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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1890

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“Impossible! This certainly isn’t true. How could the dignified late Immortal Venerable supreme elder die in the hands of Jiang Chen?”

“However, this is indeed the head of Supreme Elder. There’s no doubt about it. Could it be that Jiang Chen has already reached such a terrifying extent?”

“I still find it hard to accept. With Supreme Elder’s strength, even if he couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen, he should have no trouble escaping. And regardless of how heaven-defying Jiang Chen is, it’s outrageous to think that Jiang Chen is capable of stopping a late Immortal Venerable from fleeing.”

“Son of a b*t**! Supreme Elder is one of the supreme figures and represents the dignity of our empire. How dare Jiang Chen decapitate him?! This is an utter humiliation to us.”


The experts of Great Cloud Empire were unable to calm their nerves. This was a situation that they hadn’t even dreamt of. Despite the head of the supreme elder already being presented right in front of them, they still couldn’t accept that Jiang Chen was the one who killed him.

“Yun Tianzun, we’ll settle all our scores today,” said Jiang Chen in a plain tone. He knew very well that the head of the supreme elder had caused an enormous impact to the experts of Great Cloud Empire. 

“Jiang Chen, as I said, none of you will leave this place alive. I’m going to make you kneel and kowtow before Supreme Elder,” said Yun Tianzun maliciously. His inside was boiling unprecedentedly. The death of the supreme elder was too much of a blow to him.

Slowly, he stowed the head of the supreme elder. Great Cloud Empire must recover what they had lost today, otherwise, the prestige and dignity of their empire would cease to exist.

“Kid, were you the one who killed all of my disciples?” 

Venerable Extermination stood at the front most, holding his walking stick. Both of his eyes were as malicious and frightening as a scorpion’s.

“So you are that Venerable Extermination, aren’t you? I know you resented Senior Yang Junlong, but you really shouldn’t have initiated this war. Not only have you put Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty in an irrecoverable state, but also put your life in jeopardy. As a half-step Sovereign, you should be able to lead a good life, but it’s a pity that you have chosen the path of death.”

Jiang Chen fixed his eyes on Venerable Extermination who was one of the most important targets in this war. By eliminating this opponent, his cultivation base would advance tremendously. Of course, it absolutely wouldn’t be an easy task to kill a half-step Sovereign. After all, his current cultivation base was still too weak. If it hadn’t been for the advantage he had over devils, he wouldn’t dare attempt such a challenge.

“What an arrogant kid! You are definitely the most arrogant young man I have ever seen, but I really have no idea where you, a puny half-step Immortal Venerable, have gotten that kind of confidence from.”

The ridiculous behaviour of Jiang Chen almost made Venerable Extermination laugh. The death of the supreme elder wasn’t much of a concern to him as he was merely exploiting the strength of Great Cloud Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty. As Jiang Chen had killed his three disciples whom he had raised with painstaking effort, he would surely ensure that Jiang Chen would die today.

It was just that Jiang Chen’s arrogance had exceeded his expectation. After living for so long, it was his first time meeting a half-step Immortal Venerable who dared to disdain a half-step Sovereign. 

“Sir Extermination, in my opinion, let’s not waste too much time conversing with this kid.” Yun Tianzun, who was next to him, spoke.

“Yun Tianzun, why are you so eager to kill me? As the Emperor of Great Cloud Empire, and the person with the highest authority and status, do you dare fight me?” Jiang Chen shouted, his face wearing a mocking smile.


Yun Tianzun choked. This bastard was obviously saying this on purpose, knowing that he would be reluctant to have a battle. 

As an Emperor, if a half-step Immortal Venerable challenged him, he had no reason to back away, because that would hurt his prestige as an Emperor greatly.

However, he knew that despite his urge to kill Jiang Chen, he might get himself killed if he rushed forward. He knew his own strength very well. Even if he was slightly stronger than Yun Tianshuang, the difference wasn’t much.

If only Yun Tianshuang died in Jiang Chen’s hands, perhaps he wouldn’t fear Jiang Chen that much, but when he learned that even the supreme elder was killed by Jiang Chen, all his courage to confront Jiang Chen crumbled, he knew that fighting Jiang Chen was equivalent to courting death.

Comparing these two scenarios, losing his life would deal an unimaginable blow to Great Cloud Empire. If the ruler was killed, the whole empire would be in chaos.

