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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1889

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The Imperial Capital of the Great Cloud Empire, like Great Qian Empire, was the most prosperous place in the empire. It was an extensive land with all kinds of splendid buildings that made the capital look noble and dignified.

Currently, all the experts in the palace were waiting for the good news from the supreme elder. Apart from the higher-ups of Great Cloud Empire, there were also some experts from Heavenly Jade Dynasty. After all, these two empires had been allies for the time being. It was natural that Heavenly Jade Dynasty would send reinforcements here given the situation in Great Cloud Empire.

Venerable Extermination was wearing a gloomy look, his eyes narrowed, as though contemplating the cruel methods to torture Jiang Chen the moment he was brought back to the palace by the supreme elder. The murder of his three disciples had severely crossed the line. He swore that he would make Jiang Chen pay a hefty price.

“Don’t worry Emperor. It’s foolproof to let Supreme Elder deal with Jiang Chen.” An expert of Heavenly Jade Dynasty spoke.

“That’s of course. He’s just a puny Jiang Chen. Supreme Elder is going to teach him how to behave properly next time.”

Yun Tianzun spoke coldly, totally not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes. He was very confident in the supreme elder’s capability and thought that no matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, he could only fight opponents like Yun Tianshuang at best. 


At this moment, an Immortal Emperor expert hurried into the main hall, his face beaded with sweat.

“Why are you panicking? What happened?” Yun Tianzun’s brows furrowed.

“Emperor, the army of Great Qian Empire is heading our way. They are now less than a thousand miles from the Imperial Capital. They will reach our capital soon.” That man said.


Yun Tianzun stood up abruptly from his seat. The others reacted the same way. Their faces clearly displayed shock. The enemy was heading to the imperial capital? Is this a joke?  

“Positive, Emperor. It’s indeed the army of Great Qian Empire. The one in the lead is a dragonman, also known as Jiang Chen.”

The man spoke in a panicky and frank voice. It was easy to identify Jiang Chen. His dragon form had long become his symbol.

“Jiang Chen? How is that possible? Hasn’t Supreme Elder gone to kill him?”

“Dammit! What’s going on? This Jiang Chen is being too bold! How dare he advance towards the Imperial Capital? He’s absolutely not putting us in his eyes!”

“What an ignorant kid! He’s humiliating our empire. We must not let him escape today!”


The experts in the hall were infuriated. The dignified Great Cloud Empire, one of the eleven major powers of Eastern Profound Domain, was now under seige of a single army led by a youth who wasn’t even a prince of an empire. It was an utter disgrace to Great Cloud Empire. 

“Let’s go and eliminate them. Don’t let a single one of them go today.”

Fury appeared on the face of Yun Tianzun. As the Emperor, he had never been so humiliated, he had never hated someone so much and never wanted to kill someone so badly.

The other higher-ups including Venerable Extermination and the Old Emperor followed suit. The news made Venerable Extermination even more depressed. He believed that Jiang Chen had already known of his existence but what did it indicate when Jiang Chen still led his army to the Imperial Capital despite that? It indicated that Jiang Chen didn’t put him, a half-step Sovereign, in his eyes.

This was unacceptable to him. As a powerful half-step Sovereign, he was respected and revered wherever he went. The behaviour of Jiang Chen had truly violated his dignity.

A hundred miles away from the Imperial Capital, under Jiang Chen’s lead, tens of thousands of soldiers were advancing forward. A part of the sky had been obscured by this massive formation.

Each soldier was wearing a thrilled expression. They had never thought of the day of advancing towards the Imperial Capital or the stronghold of their enemy.

Figures were rushing out from the Imperial Capital of Great Cloud Empire. Nearly several dozens of Immortal Venerable experts were rushing out from the palace, followed by a group of palace guards. Each of these palace guards was an elite soldier powerful enough to handle ten or even a hundred ordinary soldiers single-handedly.

On the contrary, these people seemed angry and the reason was already conceivable as they had never felt so humiliated before.

Yun Tianzun and the others fixed their eyes on Jiang Chen, who was too easy to recognize. All along, they hadn’t given up finding an excuse to kill Jiang Chen. What irritated them was why hadn’t the Immortal Court killed this lawless youth?

“Is that bastard Jiang Chen?”

Venerable Extermination looked at Jiang Chen and asked.

“Yes, that’s him.” Yun Tianzun gritted his teeth and spoke. He never thought that Jiang Chen had really come with only a single army.

“Humph! Just a kid that knows a transformation technique.” Venerable Extermination harrumphed coldly. In his eyes, figures like Jiang Chen was nothing more than an insect.

“Long time no see, Yun Tianzun.” Jiang Chen shouted at Yun Tianzun.

“Jiang Chen, who has given you so much boldness and confidence to come here and die?” said Yun Tianzun coldly.

“Haha! Yun Tianzun, I didn’t come here to die, but to ensure you die. I guess you didn’t expect this day would arrive so fast when you came to Genius Prefecture that day.” Jiang Chen laughed.

“Jiang Chen, I don’t know how you have escaped from the pursuit of the supreme elder, but since you have come, you must leave your life behind here. Not just you, but also all of your soldiers. All of you will have to die. None of you is allowed to leave. This is the price for violating the dignity of our empire.”

Yun Tianzun spoke loudly. To him, nothing was more important than the dignity of the empire, not even his dignity.

“Escape? I think you are mistaken. Why would I escape? I’m afraid the supreme elder that you are talking about wasn’t able to pose a threat to me,” said Jiang Chen, directly taking out the head of the supreme elder and hurled it in Yun Tianzun’s direction.

Yun Tianzun grabbed the head, his facial expression changed drastically.

“Supreme Elder.”

Countless people were startled. Even the Old Emperor was stunned by what he saw. None of them had imagined that the supreme elder would be killed by Jiang Chen. Initially, they all thought that the supreme elder hadn’t found Jiang Chen yet. 

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