Yan Chenyu recover her senses, but it was already too late. As those ancient ancestors didn’t suffer any injuries, she wouldn’t be able to stop them from leaving.

To a half-step Sovereign, several breaths of time was already enough to outrun an opponent.

“Ah!” “Ah!”

Just then, two screams echoed distinctly from the interior of the void. Apparently, they were the screams of the two ancient ancestors. 

Since it happened too suddenly, every expert on the scene was stunned. Yan Chenyu obviously was still with them, so who did that to them?

Each pair of eyes gazed at the far distance and saw a stalwart man walking out of the void like a ghostly figure. He seemed to be in his forties, had a tall body and wore a pale-blue robe. The spot between his eyebrows was brimming with indomitable qi. His hands were holding two heads dripping with blood.  

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