“I’ll fight you.”

Just then, a yell was heard. Everyone turned and saw the Old Emperor walk out from the ranks. Despite his elderly look, he seemed vigorous and had a pair of unusually bright eyes that could enchant people.

“Old Emperor, we have Sir Extermination to help us deal with the opponent.”

“Yes, Old Emperor. This Jiang Chen is overly monstrous. You can’t act base on impulse.”

“Old Emperor, you can ignore this kid.”


Seeing that the Old Emperor was about to attack, the others hastened to stop him. No doubt, the Old Emperor had a strong cultivation base, but his power was relatively on par with the supreme elder’s. After learning that even the supreme elder died in Jiang Chen’s hands, they were afraid that the Old Emperor might not be a match for Jiang Chen as well. After losing the supreme elder, they couldn’t afford to lose the Old Emperor.

“Jiang Chen has already declared a challenge. This involves the prestige of our empire. I must fight him. I firmly believe that he doesn’t have the strength to kill Supreme Elder. So I would like to know what made him capable to kill Supreme Elder,” said Old Emperor, appearing at the forefront with a swoosh, standing at a close distance opposite of Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, I have come to fight you,” the Old Emperor’s voice echoed like a huge bell.

“Old Emperor, even your supreme elder died in my hands. Aren’t you courting death by fighting me? I advise you to return to your camp.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Haha! Go back to your camp, you are no match for our commander!”

“That’s right. Even your supreme elder was killed. You will only die by fighting our commander.”

“Yeah! When our commander is kind enough to give you a chance to live, you must cherish it.”


The soldiers of Great Qian Empire burst into a fit of laughter. They probably wouldn’t forget what they did today. They wouldn’t have dreamt that one day they would dare to verbally mock a late Immortal Venerable, an existence that they didn’t even have the chance to see ordinarily.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, I don’t believe that you have the capability to kill the supreme elder. Come and fight me. If you are as capable as you’ve said, I dare you to take my life.”

The Old Emperor harrumphed coldly and flew skywards in a flash. His immense qi instantly created a battlefield which was necessary for such a battle, otherwise the energy of the impact would cause a disaster even if they weren’t in the zone of the imperial capital.

“Since you are courting death, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Combat intent was unleashed from Jiang Chen’s body as he flew towards the battlefield. He was ready to fight Venerable Extermination, but he didn’t expect the Old Emperor to act due to the provocation, which was one of the best things. If he could eliminate the Old Emperor before fighting Venerable Extermination, the impact it would deal to Great Cloud Empire would be beyond imagination.

“Emperor, do you think Old Emperor is a match for Jiang Chen?” An elder spoke.

“It’s hard to say, but I also don’t believe that Jiang Chen was able to kill Supreme Elder. Let’s see how it goes.” Yun Tianzun spoke, but his face was full of concern.

“Sir Extermination, if the Old Emperor is defeated in the match, I would like you to save the Old Emperor’s life.” Yun Tianzun whispered to Venerable Extermination.

“Don’t worry. This kid won’t be able to cause any problem in my presence.”

Venerable Extermination spoke confidently. He had never put this young half-step Immortal Venerable in his eyes since the beginning.

Upon hearing Venerable Extermination’s words, Yun Tianzun felt much relieved. At least, the life of the Old Emperor wasn’t in jeopardy now. Even if Jiang Chen could really defeat the Old Emperor, he wouldn’t be able to kill the Old Emperor in front of a half-step Sovereign.

Countless eyes were fixed on the battlefield above. Tension and concern appeared on the faces of the soldiers of Great Cloud Empire. After all, the supreme elder had already been killed by Jiang Chen.

On the contrary, every soldier of Great Qian Empire seemed pretty relaxed as they knew Jiang Chen’s capability, and didn’t have to worry about the outcome of the match.

The more relaxed they seemed, the tenser the soldiers of Great Cloud Empire became.

On the battlefield, the Old Emperor’s eyes sparkled as he fully unleashed the qi of a late Immortal Venerable, setting off howling winds. He had forgotten the last time he had fought a battle, but he wouldn’t have thought that the opponent that he would fight today would only be a half-step Immortal Venerable, which was a great irony.

“Jiang Chen, go to hell now.” The Old Emperor launched his attack. 

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