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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1884

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“Are you sure, Little Chen?”

Yang Bufan looked at Jiang Chen. Despite his unshakable confidence in Jiang Chen, he still felt somewhat worried about Jiang Chen confronting a half-step Sovereign.

“King Fan, there are some things which you don’t have to be fully sure of before you do it. You’ll never know if you can do it if you don’t try it.” Jiang Chen patted Yang Bufan’s shoulder.

The pat trembled Yang Bufan’s body, rekindling the ardour in his blood. He was once known as the Evil Lord who feared nothing. Since Jiang Chen had decided to go insane, he would go insane as well together with his brother.

In his heart, Jiang Chen was a man who was good at inventing miracles, so he believed that this time wouldn’t be an exception.

“Okay, we’ll proceed with your plans.” Yang Bufan nodded, and fervour glinted in his eyes.

“Listen up, fellow soldiers, immediately recover all the lost cities. And tomorrow, we’ll advance towards the Imperial Capital of Great Cloud Empire.” Yang Bufan’s qi fluctuated as he issued this historic order to the army.

“This is insane.”

Jiu Wangye shook his head helplessly. The idea of advancing to the Imperial Capital where many half-step Sovereigns lived with just this army was absurd. It was an impossible task, but if they succeeded, the impact would certainly be tremendous.

For a moment, Jiu Wangye’s fervour had also been ignited. He had lost such enthusiasm long ago since he served in the palace. Today, these two young men made him feel young and passionate again.

“Damn! I’m going to be old if I don’t join their insanity!”

Jiu Wangye’s qi shook, warm sweat exuding out of his body. He hadn’t felt such a sensation for a very long time. He began to understand how much this would mean. No matter what the final outcome would be, their action would be praised by future generations.

On the same day, the army of Great Qian Empire recovered all the cities without hindrance. Eventually, they stationed themselves in Crane Hawk City and began repairing the damages. The war in Black Wind Mountain was bound to spread.

The great victory in Black Wind Mountain was quickly spread to the Imperial Capital of Great Qian Empire. When Yang Yu, the Old Emperor, and the higher-ups heard about the news, each of them was dancing with joy.

“Such swift victory is really unexpected. Sure enough, the Emperor didn’t pick the wrong person. Jiang Chen is definitely the lucky star of our empire.”

“Sensational! Jiang Chen was able to defeat Yun Tianshuang while being only at the late Immortal Emperor realm and eradicated the three strange men. I wouldn’t have believed that this was true if it wasn’t told by one of our soldiers. Jiang Chen has created another miracle.”

“Yun Tianshuang’s death will deal a tremendous impact on Great Cloud Empire, which will greatly boost the morale of our army.”


The atmosphere in the main hall was full of cheerfulness. At first, they were filled with concerns when Yang Yu sent Jiang Chen to Crane Hawk City. They believed that no one else besides Jiang Chen could achieve such a victory.

However, they weren’t informed about Jiang Chen launching an enormous attack on Great Cloud Empire yet. It was afraid that they would all be ashen-faced the moment they knew that Jiang Chen had made such a decision.

Similar news had reached the palace of Great Cloud Empire. After knowing the outcome of the war Emperor Yun Tianzun and Venerable Extermination went furious.

Like his disciples, Venerable Extermination wore a grey-red robe. He seemed to be in his seventies or eighties and held a walking stick topped with a terrifyingly ferocious skull.

“Jiang Chen…it’s that Jiang Chen again. He’s a great disaster. Hasn’t the Immortal Court pursued him and wanted him dead? Why is he still alive?” 

Yun Tianzun spoke through gritted teeth, his eyes blazing with fury. He had never hated someone so deeply. Jiang Chen had made Great Cloud Empire lose so much.

“How dare that yellow-skinned kid kill my disciples?! I must torture him to death.”

Cold and gloomy qi radiated from Venerable Extermination. He had made his comeback this time to destroy Great Qian Empire. Unexpectedly, they had suffered such a huge loss not long after the war began. One should know that it wasn’t an easy task to nurture those triplets. And Jiang Chen was the one who reversed the originally favourable situation.

“I must personally kill that kid.” Venerable Extermination spoke viciously. 

“Sir Extermination, it isn’t the time for you to be involved in the war yet as this war has just begun. As for Jiang Chen, I assure you that I’ll give you the chance to slaughter him.”

Yun Tianzun said. The war between empires was no ordinary battle. You couldn’t win the war by just killing a powerhouse of the rival force.

The origin of a country wouldn’t disappear as long as the faith of the people wasn’t extinguished. A hostile takeover would only fuel their hatred, and stir the soul of the dead.

This was why Yun Tianzun had ordered Yun Tianshuang to invade the territories of Great Qian Empire slowly. He wanted to change the faith of the people.

“Very well. I must slaughter that kid Jiang Chen myself. And I’ll double the payback! That year, Yang Junlong has made me a human devil. Now that I have returned, I’m going to ensure the extinction of Great Qian Empire.”

Venerable Extermination was a malicious person. He wanted the same outcome as Yun Tianzun – destroy every bit of Great Qian Empire, and leave no room for retaliation. Only then could he fulfill the purpose of his revenge.

The next day, under the leadership of Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan, the army of Great Qian Empire advanced on a city at the border of Great Cloud Empire that was the closest to Crane Hawk City. Owing to the ferocious spirit of the army and the low morale of the enemy force caused by the death of Yun Tianshuang, they had taken down the city with almost no resistance.

What followed next were successive victories. While Yun Tianzun was considering who to send to the battlefield, Great Cloud Empire had already lost a dozen cities.

This was a complete reversal of the situation. This had stirred every soldier of Great Qian Empire. What they were feeling right now compared to when they were being defeated by Yun Tianshuang’s army were two extremes.

“This is domineering! I have never felt so satisfied in so many years of combat. It’s certainly the happiest thing in my life to be able to fight alongside the commander and King Fan.” One of the soldiers sighed. 

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