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Dragon-Marked War God – Chapter 1882

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*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Yang Bufan’s sword was trembling and buzzing. After locking on Yun Tianshuang’s qi, he thrust the sword forward with tremendous speed, piercing through the centre between Yun Tianshuang’s brows. 

“Ai! Never thought that I, a widely known hero, will die in Black Wind Mountain today. How lamentable! But in generations to come, I’ll still be considered a heroic icon!”

Yun Tianshuang just stood there, letting out a sigh, closing his eyes with reluctance. He had given up on resisting. As a commander, he could already see that any attempt to resist was futile. Yang Bufan would never let him live and Jiang Chen would never give him room to escape.

He was afraid that his reputation as a military god will end here. All the achievements he had accomplished would become history. Perhaps, his fall would make the Black Wind Mountain, a desolate place, famous. 

*Pu Chi!*

Yang Bufan’s combat sword was cold to the extreme as it penetrated the skull of Yun Tianshuang. 

“Yun Tianshuang, having spent half your lifetime fighting General Lu Sheng, you should go accompany him now,” said Yang Bufan coldly, withdrawing his sword slowly. 

He wanted to leave the body in one piece. Even though Yun Tianshuang was his enemy, he was someone Yang Bufan respected. The last thing Yang Bufan could do for Yun Tianshuang was to allow him to die with dignity.

“Commander is dead.”

“We can no longer escape. Let’s surrender. We have lost this war now that the commander is killed.”

“We surrender. We aren’t fighting anymore.”


The soldiers of Great Cloud Empire was calling out to surrender. The death of Yun Tianshuang extinguished all their motivation, and plunged them into despair. There was no point in continuing to fight this war, or else all of them would be buried in this mountain.

At this point, surrender was perhaps the best choice they could make.

“Stop all your attacks!”

Yang Bufan lifted his sword and clamoured. The rowdy battlefield fell into silence. Every soldier of Great Qian Empire shifted their blazing gazes at King Fan. They now all recognized him as the next Emperor. By killing Yun Tianshuang, it had earned him the prestige of a lifetime.

Jiang Chen removed the domain and just stood there in silence. The war had ended. What would happen next would have to depend on Yang Bufan.

Great Cloud Empire had suffered heavy casualties. Thousands of soldiers were either injured or killed. There were only around 3000 soldiers left in the camp. They all seemed ashen-faced, helpless and dejected.

The stench of blood from the heaps of corpses below filled the air of Black Wind Mountain. 

The war in Black Wind Mountain was bound to be recorded in the annals of history. Both Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan had risen to fame in this war.

Yang Bufan was staring at the defeated army. He wasn’t inhumane enough to slaughter every one of them. Plus, this was a war between empires, unlike the war between races in Evil Abyss.

“Liu Lang, bury the body of Yun Tianshuang next to General Lu Sheng’s,” said Yang Bufan to Liu Lang.

“Yes, King Fan.”

Liu Lang held his fists. Everyone had no objection to Yang Bufan’s decision. When those soldiers of Great Cloud Empire heard Yang Bufan’s decision, each of them looked over at Yang Bufan, their eyes full of gratitude.

Lu Sheng and Yun Tianshuang had been regarded as the military god in their army. They had been fighting against each other but at the same time, they admired one another. If they hadn’t been in different camps, no one would doubt that the two of them would’ve become good friends.

In reality, if they couldn’t become good friends, then they would become great enemies. It was, in fact, a bliss that both enemies respected and admired each other.

Whether it was the soldiers of Great Cloud Empire or Great Qian Empire, they would never forget that how Yun Tianshuang had personally buried Lu Sheng after he died in a special spot in Crane Hawk City. 

Therefore, Yang Bufan had ordered Liu Lang to bury Yun Tianshuang next to General Lu Sheng, hoping that both of them wouldn’t be enemies again in their next life.

After that, Yang Bufan’s gaze fell upon the defeated soldiers once more, his eyes extremely cold. He would accept their submission, but he wasn’t foolish enough to accept them all.

“People of Yun Family, come forward.” Yang Bufan spoke.

It was no use hiding in front of those pair of sharp eyes. As soon as Yang Bufan’s voice faded, seven or eight people walked out from the camp.

These people didn’t have a very strong cultivation base. Most of them were merely of Immortal Emperor realm.

“Each of you will cut off an arm of yours and leave.”

Yang Bufan said. Initially, he intended to cripple all these people, but since they had taken the initiative to surrender, and had weak cultivation bases, he only needed them to break an arm and let them return to their empire. These people wouldn’t be a threat to Great Qian Empire because they had all surrendered to their enemies, and surrendering was a disgrace to Yun Family. 

The other reason Yang Bufan couldn’t accept the people of Yun Family was that they would become a hidden cancer if they were to stay in his camp.

“What?” Their faces changed dramatically. Apparently, they hadn’t thought that this would be their punishment.

“I won’t repeat again for I have limited patience. Otherwise, death will be what you choose,” said Yang Bufan plainly.

*Pu Chi……*

After exchanging glances with one another, each of them gritted their teeth and swung their sword and cut an arm. They certainly wouldn’t doubt Yang Bufan’s words because killing them was just too easy.

After that, they departed. Watching their fading figures, none of the soldiers of Great Cloud Empire envied them as they knew that these people wouldn’t face any good end even if they returned to the empire.

“The rest of you are admitted to the camp. Anyone who is found disloyal will be decapitated.”

Yang Bufan projected the majesty of the Emperor of Great Qian Empire. No one would dare disobey him.

Jiu Wangye was displaying a smile on his face and nodded secretly at Yang Bufan. He could imagine that Great Qian Empire would definitely prosper in the hands of Yang Bufan in the future.

At this time, Jiang Chen came walking down from the sky and appeared beside a general who was a peak early Immortal Venerable, who should be a famous figure and know a lot more than the others. 

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