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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1892

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The roaring fire dragon reached its target in an instant. Venerable Extermination’s killing intent soared, his eyes full of darkness as he blasted a black palm at the fire dragon.

*Hong Long…

This was the ultimate collision and the true pinnacle of a battle. The residual waves that emanated from it were earth-shaking. If the battlefield hadn’t been solid enough, the impact would cause tremendous damage to the imperial capital.

Even so, this kind of violent collision made everyone uncomfortable. Those with lower strength paled, their ears buzzing and feeling all kinds of unspeakable sensation.

“Activate the grand formation. Defend the imperial capital.”

Worried about the impact of the shockwaves on those who had weak cultivation base in the imperial capital, Yun Tianzun ordered promptly.

Now that the supreme elder and the Old Emperor were dead, they couldn’t allow the battle to disturb the peace of the citizens, or else the entire capital would fall into uncontrollable chaos.

In the sky, black waves of qi and the fire dragon were colliding with one another. The impact of the flames on the black qi was enormous. The devil qi within the black qi was incinerated, and Venerable Extermination had to use his own energy to sustain the black waves. Just like he said, he could only exert half of his combat strength.

Obviously, this kind of battle was really stifling to him. Although half of his strength was enough for him to kill the opponent, that sort of feeling couldn’t be eliminated. In fact, anyone whose combat strength was restrained would feel the same way.

“Devil Dragon! Go to hell, kid!” Venerable Extermination bellowed, thick killing intent filled his body.


A devil dragon the size of 300 meters materialized and hovered in the sky. Its huge body blocked a portion of the sky. It was formed completely out of terrifying evil energy. It was a dragon created for massacre.

This strike was too powerful. Even a peerless Venerable would be torn to pieces by the devil dragon.

Opposite of the battlefield, Jiang Chen’s facial expression turned slightly grim. Right enough, the strength of a half-step Sovereign was incomparably powerful. If he didn’t have the ability that could suppress devils, it was impossible for him to resist the attack of Venerable Extermination.


He didn’t fear the attack, however. Once again, he launched the Fire Dragon Seal, one of the most useful techniques in restraining Venerable Extermination.

The moment the infinitely arrogant devil dragon saw the fire dragon, its qi shrunk as though it had just seen the scariest thing in the world, but its ferocious nature didn’t falter. Under the control of Venerable Extermination, it charged madly at the fire dragon.

The two dragons with different attributes crashed into one another. Deafening roars were heard. Each wanted badly to destroy the other.

It was a shocking scene. The impact from the devil waves and flames tore apart layers after layers of the void, turning the battlefield into a confined hell. It would be an unimaginable disaster if anyone accidentally entered the battlefield.

The combination of four types of supreme flames had a great effect on restraining the devil dragon. Nevertheless, the fire dragon was engulfed and what remained of the devil dragon charged crazily at Jiang Chen.

This was already within Jiang Chen’s expectation. After all, the opponent was a formidable half-step Sovereign. He didn’t expect to defeat Venerable Extermination with just the Fire Dragon Seal as that was unrealistic.

With a twist of his body, he cast out the Great Void Technique and dodged the attack easily.

“What a quick movement technique!”

Venerable Extermination’s eyes twitched. He didn’t expect that not only did Jiang Chen possesses a terrifying combat strength, but also an unbelievably swift speed. By now, he no longer dared to underestimate this young man. It was no longer practical to compare the level of their cultivation base because some monstrous existences in this world couldn’t be judged by common sense. In a true battle, combat strength was the key of all.


Jiang Chen struck out the Fire Dragon Seal again. This time, three fire dragons materialized, and for a moment, the scene seemed to be filled with the movements of the dragons. He was going to use the guerrilla tactic to force Venerable Extermination into using the Lost Illusion Technique. Only then could he have the chance to snatch a victory out of defeat. He wouldn’t stand a chance in a head-on battle.

As a matter of fact, he still had one special technique to deal with Venerable Extermination—the Edifying Light. He hadn’t used this technique for a long time because he hadn’t found the right target, and clearly, Venerable Extermination wasn’t a right target either. It might not work at all if he shot out the edifying light at his opponent now.

He could only wait for Venerable Extermination to use the Lost Illusion Technique for now. When that time came, he would have a high chance of getting rid of his opponent using the Great Illusion Realm combined with the edifying light and his supreme flames.

