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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1897

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As soon as these words came out, fury erupted from the camp. Countless pair of eyes were blazing with rage. They weren’t going to be like the cowardly Yun Tianzun who died without a fight.

Moreover, the situation in Heavenly Jade Dynasty wasn’t the same as Great Cloud Empire. At that time, the supreme elder and Old Emperor of Great Cloud Empire had already been killed, and Yun Tianzun had no options other than killing himself in order to save the empire.

Heavenly Jade Dynasty, on the other hand, had made sufficient preparation, and felt that they could fight Jiang Chen. As to how it would turn out, they would have to try it first.

“Jiang Chen, you’re being too arrogant. You think you can break our defensive grand formation?” The Old Emperor yelled.

“It seems you all have decided to have a life-and-death battle with me.”

Killing intent began to rise in Jiang Chen’s body. There was no formation that he couldn’t break under the heavens and earth.

“Jiang Chen, it’s impossible for us to give up our lives without putting up a fight. I don’t believe that you have such great capabilities. If you want to talk again, try breaking our grand formation first!”

The supreme elder yelled. Jiang Chen’s intention had been clear. He wasn’t going to let the matter rest. There was no room for negotiation between the two sides. They had already expected such a situation.

“A bunch of ignorant people. Since you’re all so confident in your grand formation, I’ll show you what deathbed struggle feels like,” said Jiang Chen. 

Then he drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword with a clang. A pleasant howl issued from it as it turned into a divine-looking blood-red dragon.


At the same time, Jiang Chen became one with the sword, forming a true heavenly dragon, crashing into the grand formation.

“Be careful everyone. This is a very powerful opponent. Defend the grand formation with all your might.” Tian Zunyu spoke hastily.


A buzzing sound echoed in the sky. A layer of blue light flowed in the sky above the Imperial Capital, separating the Imperial Capital and the outer zone. This was the final, and most powerful line of defence of Heavenly Jade Dynasty. It was undoubtedly impossible for ordinary experts to break this formation. And in their opinion, no matter how strong Jiang Chen was, it was impossible for him to break the formation.

*Hong Long……*

Jiang Chen’s attack was incredibly violent. The dragon sword had hit the first layer of the grand formation.

Terrifying energy turned into layers of indestructible waves, and spread across the grand formation.

The entire formation shook intensely. Cracks began to appear. Those with weaker cultivation base spurted out blood, and could no longer stand properly.

The formation of 30 000 new dragon marks had tremendously increased his combat strength. Now that he had integrated with the sword, his combat strength was pushed to its peak. This kind of strength was sufficient to destroy the heavens and earth.

However, his full-fledged attack still didn’t break the formation. The cracks that appeared had been restored.

The experts of Heavenly Jade Dynasty heaved a sigh of relief. That strike of Jiang Chen had truly terrified them. Despite the formation being supported by the combined strength of all the experts of the dynasty, they still felt the formation was in danger of breaking.

But now, it seemed almost impossible for Jiang Chen to break the grand formation, which was good news to them.

“Jiang Chen, don’t waste your effort. You can’t break this defensive formation,” said Tian Zunyu aloud, trying to make Jiang Chen retreat.

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a hint of a smile. Remaining silent, he cast out the Great Divination Art and Great Soul Derivation Technique.

That attack just now was merely a probe to test his own strength. Also, he would like to see if the defensive formation was really that hard to break.

The result was obvious. With his current combat strength, he couldn’t break the formation even with all his might.

But brute force wasn’t the method he intended to use against the formation. There was no formation that couldn’t be broken in his eyes. With the help of the Great Divination Art and Great Soul Derivation Technique, he could easily locate the weakness in the formation. 

*Hua La!*

Jiang Chen withdrew the Heavenly Saint Sword, and struck out the illusory *Taijitu. The Yin and Yang fish were hovering within, looking extremely divine. The Great Divination Art was circulating frenziedly, and soon, it had found the weakest post in the formation.

“Tian Zunyu, so this is just how powerful your formation is,” said Jiang Chen.

A torrential wave of energy was channelled to the Taijitu, which made the enormous map incredibly distinct. The Yin and Yang fish now represented the Great Dao in the map. Then, at lightning speed, he launched an attack at the weakest spot of the grand formation.

*Hong Long……*

The grand formation wasn’t able to withstand it. Cracks began to spread from where it was hit towards the edges of the formation. 


Many people had suffered a great deal of backlash, spewing out blood and rebounded from the formation.


What followed after the weakest spot was broken was a chain reaction. The whole formation began to crumble. Some of them screamed in pain, and died right after. Even the two late Immortal Venerables and Tian Zunyu seemed to be in bad shape, the corner of their mouths was stained with blood.

“No way! This is impossible!”

“How could this happen! How can the grand formation be broken so quickly? How did this bastard do it?”

“This is too horrifying! He isn’t human at all. Our dynasty is finished this time. We no longer have any means that can deal with this monstrous genius.”


Despair filled everyone’s heart. Initially, they thought that they could still hold the grand formation until Jiang Chen decided to give up. Now, it seemed like their idea had been too naïve. The defensive formation that they were so proud of couldn’t even stand the second blow of Jiang Chen. 

*Taijitu – A symbol or diagram in Chinese philosophy representing Taiji (supreme ultimate) and both its monist and dualist (yin and yang) aspects.  

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