Anyone who discovered Jiang Chen’s intention would surely be scared to death because the idea of eliminating a half-step Sovereign was insane.

“Havoc Wreaking Devil Sea!”

Given Venerable Extermination’s identity, he was furious that he hadn’t been able to take down a half-step Immortal Venerable after so long. This was a disgrace to him.

This time, boundless devil waves rushed out of his body and formed a sea full of the images of devils. There were also illusory devil dragons soaring above the battlefield. This was a large-scale attack. No matter how fast Jiang Chen’s movement technique was, he wouldn’t be able to escape from its range of attack.

Outside the battlefield, whether it was the experts of Great Cloud Empire or Great Qian Empire, all of them seemed incomparably tensed. The battle situation was too intense. The soldiers of the Great Cloud Empire didn’t think that Jiang Chen was strong enough to fight Venerable Extermination.

“Emperor, this Jiang Chen is overly monstrous. I wonder if Sir Extermination can really eliminate him.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem. After all, Sir Extermination is a half-step Sovereign. No matter how powerful Jiang Chen is, he won’t be able to resist a half-step Sovereign. His flames should be his biggest trump card, which is able to severely restrain the devil essence of Sir Extermination, but Sir Extermination still haven’t displayed all his abilities yet. If he uses the Lost Illusion Technique, Jiang Chen will be trapped in the illusion and be killed eventually.”

Yun Tianzun spoke. He also didn’t expect that the situation would develop to such an extent, however he still had strong confidence in Venerable Extermination. It was the confidence originating from blind worship and reverence for a half-step Sovereign.

In the camp of Great Qian Empire, the faces of the tens of thousands of soldiers turned serious. Regardless of how heaven-defying they thought Jiang Chen was, the opponent that Jiang Chen was fighting was just way too powerful.

“Do you think commander is a match for Venerable Extermination?”

“It doesn’t seem to be the case now. After all, the commander’s opponent is a formidable half-step Sovereign, but due to the commander having the ability to restrain the power of his opponent, he isn’t defeated yet. In my opinion, it won’t be an easy task for Venerable Extermination to kill our commander.”

“We’ll see. I believe that Commander can still create a miracle. He was full of confidence when he arrived here. He must still have some powerful trump cards. We don’t have to worry about him because it’s pointless.”


Every soldier of Great Qian Empire remarked in an undertone. Their absolute reverence for and belief in Jiang Chen gave them the courage to follow Jiang Chen to the imperial capital of Great Cloud Empire. 

Both Jiu Wangye and Yang Bufan were looking rather grim as their eyes were fixed unblinkingly on the battlefield above. They were feeling incredibly nervous as it wasn’t a joke to fight a half-step Sovereign.

*Hong Long……*

In the following exchanges, Jiang Chen relied solely on the Fire Dragon Seal and Great Void Technique. Although Venerable Extermination managed to suppress Jiang Chen, he wasn’t able to cause any damage to Jiang Chen as Jiang Chen’s movement technique was too extraordinary, and was proficient in Great Divination Art, a technique that allowed him to anticipate and calculate the weakness of his opponent’s attack.

So, the powerful attacks of Venerable Extermination didn’t seem to affect Jiang Chen in the slightest.

The soldiers of both empires didn’t start a war during the fierce battle because they knew that it was meaningless. The key in today’s war was the result of the battle between Jiang Chen and Venerable Extermination. Apparently, every expert of Great Cloud Empire was hoping for the defeat of Jiang Chen. As long as Jiang Chen was killed, the morale of their army would engulf the spirits of Great Qian Empire’s army.

The camp of Great Qian Empire also stayed put. Given their combat strength, they definitely were no match for Great Cloud Empire. Although Great Cloud Empire had lost their supreme elder and Old Emperor, their camp still consisted of many strong experts such as the Immortal Venerables from Heavenly Jade Dynasty.  

“*Roar!!!* Son of a b****!”

Venerable Extermination bellowed, feeling that such a battle was really too suffocating. His combat strength was severely restrained, and Jiang Chen was able to move as effortlessly like a loach. No matter how strong his attacks were, his target was able to dodge it easily. Despite the fact that they had already fought for a period of time, he still hadn’t even harmed a strand of Jiang Chen’s hair, let alone injuring him. There was no way he wouldn’t be angered by this. He felt that all his reputation had been tarnished in this short battle.

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